Cheap Vaelastrasz the Corrupt Hunter Deck (Heroic Mode)

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This deck can be used to defeat Vaelastrasz on Heroic mode. It plays an extraordinarily low curve in order to counteract the strategy of the Boss by making it extremely difficult for him to overdraw you.

Card List

Hunter Cards
1 Hunter's Mark Legacy 2
2 Explosive Trap Legacy 2
2 Glaivezooka GvG 2
Neutral Cards
0 Target Dummy GvG 2
0 Wisp Legacy 2
1 Abusive Sergeant Legacy 2
1 Goldshire Footman Legacy 2
1 Leper Gnome Legacy 2
1 Murloc Raider Legacy 2
1 Southsea Deckhand Legacy 2
1 Stonetusk Boar Legacy 2
1 Voodoo Doctor Legacy 2
1 Worgen Infiltrator Legacy 2
1 Young Dragonhawk Legacy 2
1 Young Priestess Legacy 2

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The Strategy of this deck is very straightforward. You will simply aim to flood the board with multiple cheap minions on each turn, and eventually overwhelm Vaelastrasz with repetitive damage. You play such a low curve that even by turn 2 or 3, you can find yourself playing 3 or more cards on each turn, countering the effects of his Hero Power.

Mulligan hard for your 0 Cost cards, throwing away anything that costs 1 or more. Since almost your entire deck costs 1 or less, you will always have 1-drops to play. The only important cards to hold in your hand are Hunter's Mark and Explosive Trap, which help you to counter the large minions that your opponent will play. If you are lucky however, you may never encounter Clockwork Giants, since your deck is so low curve, you can usually keep them at quite a high Mana cost.

Continue to unload your hand onto the board on every turn, the best play is more often than not the one that uses the most cards, and simply ignore your opponent's board, picking up trades only when it is extremely favourable to do so, and you should win in a straight race for damage situation.