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Feral Druid PvP Guide (Legion 7.3)

Last updated on Sep 13, 2017 at 14:49 by Mysticall 8 comments

Table of Contents


This guide will walk you through everything you need to know to play a Feral Druid in a PvP environment. The guide will cover everything from talent choices, artifacts, gameplay and rotation, and useful racial bonuses. It is most applicable to Arena content, but most talents and racial bonuses will work in Rated Battlegrounds and skirmishes.

About The Author

This guide has been written by Mysticall, a seasoned PvP player who has repeatedly achieved Arena Master and 2300 rating. You can watch his stream on Twitch, and you can also check out his YouTube channel.

1. Spec Overview / Place in the Current Meta

Feral Druids excel at having sustained spread pressure. With great mobility, they are able to keep their bleed damage on multiple targets. You will focus on maximizing damage and relentlessly focusing down an enemy as much as possible. Feral Druids have some utility in their toolkit, being able to heal teammates and root enemies in their place.

2. Gear

With regards to gear, the biggest change in Legion is that there is no more PvP gear. Your strength in PvP will be determined based on the average item level of your gear (as displayed on your character sheet). For example, the base item level at level 110 is 800, so your stats in PvP will be adjusted accordingly. For every 10 item levels you gain, your stats are increased by 1%.

The implication is that it does not matter where your gear comes from, and all that matters is its item level. Gear from quests or PvE content is just as good as gear you get as a reward from PvP (which, in fact, will be very similar to PvE gear; there are no more PvP stats on gear).

Practically, you will simply look to collect gear with the highest item levels possible, and the stat distribution on the gear will not matter.

3. Artifact Traits

Below, we will explain what the recommended order for artifact traits is, if you wish to maximise your PvP potential. It is quite possible that your artifact path (at the time of reading this guide) differs from our suggestions. If this is the case, do not worry, and use the information below to help you understand your traits and guide your future choices.

If you have suddenly decided that you want to turn to PvP, the best thing to do in your artifact progression is continue to your closest Golden trait, and then follow the recommendations below. Picking up the most useful traits ( Icon Protection of Ashamane,  Icon Honed Instincts,  Icon Razor Fangs,  Icon Attuned to Nature, and  Icon Feral Instinct) along the way is a great way to boost your potential.

3.1. First Golden Trait

The first Golden trait you should go for is  Icon Open Wounds.

  1. Take  Icon Shredder Fangs.
  2. Take  Icon Tear the Flesh.
  3. Take  Icon Protection of Ashamane.
  4. Take  Icon Attuned to Nature.
  5. Take  Icon Open Wounds.

3.2. Second Golden Trait

The second Golden trait to take  Icon Ashamane's Bite.

  1. Take  Icon Ashamane's Energy.
  2. Take  Icon Razor Fangs.
  3. Take  Icon Scent of Blood.
  4. Take  Icon Powerful Bite.
  5. Take  Icon Ashamane's Bite.

3.3. Remaining Traits

After this, you should head for your last Golden Trait,  Icon Shadow Thrash, picking up any remaining traits after that. Although there is no particular order needed, we would recommend  Icon Feral Instinct and  Icon Honed Instincts.

4. Relics

Relics are disabled in PvP, so they are not a concern to you.

5. Talent Choices

Regular talents work in both PvP and PvE content (although they may sometimes work differently in the two environments, which is indicated by their tooltips). In other words, they are always active.

On the other hand, Honor talents are inactive outside of a PvP environment.

5.1. Regular Talents

5.1.1. Tier 1 (Level 15) Talents

Lunar Inspiration Icon Lunar Inspiration is the best choice in this tier. Feral Druids focus on taking advantage of their spread pressure. Being able to add Moonfire Icon Moonfire to the list of Bleeds helps their spread damage even more.

5.1.2. Tier 2 (Level 30) Talents

Wild Charge Icon Wild Charge is the best choice in this tier. When in Cat Form Icon Cat Form, this helps with getting to an enemy quickly and slowing them.

5.1.3. Tier 3 (Level 45) Talents

Guardian Affinity Icon Guardian Affinity is the best choice in this tier. This is a great talent when you are the focus for the enemy team. This greatly improves Feral survivability.

5.1.4. Tier 4 (Level 60) Talents

Mighty Bash Icon Mighty Bash is the best choice in this tier. This is best because you will usually be on only one target. This will help when you are using your burst cooldowns to get a kill, or as extra crowd control on the enemy team.

