Restoration Shaman Leveling Guide from 1 to 70 — Dragonflight 10.2.7

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On this page, you will find our Level by Level Restoration Shaman leveling guide for Dragonflight. Make sure to use the slider to make the guide adapt to your level. For more general leveling information, please refer to our Shaman leveling guide.


Gear Options

When leveling up, you should always choose the piece of loot with the highest item level. The only exception to this rule is if you have a Ring or Necklace with a slightly lower item level, but 2 secondary stats on it instead of 1.


Level by Level Rotation and Talents

Move the slider below to make the guide update to your level!

Level: 60

Talents to Level Up as a Restoration Shaman

Your first talent row unlocks at Level 10.

Your talent setup should be as follows, with the order listed being a suggestion but not a mandatory thing: feel free to pick talents up in the order you feel suits your playstyle best!


Rotation to Level Up as a Restoration Shaman

Starting at Level 1, you only have one main damaging ability: Lightning Bolt Icon Lightning Bolt. This will change at level 10 when you select Restoration as your specialization and unlock other abilities. Until then, use Lightning Bolt Icon Lightning Bolt to kill targets and make use of Flame Shock Icon Flame Shock when it unlocks at level 3, and of Lightning Shield Icon Lightning Shield once it unlocks at level 9.

  1. Keep Lightning Shield Icon Lightning Shield active on yourself;
  2. Cast Healing Rain Icon Healing Rain (with Acid Rain Icon Acid Rain) against 3+ enemies that will live through its duration;
  3. Cast Stormkeeper Icon Stormkeeper whenever available;
  4. Apply Flame Shock Icon Flame Shock if it is absent;
  5. Cast Lava Burst Icon Lava Burst whenever available;
  6. Cast Chain Lightning Icon Chain Lightning against two or more targets;
  7. Cast Lightning Bolt Icon Lightning Bolt as a filler on a single target.

Starting at Level 15, you are able to queue for dungeons with the in-game group finder. You should aim to do this whenever possible while in Restoration specialization, as it is an efficient way to level up while learning your healing kit. In order to understand in-depth how to use this kit, especially at higher levels, check out our rotation page, but we have added a short summary below:

  1. Cast Riptide Icon Riptide and Healing Stream Totem Icon Healing Stream Totem whenever possible;
  2. Cast Chain Heal Icon Chain Heal if multiple people in your group are hurt and close to each other;
  3. Cast Healing Surge Icon Healing Surge on damaged allies;
  4. Use your DPS rotation (detailed above) if no healing is required.

Summary of Unlocked Abilities for Restoration Shaman

In order to avoid overloading the guide with redundant information which is easily understood from opening your spell book and talent pane, we would advise you to read our detailed spell guide for the detailed information on each spell and talent, and how they are used in WoW.


Restoration Shaman War Mode Talents for Leveling

In this section, we will rank the PvP talents best for leveling and doing solo / small group PvE content. Below is a ranking of both General PvP Talents and Restoration Shaman-specific PvE talents.


Restoration Shaman PvP Talents for Leveling

  1. Counterstrike Totem Icon Counterstrike Totem replicates and reflects damage you take for 15 seconds on a 45-second cooldown. This can be really strong when in a high damage area to deal some chip damage to targets around you and convert your health pool into additional damage;
  2. Rain Dance Icon Rain Dance makes Healing Rain Icon Healing Rain instant, 45% cheaper and 30% more effective. This has great synergy with Acid Rain Icon Acid Rain and also with Counterstrike Totem Icon Counterstrike Totem, as it will provide a lot of healing for you to tank mobs with while they kill themselves;
  3. Skyfury Totem Icon Skyfury Totem increases the critical effect of spells of allies within 40 yards by 20% for 15 seconds, with a 40-second cooldown. It is good for solo play and excellent if you are doing outdoor content with others.

Other talents have their own niches but are not as generally useful when leveling.


Best Heirloom Items for Restoration Shaman Leveling

When purchasing Heirloom Items for Leveling in general, we recommend picking the Heirloom items that have the highest amount of Haste possible. Having high Haste is a large DPS contribution and makes the rotation feel better to perform.

Haste is also useful for being a little bit quicker to tag mobs around you. A split second can make the difference between you getting a tag or losing it to another player.



There are several consumable items that can be purchased that will help you with your leveling speed.

  • Gunshoes Icon Gunshoes are an Engineering item that increases your movement speed by 200% for 25 seconds. These will make you almost as fast as a Flying mount. We recommend having a lot of these and using them whenever you are traveling more than ~250 yards.
  • Goblin Glider Kit Icon Goblin Glider Kit is very useful for covering long distances from high places.

Gunshoes Macro

The Gunshoes will not let you stop moving as long as they are active. Using this macro twice will click the buff off and allow you to stop.

  • #showtooltip
  • /use Gunshoes
  • /cancelaura Gunshoes


Congratulations on reaching Level 70! Now that you have hit Level 70 we recommend looking at our Easy mode page and Talents section to learn how to play at max level.



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