Mistweaver Monk Dragonflight Leveling Guide From 1 to 70 (Dragonflight 10.1)

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On this page, we will go over everything you need to know to level up your Mistweaver Monk to get ready for Dragonflight end game content. Make sure to use the slider to make the guide adapt to your level. If you are looking for more generic leveling guide you can refer to our Monk leveling guide.



Of the three monk specs, Mistweaver is probably the slowest in terms of leveling speed. If your goal is to reach max level as quickly as you can, it is highly recommended to level as a Windwalker. That being said, there are niche situations in which Mistweaver can be extremely useful. Depending on your level, due to our sustain, Mistweavers can solo elite quests (albeit slowly) by simply out lasting a dangerous mob, and chipping away at its Health pool in between healing ourselves. Outside of that however, Windwalker outclasses Mistweaver in almost every way for leveling.


Gearing Options

When leveling you should always select the pieces with the highest item level. Between two equivalent pieces, try to prioritize Critical Strike and Versatility.


Level by Level Rotation and Talents

Move the slider below to make the guide update to your level!

Level: 60

Mistweaver Monk Talents while leveling

In the first tier, on the Monk side, your priority is to pick Rising Sun Kick Icon Rising Sun Kick followed by Tiger's Lust Icon Tiger's Lust as soon as you can, then rush Ferocity of Xuen Icon Ferocity of Xuen. For the Mistweaver side, you should pick up Thunder Focus Tea Icon Thunder Focus Tea then move to Teachings of the Monastery Icon Teachings of the Monastery as soon as you can. The remaining points can be filled out in an order of your choosing until you unlock the next tier.

In the second tier on the Monk side, your talent order should be 2 points in Fast Feet Icon Fast Feet, then Chi Burst Icon Chi Burst and Spear Hand Strike Icon Spear Hand Strike. After that, you should take Chi Torpedo Icon Chi Torpedo and Improved Roll Icon Improved Roll. On the Mistweaver side, take Zen Pulse Icon Zen Pulse, Invoke Chi-Ji, the Red Crane Icon Invoke Chi-Ji, the Red Crane, and Celestial Harmony Icon Celestial Harmony. As with before, fill out the rest of the tree in any order you like.

In the third tier, on the Monk side, you should start with Fatal Touch Icon Fatal Touch and rush to Summon White Tiger Statue Icon Summon White Tiger Statue. If you plan on leveling in dungeons from here, put your next 5 points going from Profound Rebuttal Icon Profound Rebuttal down to Save Them All Icon Save Them All, otherwise you might consider maxing out Windwalking Icon Windwalking then putting points wherever you please. For Mistweaver, get Ancient Teachings Icon Ancient Teachings then rush to Awakened Faeline Icon Awakened Faeline down the left side of the tree. After that, take Gift of the Celestials Icon Gift of the Celestials, Misty Peaks Icon Misty Peaks and Rising Mist Icon Rising Mist. The last point you can put wherever you want, since you will be respeccing at 70 anyway.


Rotation/Ability Priority to Level Up as a Mistweaver Monk

Starting at Level 1, your only damaging ability will be Tiger Palm Icon Tiger Palm.

  1. Use Touch of Death Icon Touch of Death to instantly kill an enemy with lower Health than you.
  2. Rising Sun Kick Icon Rising Sun Kick should be pressed on cooldown.
  3. Spinning Crane Kick Icon Spinning Crane Kick when there are 4 or more enemies.
  4. Faeline Stomp Icon Faeline Stomp when there is more than 1 enemy.
  5. Maintain Faeline Stomp Icon Faeline Stomp.
  6. Blackout Kick Icon Blackout Kick should be pressed on cooldown.
  7. Tiger Palm Icon Tiger Palm should be pressed whenever Blackout Kick is unavailable.
  8. While standing in Faeline Stomp Icon Faeline Stomp, alternate between Tiger Palm Icon Tiger Palm and Blackout Kick Icon Blackout Kick.
  9. Tiger Palm Icon Tiger Palm should be used until you gain 3 stacks of Teachings of the Monastery Icon Teachings of the Monastery.
  10. Blackout Kick Icon Blackout Kick when you reach 3 stacks of Teachings of the Monastery.
  11. Crackling Jade Lightning Icon Crackling Jade Lightning should be used to engage targets at a distance, or to deal damage when you cannot get into melee range

At level 15, you will be able to queue for the Dungeon Finder. Your goal while leveling as a Mistweaver should be to join as many dungeons as possible, as queue times are healers are short, and dungeons provide a great deal of experience. An added benefit is being able to practice your healing rotation. For a more in-depth look, visit our rotation page. For a quick glance at your spell priority, continue reading below:

  1. Use Thunder Focus Tea Icon Thunder Focus Tea on cooldown.
  2. Apply Renewing Mist Icon Renewing Mist on cooldown.
  3. Use Soothing Mist Icon Soothing Mist to apply Enveloping Mist, and follow up with Vivify Icon Vivify as needed.
  4. Cast Enveloping Mist Icon Enveloping Mist whenever your target is taking consistent damage.
  5. Vivify Icon Vivify on damaged allies.
  6. Use your DPS rotation when no other healing is required.

Mistweaver Ability Unlocks

With the level squish that took place with Patch 9.0, gaining abilities happens at a much greater rate. The spellbook in game will tell you exactly what abilities you will be gaining and when. Rather than being redundant and listing that same information here, instead check out our dedicated Spells guide for a more rigorous look at these abilities.


Mistweaver Monk War Mode Talents for Leveling.

As you level up, you will gain access to War Mode, allowing you to participate in world PvP, while also giving a small boost to your experience gained, and allowing you to use PvP talents in the open-world. Unfortunately for Mistweavers, essentially none of our PvP talents help almost at all with leveling. However, they are still better than nothing, so listed below is the ideal setup for leveling.


Mistweaver Monk PvP Talents for Leveling

  1. Alpha Tiger Icon Alpha Tiger Provides a nice passive haste bonus.
  2. Zen Spheres Icon Zen Spheres As it is the only remaining damage increase.
  3. Dematerialize Icon Dematerialize To give you damage reduction if you find yourself stunned.

Best Heirlooms for Mistweaver Monk Leveling

We recommend picking up pieces with as much Critical Strike as you can find. This will increase both your DPS, as well as making your healing more efficient. Haste is also good for Mistweaver DPS, however it is less desirable for the other Monk specs, so if you plan on swapping around, it might be better to have your second priority by Versatility instead.



There are a couple of consumable items that can significantly increase your speed while leveling. These are by no means compulsory, however they can be a nice quality of life change.

  • Goblin Glider Kit Icon Goblin Glider Kit is a leveler's best friend. It reduces your falling speed while also granting a large forward velocity. Any time you are able to jump from a high place, these will get you to your destination very quickly.
  • Gunshoes Icon Gunshoes are an Engineering item that increase your movement speed by 200% for 25 seconds. The drawback however is that you cannot stop moving so you will either need to click off the buff, or wait for it to time out. Any time you need to cover a large distance, these are good to use.

The End Game

Congratulations! You made it to level 70! Now that you are in the end game, we recommend looking at our Easy mode page and Talents section to see how to transition out of the leveling mindset, and into an end game one. Conversely, if you feel comfortable with the basics, check out our Spell Summary page to learn about the nuances of your abilities.



  • 05 May 2023: Updated PvP and PvE talents.
  • 01 May 2023: Reviewed for Patch 10.1.
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