Transmogrification Shaman Challenge Mode Set (WoD 6.2)

Last updated on Oct 22, 2013 at 12:01 by Damien 19 comments

Shaman Tier 14 Challenge Mode Set

This set is obtained after completing the Challenge Conqueror: Gold Icon Challenge Conqueror: Gold achievement, which requires players to obtain Gold rating in all of the Tier 14 dungeons in Challenge Mode. Doing so will reward them with a Golden Chest of Windfury Icon Golden Chest of Windfury, which contains all the items of the set.

  • Head: Windfury Mask Icon Windfury Mask
  • Shoulders: Windfury Spirit Guides Icon Windfury Spirit Guides
  • Chest: Windfury Harness Icon Windfury Harness
  • Wrists: Windfury Bracers Icon Windfury Bracers
  • Hands: Windfury Crushers Icon Windfury Crushers
  • Waist: Windfury Belt Icon Windfury Belt
  • Legs: Windfury Legguards Icon Windfury Legguards
  • Feet: Windfury Sandals Icon Windfury Sandals