5.1.5. Tier 5 (Level 75) Talents

Incarnation: King of the Jungle Icon Incarnation: King of the Jungle is the best choice in this tier. This ability will help you do large amounts of pressure to the enemy team and is a very important cooldown for Feral Druids.

5.1.6. Tier 6 (Level 90) Talents

Sabertooth Icon Sabertooth is the best choice in this tier. This talent increases both your burst and sustained damage.

5.1.7. Tier 7 (Level 100) Talents

Bloodtalons Icon Bloodtalons is the best choice in this tier. Because you will be casting Regrowth Icon Regrowth on yourself or on teammates, you will get full value from this talent. Try casting Regrowth before using a Rip Icon Rip, Rake Icon Rake, or Ashamane's Frenzy Icon Ashamane's Frenzy.

5.2. Honor Talents

5.2.1. Tier 1 Talents

The best talent in this tier is Gladiator's Medallion Icon Gladiator's Medallion, which provides a standard PvP trinket effect.

5.2.2. Tier 2 Talents

If you are playing against a team with a caster on it, we recommend Reinforced Armor Icon Reinforced Armor in this tier.

If you are playing against a team with two melee on it, we recommend Sparring Icon Sparring. Both of these talents improve survivability, you just have to switch them based on the team you are playing against.

5.2.3. Tier 3 Talents

If you are playing against a team with a caster on it, Protector of the Grove Icon Protector of the Grove is the best choice in this tier. This helps tremendously for your team. If one of your teammates is being focused, you can help keep them alive.

If you are playing against a team with two melee on it, Thorns Icon Thorns is the best choice in this tier. This talent can deal a large amount of damage against teams with multiple melee enemies on it.

5.2.4. Tier 4 Talents

Savage Momentum Icon Savage Momentum is the best choice in this tier. Successful interrupts reset Tiger's Fury Icon Tiger's Fury, a very powerful damage cooldown for Feral Druids.

5.2.5. Tier 5 Talents

If you are playing with a teammate without much AoE damage, Enraged Maim Icon Enraged Maim is the best choice in this tier. This gives you and your team additional crowd control for the enemy healer.

If you are playing with a teammate with spread damage or if you might need to peel for someone on your team, Earthen Grasp Icon Earthen Grasp is the best choice in this tier. This talent will stop any player in their tracks and be rooted for the entire duration.

5.2.6. Tier 6 Talents

The best choice in this tier is Ferocious Wound Icon Ferocious Wound. This makes Ferocious Bite Icon Ferocious Bite an incredibly important ability and creates a large amount of pressure on an enemy player.

6. Racial Bonuses

Racial bonuses can provide interesting PvP benefits. Here are the best races to choose for each faction.

6.1. Horde

Tauren is the best race for Feral Druids, thanks to the passive increased critical strike (Brawn Icon Brawn) and the AoE stun (War Stomp Icon War Stomp), which are very strong.

The passive Troll bonus (Berserking Icon Berserking) is also good for on-demand Haste increase.

6.2. Alliance

The Night Elf bonus (Shadowmeld Icon Shadowmeld) is a great way to avoid incoming crowd control.

7. Playstyle

Feral Druids have two roles when in an Arena match: use your strong bleeds to apply spread pressure to the enemies and use your utility healing spells to help your teammates. Make sure to take advantage of of the strong sustainable damage that Feral Druids can putout. They are one of the most mobile melee classes and you should use that to your advantage. They can easily chase down targets and kite enemies away from them.

7.1. Before Gates Open

Have a plan for who you will be mainly using your crowd control on. Feral Druids have two powerful stuns in Maim Icon Maim and Mighty Bash Icon Mighty Bash, that can be used on kill targets or the enemy healer. They also have Entangling Roots Icon Entangling Roots, which is great when used against melee classes.

Cast Regrowth Icon Regrowth on yourself when the gates open, so you get the Bloodtalons Icon Bloodtalons buff.

7.2. Offensive Rotation

Feral Druids have something called "snapshotting", which means that if you apply bleeds to an enemy while you have damage buffs active (such as Tiger's Fury Icon Tiger's Fury or Bloodtalons Icon Bloodtalons), and refresh those bleeds, the refreshed bleeds will still benefit from those damage buffs even if they have faded from you in the meantime.

7.2.1. The Opener

The opener refers to your team's opening crowd control chain and damage done as soon as you get out of the gates. The main goal in the opener is to force your enemies to use their cooldowns.

If the enemy healer uses their trinket in the opener, they are in trouble. In the opener, Feral Druids should focus on quickly and applying their bleeds to multiple enemies.

