Basic Sun Raider Phaerix Mage Deck (Normal Mode)

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This deck can be used to defeat Sun Raider Phaerix on Normal mode and is comprised of only Basic Set cards. As long as you are able to gain control of the Rod of the Sun, this fight is very straightforward, but this deck will provide an excellent basis for you to gain control of the board.

Card List

Mage Cards
2 Frostbolt Legacy 2
3 Arcane Intellect Legacy 2
4 Fireball Legacy 2
4 Polymorph Legacy 1
4 Water Elemental Legacy 2
Neutral Cards
2 Bloodfen Raptor Legacy 2
2 Kobold Geomancer Legacy 2
2 River Crocolisk Legacy 2
3 Razorfen Hunter Legacy 1
4 Chillwind Yeti Legacy 2
4 Sen'jin Shieldmasta Legacy 2
5 Frostwolf Warlord Legacy 2
5 Stormpike Commando Legacy 2
6 Boulderfist Ogre Legacy 2
7 Stormwind Champion Legacy 2

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This fight is fairly straightforward on Normal mode. Phaerix does not have any particular tricks up his sleeve, with the only caveat of the fight being that you must gain control of the Rod of the Sun at some point. This is easily accomplished, but it is important not to focus too hard on it in the first few turns.

Simply play out your minions as normal and fight for board control, prioritising removing your opponents minions that can actually attack first. Within a few turns you should find that you have an advantage on the board and are able to take down the Rod of the Sun using leftover attacks. If you prioritise killing the Rod of the Sun straight away, you might find yourself overwhelmed by the Boss's high attack minions that you have let survive while being distracted by the Rod.