Dragonflight Tank Rankings: Amirdrassil, the Dream’s Hope Raiding Tier List (Patch 10.2.7 / Season 4)

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World of Warcraft has never been perfectly balanced, and Dragonflight is no exception. Some classes are better than others at the high end for raiding, and inevitably, a meta will exist. This ranking is based on the viability and strength of the various tank specializations for the second season of raiding in Dragonflight.

Disclaimer: This list will be updated as new tuning and class changes come out over the course of the season.


About the Tier List

Season 4 Update: All raids return for this season which brings a wide variety of utility that each tank can provide. When all of this is aggregated together there are no tanks which are strictly better than the others (assuming that all of your required strategic utility is covered already).

This tier list is entirely based on Tank viability for all raids in Season 4 of Dragonflight. The main things you want to look for in tank choice are damage dealt, ability to handle or recover from incoming damage of all types, cooldowns, and utility.


A Final Warning

It is incredibly important to emphasize that just because a tank is low in the tier list, it does not mean that you should ignore it completely. For the vast majority of cases, you should choose to bring the better player (or what the player is more comfortable playing), not blindly play the subjectively better class. Your raid composition may demand that tank choices are made regardless of their strength, such as needing Mystic Touch Icon Mystic Touch, Chaos Brand Icon Chaos Brand, or Death Grip Icon Death Grip.


Dragonflight Tank Tier List for Season 4

Below is a quick summary of the full rankings that we have detailed on this page. While this gives a good outline of the standings of specializations in comparison to one another, we recommend reading the full rankings to understand why certain specializations are ranked as they are.

  1. Protection Paladin (A-Tier)
  2. Blood Death Knight (A-Tier)
  3. Brewmaster Monk (A-Tier)
  4. Protection Warrior (A-Tier)
  5. Vengeance Demon Hunter (A-Tier)
  6. Guardian Druid (A-Tier)

DPS and Healer Class Rankings

If you are interested in our other rankings for Season 4 Raiding in Dragonflight, please click the links below.


Full Tank Class Rankings

Tanks are reasonably close together when it comes to defensive power. Defensively, every tank is 100% viable. The major differences between the tanks are damage output, utility, and unique buffs that they bring to the raid. Some tank choices will perform better on some encounters, but for the raid as a whole, you are more than fine to pick any option.




Protection Paladin

Season 4 Update: Protection Paladins have their set bonus from Season 1 returning, and a wider pool of trinkets which increase their damage output even more. The off-healing they can provide has proven to be invaluable in progression raiding, especially for the final two encounters on Mythic in every raid. Healers are also big fans of having a Protection Paladin in the raid as they can get Blessing of Spellwarding Icon Blessing of Spellwarding to focus on the raid instead of dodging mechanics.

Segmented Ranking:

  • Damage: A-Tier.
  • Utility: A-Tier

Protection Paladins bring lots of useful raid tools in the form of Auras and External Cooldowns, but are also a good tank choice with the flexibility to play more defensively with Sentinel Icon Sentinel or offensively without it. Historically Protection Paladins boasted the highest DPS of any tank. However, this is no longer the case. You will opt to bring a Protection Paladin for the External cooldowns it can provide with Blessing of Protection Icon Blessing of Protection or Blessing of Spellwarding Icon Blessing of Spellwarding to negate mechanics where you would otherwise sacrifice a player. You also ideally want to have two Paladins in a competitive Mythic raiding roster to have both Devotion Aura Icon Devotion Aura for passive damage reduction and Retribution Aura Icon Retribution Aura for additional raid DPS.

What does Protection Paladin bring?

Functionality Spells Notes
Auras Devotion Aura Icon Devotion Aura/Retribution Aura Icon Retribution Aura Having both of these auras is a must for any competitive Mythic raid group.
Immunity Divine Shield Icon Divine Shield A complete immunity to any type of damage. This can be augmented with the talent Final Stand Icon Final Stand to make this an AoE taunt as well, which can be beneficial to gather adds and keep them on the boss.
External Cooldowns Blessing of Spellwarding Icon Blessing of Spellwarding All Paladins can bring Blessing of Protection Icon Blessing of Protection and Blessing of Sacrifice Icon Blessing of Sacrifice, but Protection Paladins also brings Blessing of Spellwarding Icon Blessing of Spellwarding. This can be used to make players completely immune to magic damage.
AoE Interrupt Divine Toll Icon Divine Toll Being able to interrupt multiple enemies on demand is very valuable on quite a few bosses in every raid this Season. Notable examples include Dathea, Sarkareth and Larodar.

