Elemental Shaman Dragonflight Leveling Guide From 1 to 60 (Dragonflight 10.0.2)

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On this page, you will find our Level by Level Elemental Shaman leveling guide for Dragonflight Make sure to use the slider to make the guide adapt to your level. For more general leveling information, please refer to our Shaman leveling guide.


Gear Options

When leveling up, you should always choose the piece of loot with the highest item level. The only exception to this rule is if you have a Ring or Necklace with a slightly lower item level, but 2 secondary stats on it instead of 1.


Level by Level Rotation and Talents

Move the slider below to make the guide update to your level!

Level: 60

Talents to Level Up as an Elemental Shaman

Your first talent unlocks at Level 10.

This is an example set up, it is difficult to go wrong while leveling, I would encourage experimenting with the feel of different talents. Note that the value of some talents/talent combos can change significantly depending on your secondary stats. This assumes no particular stat is heavily favored.

Note that this list prioritizes speed over utility, you may wish to pick some important utility talents earlier, notably Wind Shear Icon Wind Shear or Capacitor Totem Icon Capacitor Totem.


Rotation to Level Up as an Elemental Shaman

Starting at Level 1, you only have one main damaging ability: Lightning Bolt Icon Lightning Bolt. This will change at level 10, when you select Elemental as your specialization and unlock other ranged abilities. Until then, use Lightning Bolt Icon Lightning Bolt to kill targets, and make use of Flame Shock Icon Flame Shock when it unlocks at level 3 and of Lightning Shield Icon Lightning Shield once it unlocks at level 9.

  1. Keep Lightning Shield Icon Lightning Shield active on yourself (out of combat)
  2. Keep Earth Shield Icon Earth Shield active on yourself (out of combat)
  3. Apply Flame Shock Icon Flame Shock if it is absent
  4. Cast Fire Elemental Icon Fire Elemental if it is off cooldown. Try to pair your elemental with Haste buffs if possible (e.g. Bloodlust Icon Bloodlust/Heroism Icon Heroism).
  5. Cast Earth Elemental Icon Earth Elemental if it is off cooldown.
  6. Cast Stormkeeper Icon Stormkeeper whenever available. Delay the usage if multiple stacked targets will be present within the span of its cooldown
  7. Cast Ascendance Icon Ascendance whenever available. You generally want to use Flame Shock Icon Flame Shock on a different target so you get a free Lava Burst Icon Lava Burst on both.
  8. Cast Primordial Wave Icon Primordial Wave whenever available. You generally want to use Flame Shock Icon Flame Shock on a different target so you get a free Lava Burst Icon Lava Burst on both.
  9. Cast Earth Shock Icon Earth Shock if Maelstrom is 90 or greater; or 50 or greater if you have Master of the Elements Icon Master of the Elements's buff.
  10. Cast Lava Burst Icon Lava Burst whenever available.
  11. Cast Earth Shock Icon Earth Shock if Maelstrom is 60 or greater.
  12. Cast Lightning Bolt Icon Lightning Bolt as a filler on a single target.
  13. Cast Frost Shock Icon Frost Shock as a filler while moving.

Summary of Unlocked Abilities for Elemental Shaman

Since the new leveling system from Dragonflight, class abilities are a prominent part of specs again, and represent many of the abilities you gain while leveling. You will only start unlocking Elemental specific abilities and passives once you select it as your active specialization past Level 10.

In order to avoid overloading the guide with redundant information which is easily understood from opening your spell book, we would advise you to read our detailed spell guide for the detailed information on each spell and how it is used in WoW.


Elemental Shaman War Mode Talents for Leveling

In this section, we will rank the PvP talents for leveling and doing solo / small group PvE content in order of priority. Below is a ranking of the PvP talents Elemental Shamans can use well for PvE.


Elemental Shaman PvP Talents for Leveling

  1. Skyfury Totem Icon Skyfury Totem increases the critical effect of spells of allies within 40 yards by 20% for 15 seconds, with a 40-second cooldown. It is good for solo play, but excellent if you are doing outdoors content with others.
  2. Control of Lava Icon Control of Lava makes your Flame Shock Icon Flame Shock deal damage 15% more often. The secondary effect is irrelevant in PvE but it is already pretty nice.
  3. Swelling Waves Icon Swelling Waves makes your Healing Surge Icon Healing Surges 50% stronger. Amazing for sustain or if you are struggling. The delay can actually be a positive thing.
  4. Counterstrike Totem Icon Counterstrike Totem replicates and reflects damage you take for 15 seconds, on a 45-second cooldown. This can be really strong when in a high damage area to deal some chip damage to targets around you, and convert your health pool into additional damage.
  5. Static Field Totem Icon Static Field Totem is a very strong crowd control effect, it might be overkill with all the tools you already get though.
  6. Traveling Storms Icon Traveling Storms got buffed a lot and can now transform your Thunderstorm Icon Thunderstorm into a significantly more powerful crowd control ability.

Grounding Totem Icon Grounding Totem, Unleash Shield Icon Unleash Shield and Spectral Recovery Icon Spectral Recovery have either niche uses or just are not very useful compared to the other talents. Do not dismiss them entirely but for the most part, you can safely ignore them.


Quest Rewards

You should equip new quest rewards when their item level starts beating out your previous set of gear. If you are currently wearing top end Shadowlands gear, it is best to let the quest rewards significantly beat your existing item level before using them.



There are several consumable items that can be purchased that will help you with your leveling speed.

  • Gunshoes Icon Gunshoes are an Engineering item that increase your movement speed by 200% for 25 seconds. These will make you almost as fast as a Flying mount. We recommend having a lot of these, and using them whenever you are traveling more than ~250 yards.

Gunshoes Macro

The Gunshoes will not let you stop moving as long as they are active. Using this macro twice will click the buff off and allow you to stop.

  • #showtooltip
  • /use Gunshoes
  • /cancelaura Gunshoes


Congratulations on reaching Level 70! Now that you have hit Level 70, we recommend looking at our Easy mode page and Talents section to learn how to play at max level.



  • 28 Nov. 2022: Updated for Dragonflight launch.
  • 18 Nov. 2022: Updated with a new build order. People who want to know in advance where to go from level 60 to 70 can now see my recommendations.
  • 07 Nov. 2022: Talent pick order in calculator should be fixed.
  • 25 Oct. 2022: Updated for Dragonflight pre-patch.
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