This is the rotation you should use on your target at the beginning of the game.

  1. Use Regrowth Icon Regrowth on yourself. This will give you the Bloodtalons Icon Bloodtalons buff.
  2. Use Rake Icon Rake.
  3. Use Shred Icon Shred to generate Combo Points.
  4. Use Moonfire Icon Moonfire if you are at 4 Combo Points.
  5. Use Tiger's Fury Icon Tiger's Fury to restore Energy.
  6. Use Rip Icon Rip at 5 Combo Points.
  7. Use Regrowth Icon Regrowth when you get a Predatory Swiftness Icon Predatory Swiftness proc. When you have the Bloodtalons Icon Bloodtalons buff, use it when using Rip Icon Rip or Ashamane's Frenzy Icon Ashamane's Frenzy.

7.2.2. Burst Damage

When you have the enemy healer in crowd control and you are trying to kill an enemy, you use your burst damage.

  1. Use Incarnation: King of the Jungle Icon Incarnation: King of the Jungle.
  2. Use Prowl Icon Prowl.
  3. Use Rake Icon Rake to stun the target.
  4. Use Shred Icon Shred to 5 Combo Points.
  5. Use Tiger's Fury Icon Tiger's Fury.
  6. Cast Regrowth Icon Regrowth with a Predatory Swiftness Icon Predatory Swiftness proc.
  7. Use Rip Icon Rip.
  8. Use Ashamane's Frenzy Icon Ashamane's Frenzy.
  9. Use Moonfire Icon Moonfire.
  10. Use Ferocious Bite Icon Ferocious Bite to refresh Rip Icon Rip or if you are close to killing the enemy.
  11. If you are not close to killing an enemy, refresh Rake Icon Rake.

7.2.3. Sustained damage

Sustained damage is damage you do when your burst cooldowns are not available.

  1. Use Shred Icon Shred if Brutal Slash Icon Brutal Slash is not available and you need to generate Combo Points.
  2. Maintain Rake Icon Rake on the target.
  3. Maintain Moonfire Icon Moonfire on the target.
  4. Use Regrowth Icon Regrowth for the Bloodtalons Icon Bloodtalons buff.
  5. Use Rip Icon Rip at 5 Combo Points.
  6. Use Ferocious Bite Icon Ferocious Bite to refresh Rip Icon Rip and for single target pressure.

7.3. Defensive Techniques

Survival Instincts Icon Survival Instincts is your main defensive cooldown. If the enemy team is starting to focus you, it is important for you to use this before you get stunned. Stuns are the biggest weakness for Feral Druids, so be cautious when playing against teams with multiple stuns. Use this only when you need to, so do not use it too early.

Bear Form Icon Bear Form is another great ability Feral Druids have. When you see incoming damage on you, it is a good idea to use Bear Form Icon Bear Form. When using the Guardian Affinity Icon Guardian Affinity talent, you get great defensive abilities such as Frenzied Regeneration Icon Frenzied Regeneration. This is best used when the enemy has used their cooldowns and your team is trying to stabilize your health.

Entangling Roots Icon Entangling Roots is a great ability when playing against melee. You can use this to help you or your teammates get distance between them and an enemy. This is especially powerful when you have the artifact trait  Icon Hardened Roots.

Feral Druid mobility also helps with survivability. Dash Icon Dash can be used when running after enemies or when you are in trouble. If you are not slowed or rooted, this is effective for kiting enemies.

Wild Charge Icon Wild Charge will mostly be used to catch up to an enemy. However, when you are in caster form, it allows you to fly to a nearby ally or leap forward when in Travel Form Icon Travel Form.

Stampeding Roar Icon Stampeding Roar, just like Dash Icon Dash, will mostly be used to run after enemies. If you are being focused, use this to get away from the enemy team.

8. ChangeLog

+ show all entries - show only 10 entries
  • 13 Sep. 2017: Several updates were made to the guide.
    • Changed recommended Tier 5 regular talents.
    • Updated burst and sustained damage rotations.
  • 09 Sep. 2017: Performed several updates to the guide.
    • Removed Artifact Trait descriptions.
    • Changed recommended Tier 6 regular talents.
    • Changed recommended Tier 5 honor talents.
    • Updated burst and sustained damage rotations.
  • 01 Jul. 2017: Changed recommendation for Tier 4 honor talent.
  • 13 Apr. 2017: No changes needed for Patch 7.2.
  • 07 Mar. 2017: Guide was created.
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