Blood Death Knight

Season 4 update: Season 4 brings back the tier set bonus from Aberrus increasing your uptime on Vampiric Blood Icon Vampiric Blood and baseline damage of core rotational abilities. This, in addition to the continuation of the legendary weapon, makes Blood Death Knight a tank that is a great choice for raiding in Season 4.

Segmented Ranking:

  • Damage: B-Tier.
  • Utility: S-Tier

Blood Death Knights are the tanks with the most absolute control over their own survival due to Death Strike Icon Death Strike, but any mismanagement of your resources can lead to it not being as strong in this department as they should be. In addition to this control, they bring the ability to bring enemies to you with Death Grip Icon Death Grip and a raid cooldown with Anti-Magic Zone Icon Anti-Magic Zone, but they can't have it all, and the main weakness is damage. Blood does not bring any required buffs or cooldowns, but on encounters where you need to group enemies together their utility is invaluable.

What does Blood Death Knight bring?

Functionality Spells Notes
Raid Cooldown Anti-Magic Zone Icon Anti-Magic Zone Absorbs 20% of magic damage taken up to 150% of the DKs health. As Blood has a significantly larger health pool than Frost/Unholy the AMZ from Blood is much more reliable.
Debuff Insidious Chill Icon Insidious Chill Similar to Curse of Weakness Icon Curse of Weakness, this reduces the speed of auto-attacks from bosses. With auto attacks contributing a majority of damage taken on any encounter, this is a valuable debuff to bring to the raid.
Enemy Displacement Death Grip Icon Death Grip/Abomination Limb Icon Abomination Limb In each raid, there are encounters that have adds that need to be grouped up. Notable examples include Dathea, Raszageth, Zskarn, Sarkareth and Fyrakk
Debuff negation Anti-Magic Shell Icon Anti-Magic Shell AMS can be used to prevent debuffs from being applied to you, which makes some encounters such as Nymue, Igira the Cruel or Tindral Sageswift easier, but is also a very large magic damage absorb which is useful for Sarkareth, Raszageth and Fyrakk.
Knockback/Pushback negation Death's Advance Icon Death's Advance This will completely prevent you from being moved by any knockbacks or pushbacks.

Brewmaster Monk

Season 4 Update: Season 4 brings back the tier set bonus from Aberrus as well as item options from every tier in Dragonflight. If your guild doesn't have a Mistweaver or Windwalker Monk it is still a must-have tank. Otherwise, they are a very flexible tank with great damage output and utility (Mystic Touch Icon Mystic Touch, Leg Sweep Icon Leg Sweep, Generous Pour Icon Generous Pour to name a few).

Segmented Ranking:

  • Damage: A-Tier.
  • Utility: B-Tier

Brewmaster Monk is a strong all-around choice for tanking, but has by far the most rotational keybinds of any tank. This can be reduced by passive talent options such as Press the Advantage Icon Press the Advantage. However, each of these switches lower the damage but make the spec easier to manage.

Monks bring solid damage output, can smooth out their damage taken with Stagger Icon Stagger, and have strong but infrequent defensive cooldowns. The main reason to bring a Brewmaster would be for Mystic Touch Icon Mystic Touch, as both other Monk specializations are quite weak comparatively.

What does Brewmaster Monk bring?

Functionality Spells Notes
Debuff Mystic Touch Icon Mystic Touch Increases physical damage dealt to the target by 5%.
Buff Generous Pour Icon Generous Pour Reduces AoE damage taken by players within 10 yards by 4%.
Buff Close to Heart Icon Close to Heart Increases healing taken by players within 10 yards by 8%. For many encounters in the raid, the group is stacked near melee range, so this benefits more than just the melee clump!
Speed Taunt Hasty Provocation Icon Hasty Provocation This forces bosses to run faster when you taunt them.
Defensive Cooldown Diffuse Magic Icon Diffuse Magic Not only is this a very strong magic damage reduction for the Monk, it can also dispel Magic debuffs.
AoE Taunt Summon Black Ox Statue Icon Summon Black Ox Statue If you use Provoke Icon Provoke on this statue, you will taunt everything around the statue, making Brewmaster one of two tanks with an AoE taunt. This has value on Mythic Sarkareth to group up the adds in Phase 2 + 3.
AoE Knockback Ring of Peace Icon Ring of Peace This targeted AoE knockback has some value for this season in raids. Dathea for the platforms, Raszageth for the adds in Intermission 2, Sarkareth for the adds in Phase 2 + 3, Fyrakk as an emergency knockback in Phase 2 as some examples.

