The Lich King Warlock Deck

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On the first turn against Gul'dan, The Lich King casts Soul Reaper, which deals 2 damage to you for each duplicate card in your deck. Although this allows you to play duplicate cards, it is easier to avoid the problem and play no duplicates, which allows Reno Jackson, Kazakus, and Cho'gall to get the most from their effects.

Card List

Warlock Cards
1 Flame Imp Legacy 1
1 Malchezaar's Imp Kara 1
1 Soulfire Legacy 1
2 Dark Peddler LoE 1
2 Darkbomb GvG 1
2 Defile KFT 1
3 Imp Gang Boss BrM 1
3 Shadow Bolt Legacy 1
4 Crystalweaver MSG 1
4 Hellfire Legacy 1
4 Kazakus MSG 1
4 Shadowflame Legacy 1
5 Bane of Doom Legacy 1
5 Doomguard Legacy 1
5 Siphon Soul Legacy 1
5 Tar Lurker Un'Goro 1
6 Felfire Potion MSG 1
7 Abyssal Enforcer MSG 1
7 Cho'gall TOG 1
8 Twisting Nether Legacy 1
9 Lord Jaraxxus Legacy 1
9 Mal'Ganis GvG 1
Neutral Cards
2 Bloodmage Thalnos Legacy 1
5 Antique Healbot GvG 1
6 Reno Jackson LoE 1

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A Note on the Build

This deck contains a very high number of older and Legendary cards. If you do not possess many of these cards, do not panic. This deck is extremely overpowered for the job in hand, and with the exception of Reno Jackson you can replace many of the other cards and still be able to win the match. If you do not own Reno Jackson, you can play two Antique Healbot and a Youthful Brewmaster. This is one of the easier encounters, and filling the deck with the strongest cards you own should get the job done.

Aim of the Deck

This deck wins by sheer power. It looks to trade equal blows in the early-game before using incredibly powerful spells and minions to dominate.



The hardest part of this encounter is not dying in the early-game. With that in mind, you are looking to open up with cheap minions, or with spells such as Darkbomb which can trade one for one with the opposing minions. If your other cards are good, you can keep Reno Jackson, although you often will not need to play this card until Turn 10 or so, and therefore is usually worth throwing away to find something cheaper.

Early Game

The early-game is all about breaking even. You should try to avoid using your AoE spells if at all possible, and concentrate on trading blows using your minions. If you can survive this portion of the game while being a little greedy, you will be in good shape to win.

Turn Seven

The deck has many responses to deal with The Lich King's seventh turn, where he generates six Trapped Soul. Bloodmage Thalnos in conjunction with AoE is very good on this turn. Twisting Nether is also strong on this turn, but if you can avoid using it until later you should, as if The Lich King gets a Bonemare to impact the game later on it can sometimes be problematic.

Late Game

The late-game is value driven. Mal'Ganis and Bloodreaver Gul'dan are both incredibly powerful, and you will likely win if you manage to play either of these two cards. Once Gul'dan has been played, you should try to Siphon Life on every subsequent turn. If Gul'dan can be played after Mal'Ganis has died, the Mal'Ganis will be returned to play. This combo is usually unbeatable.

Reno Timing

After Turn 7, with the exception of Bonemare and Remorseless Winter, The Lich King does not have any way to do more damage than the damage you can see. This means that you can be exceptionally greedy with your Reno Jackson. You should always look to play Reno as late as possible. Bear in mind though, that sometimes a 4/6 minion will save more damage by being on the board than it would have healed.


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