Cheap Silverware Golem Warrior Deck (Heroic Mode)

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This deck can be used to defeat Silverware Golem on Heroic Mode. It is built around repeatedly clearing the opponent's board with Whirlwind effects, which then synergises naturally with a Grim Patron deck.

Card List

Warrior Cards
1 Upgrade! Legacy 1
1 Whirlwind Legacy 2
2 Armorsmith Legacy 2
2 Battle Rage Legacy 2
2 Commanding Shout Legacy 2
2 Cruel Taskmaster Legacy 2
2 Revenge BrM 1
3 Ravaging Ghoul TOG 2
5 Brawl Legacy 2
Neutral Cards
2 Wild Pyromancer Legacy 2
3 Pantry Spider Kara 2
5 Grim Patron BrM 2

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Mulligan hard for a N'Zoth's First Mate or Upgrade!, as this will help you control the early board very effectively. Upgrade! is in the deck not to actually upgrade any of your weapons, but instead to function as an additional 1/3 weapon for early board control.

You will be playing a Control strategy for most of the early turns, simply trying to keep your opponent's board clear of Plates as much as possible to prevent him from being able to use his buff cards to full effect. The key to winning the fight, however, is to look for a turn in the mid-game where you can swing the board state using a Wild Pyromancer combo with Commanding Shout or by starting to flood your own board with Grim Patrons. Since Silverware Golem's Hero Power is on autocast, he will always generate the additional targets for you to spawn additional Patrons and allow you to flood the board very quickly.

Once you have stabilised the board, the only real threat you are under is Silverware Golem Charging Plates at you directly. The deck plays many ways to prevent this strategy, however, as you can use Armorsmith to gain large amounts of armor, as well as put Unstable Ghoul in the way to kill his Plates before they can attack you directly.