Protection Warrior

Season 4 Update: Protection Warriors keep their set bonus from Season 3 but have access to a wider variety of trinkets. It's still a great all-around tank option for raiding! (If all of your other raid composition requirements are met with buffs/debuffs/grips).

Segmented Ranking:

  • Damage: A-Tier.
  • Utility: A-Tier

Protection Warriors have not only a required buff, but also the strongest non-healer raid cooldown in the game with Rallying Cry Icon Rallying Cry. Protection Warriors also provide a good amount of damage and have more than enough defensive tools to make them a good tank choice.

What does Protection Warrior bring?

Functionality Spells Notes
Buff Battle Shout Icon Battle Shout A mandatory raid buff for any physical damage dealers.
Raid Cooldown Rallying Cry Icon Rallying Cry This is one of the strongest defensive cooldowns available. It increases the effective Health of every player in the raid at a similar level to Power Word: Barrier Icon Power Word: Barrier but has no positional requirements. You can never have too many of these.
AoE Silence/Taunt Disrupting Shout Icon Disrupting Shout This is not only an AoE silence, it's an AoE taunt as well! With 3 raids to work with this has uses on certain encounters in each one. Notable examples include Broodkeeper Diurna, Raszageth, Sarkareth, Larodar and Fyrakk.

Vengeance Demon Hunter

Season 4 Update: Vengeance Demon Hunters keep their set bonus from Season 3 but their utility is now more accessible from the last time some of these raids were last available. This increased raid utility pushes them up to A-Tier. Their popularity in Mythic+ has increased participation in raiding and if all of your other raid requirements have been met in terms of buffs/debuffs/grips they are a strong tank option to bring.

Segmented Ranking:

  • Damage: A-Tier
  • Utility: B-Tier

Vengeance Demon Hunters are a strong all-round tank. The tier set greatly improves the defensive capabilities of the tank and has great damage output. The utility bought by Vengeance is not showcased in this raid as Havoc is a strong Melee DPS option, and there are not many circumstances where Sigil of Silence Icon Sigil of Silence is invaluable. If your raid team needs Chaos Brand Icon Chaos Brand, then playing Vengeance can be a solid option.

What does Vengeance Demon Hunter bring?

Functionality Spells Notes
Debuff Chaos Brand Icon Chaos Brand You will want this in any raid group for the 5% bonus to magic damage. Even physical damage dealers benefit from this as a good portion of their damage is buffed by this.
Raid Cooldown Darkness Icon Darkness This cooldown shines when the entire raid is stacked together.
AoE Silence Sigil of Silence Icon Sigil of Silence An AoE Silence that can be applied from 30 yards away!
AoE Grip Sigil of Chains Icon Sigil of Chains The last time we set foot in Vault of the Incarnates and Aberrus this talent was not easy to obtain, but this has changed! You will find good uses for it on Dathea, Raszageth, Sarkareth and Fyrakk.

Guardian Druid

Season 4 Update: Guardian Druids have their set bonus from Season 2 returning and get pushed up to A-Tier with every other tank as their damage is good but their utility isn't as impactful as some other tank choices. They're still a great all-around tank option for raiding! (If all of your other raid composition requirements are met with buffs/debuffs/grips).

Segmented Ranking:

  • Damage: A-Tier.
  • Utility: B-Tier

Guardian Druids are still a strong tank option in Mythic+ however, this does not translate into raid as well as it did before. They provide high amounts of Single Target damage and are a good all-round tank option. They, unfortunately, do not have any boss-breaking utility that is required for the raid, but the utility they do bring is still valueble! (But everything they bring can be bought by another Druid spec.)

What does Guardian Druid bring?

Functionality Spells Notes
Buff Mark of the Wild Icon Mark of the Wild A mandatory raid buff which increases Versatility for every player.
AoE Movement Speed Stampeding Roar Icon Stampeding Roar Aberrus is largely a raid with minimal raid movement; every piece of raid movement is a set piece movement requiring the raid to move from one static location to another. Speeding this process up increases raid DPS.
Healer support Innervate Icon Innervate Most raid builds can include this piece of core Healer utility. This can make a healer do an entire ramp on the raid without needing to worry about their mana.
Enemy Displacement Ursol's Vortex Icon Ursol's Vortex This can be very impactful on encounters where adds need to remain in a static position such as Raszageth , Sarkareth and Larodar.


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