Devastation Evoker Dragonflight Leveling Guide From 58 to 70 (Dragonflight 10.2.5)

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On this page, you will find our Level by Level Devastation Evoker leveling guide for Dragonflight Make sure to use the slider to make the guide adapt to your level. For more general leveling information, please refer to our Evoker leveling guide.


Gear Options

In most cases, you will want to prioritize item level while going through the leveling process. This means selecting whatever has the highest item level. There is one exception to this rule: when you have a ring or neck with only 1 secondary stat instead of having 2. In these rare cases, selecting the item with the lower item level is acceptable.


Level by Level Rotation and Talents

Move the slider below to make the guide update to your level!

Level: 58

Talents to Level Up as a Devastation Evoker

Your basic rotation whilst leveling will be as follows:

Use Fire Breath Icon Fire Breath (at level 1) and Eternity Surge Icon Eternity Surge at the level relevant to the target count (level 1 for 1-2 targets, level 2 for 3-4 targets, level 3 for 5+ targets)

Use Fire Breath Icon Fire Breath (at level 1) and Eternity Surge Icon Eternity Surge at the level relevant to the target count (level 1 for 1-2 targets, level 2 for 3-4 targets, level 3 for 5-6 targets, level 4 for 7+ targets)

Use Deep Breath Icon Deep Breath if fighting more than 1 target.

Use Disintegrate Icon Disintegrate as your Essence spender, unless If you are fighting more than 4 targets, then use Pyre Icon Pyre.

If you do not have enough Essence to cast Disintegrate Icon Disintegrate or Pyre Icon Pyre, then use Living Flame Icon Living Flame (for 1-2 targets) or Azure Strike Icon Azure Strike (for 3+ targets).



Congratulations on reaching Level 70! Now that you have hit Level 60 we recommend looking at our Easy mode page and Talents section to learn how to play at max level.


Summary of Unlocked Abilities for Devastation Evoker

To prevent cluttering the guide with a lot of the same information, we recommend you take a look at our dedicated spell page, which will provide you with more in-depth information on Devastation Evoker spells.


Devastation Evoker War Mode Talents for Leveling

Here, you will find information on the best PvP talents for leveling and doing solo / small group PvE content.


Devastation Evoker PvP Talents for Leveling

  1. Obsidian Mettle Icon Obsidian Mettle will allow you to safely cast spells while enemies are trying to knock you back. It can also be useful for picking up Windswept Herbalism nodes.
  2. Unburdened Flight Icon Unburdened Flight can be useful when you are trying to run away from a pack of enemies and not be slowed by Daze.
  3. The third PvP talent is largely your personal choice I would recommend Swoop Up Icon Swoop Up as it can be useful for mobility in the open world while you are in combat and unable to Dragon ride.

Devastation Evoker PvP talents do not provide much of a gain overall but can slightly speed up your leveling process by making combat less troublesome.


Best Heirloom Items for Devastation Evoker Leveling

When deciding which heirlooms to purchase or use, you will want to target items offering Critical Strike or Mastery. Both those stats provide significant DPS increases for Devastation Evokers better.



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