Cheap Lady Naz'jar Druid Deck (Heroic Mode)

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The following deck can be used to defeat Lady Naz'jar on Heroic Mode. It is modelled after a Token Druid deck, but plays minions that summon additional tokens in order to abuse the effect of her Hero Power.

Card List

Druid Cards
1 Living Roots TGT 2
2 Power of the Wild Legacy 2
3 Savage Roar Legacy 2
4 Soul of the Forest Legacy 2
4 Swipe Legacy 2
5 Force of Nature Legacy 1
Neutral Cards
2 Murloc Tidehunter Legacy 2
3 Mind Control Tech Legacy 2
3 Razorfen Hunter Legacy 2
4 Defender of Argus Legacy 2
4 Dragonling Mechanic Legacy 2
4 Violet Teacher Legacy 2
5 Silver Hand Knight Legacy 2

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The general gameplan of this deck is to establish a huge board with Token-generating minions and then eventually use Savage Roar to finish the game. The deck is filled with low stat minions that either summon an additional token, or have a beneficial ability when they come into play. This is because your minions will never remain in their original form long enough to attack, meaning there is no benefit to playing high stat quality minions.

Mulligan aggressively for Living Roots and Echoing Ooze, as these are your two best starting minions and aim to play for board control as much as you can. Although the bias in Lady Naz'jar's Hero Power can make it difficult, by trading efficiently, you should still be able to gain control of the board eventually, since the boss AI is programmed to mostly attack your Hero rather than making correct trades.

Damage to the boss is unimportant through most of the fight as you aim to one shot her with Savage Roar, so simply focus on consolidating your board as much as you can through usage of cards like Power of the Wild and Soul of the Forest and you should eventually come out on top.