Jungle Giants Druid (AKA Quest Druid) Archetype Guide

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Jungle Giants Druid is an archetype that focuses on playing powerful minions as soon as possible and is very similar to the Ramp Druid archetype. Jungle Giants Druid focuses exclusively on playing minions with 5 or more Attack in order to complete Jungle Giants as soon as possible.

After completing the Jungle Giants Quest, the aim is to play Barnabus the Stomper as soon as possible in order to get the maximum possible value from the card's effect. Only cards that are drawn after Barnabus is played benefit from the effect so a lot of draw effects like Nourish are included to get maximum value.

Despite being built around the Jungle Giants Quest, most variants are able to function reasonably well due to ramp cards like Greedy Sprite and Wild Growth making it easy to start playing powerful minions from an early point in the game.

Below, you will find link to our deck lists for Jungle Giants Druid, starting with our featured deck, which we consider the most common variant.

This Jungle Giants Ramp Druid Quest Deck is a rather greedy approach to Jungle Giants Druid. It focuses very heavily on ramping during the early game and mid game to access a large number of powerful Legendary minions such as The Lich King, Tyrantus, and Deathwing.

✶ Featured Deck

Malygos OTK Quest Druid Deck

  • Guide written by Kat and last updated on Apr 11, 2018 (WW meta)
  • Costs 12.4k (6 basic, 9 common, 4 rare, 5 epic, and 6 legendaries)
  • Mana curve:
  • Card breakdown: 17 Spells • 12 Minions
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This Malygos OTK Quest Druid Deck uses the Jungle Giants Quest to summon multiple copies of Malygos in combination with cheap damage spells to burst opponents down for huge amounts of damage.


Aim of Quest Druid

Jungle Giants aims to use powerful Mana acceleration tools such as Wild Growth and Nourish to cheat the traditional Mana curve and start playing powerful minions as soon as possible to begin completing Jungle Giants. Once the Quest is complete the aim is to simply flood the board with powerful minions to rapidly overwhelm opponents.


Quest Druid Strengths and Weaknesses

Despite only requiring a few minions to complete Jungle Giants, it is still a relatively slow Quest to complete, due to the time it takes to gain enough Mana to play powerful minions. This can often br problematic against Aggro decks that are able to end the game before a strong board can be developed.

The archetype is particularly strong against Control decks that rely on hard removal, the sheer number of powerful minions available makes it easy to use up opponents removal and still have many minions left to dominate the board.


Key Cards and Crafting for Quest Druid

Jungle Giants is by far the most important card for the archetype, as is obviously cannot exist. If you do not have this card and cannot craft it, Ramp Druid is an alternative archetype that has a similar playstyle and does not require the Quest.

Giant Anaconda is an excellent card to include in the archetype, as it offers great synergy with the large number of 5 Attack minions included to generate additional value.

The minions within the archetype are very flexible, as many strong choices are Legendary minions, it is fine to choose cards based on which minions you have available. Some strong example are Malygos, The Lich King, and Deathwing.



  • 11 Apr. 2018: Archetype information updated for the Witchwood expansion.
  • 02 Aug. 2017: Added new guide format for Quest Druid.
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