Leveling Consumables in World of Warcraft

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This page contains all of the consumables that currently affect XP gains or the speed of leveling for characters in Dragonflight.



In World of Warcraft, there are many different consumable or collectable items that will help you level faster. Some are easier to get than others, and we will attempt to list them in their rough order of importance/leveling speed benefit.


Consumables and Items for Leveling Quickly


Experience-Increasing Items

  • Draught of Ten Lands Icon Draught of Ten Lands is purchasable for Warfront Service Medals in your faction's main hub from the Battle for Azeroth expansion and increases your main stats by 20 (flat increase, not %), and XP gained by 10% for 1 hour.
  • Battle Standard of Coordination Icon Battle Standard of Coordination is a placeable item that increases your XP gains from killing mobs within 100 yards of it by 15%. There are weaker versions that do not share a cooldown with it in Standard of Unity Icon Standard of Unity and Banner of Cooperation Icon Banner of Cooperation. We recommend using these often when killing large amounts of mobs, and you should rotate between them to ensure they are always on cooldown.

Mobility Items

  • Goblin Glider Kit Icon Goblin Glider Kit can be used to glide for long distances. It is extremely useful when traversing large distances from the top of mountains or hills.
  • Skystep Potion Icon Skystep Potion/Lightfoot Potion Icon Lightfoot Potions can be purchased on the AH and used regularly in indoor areas to significantly increase your movement speed (150%) for 8 seconds. Only works up to Level 50.
  • Gunshoes Icon Gunshoes are a crafted Engineering consumable item that vastly increases your movement speed (200%) for 25 seconds. It is best used when covering large distances. It is even faster than a Ground Mount.
  • Draenic Swiftness Potion Icon Draenic Swiftness Potion vastly increases your swimming speed for 8 seconds. Useful for quests or situations that send you underwater. Only works up to Level 50.
  • Light-Step Hoofplates Icon Light-Step Hoofplates is a Mount Equipment that increases your ground mount speed by 20%. This will generally be used the most out of the different types of Mount Equipment.
  • Anglers' Water Striders Icon Anglers' Water Striders/Inflatable Mount Shoes Icon Inflatable Mount Shoes is a Mount Equipment that lets your mount walk on water. We only recommend using this for water-heavy zones, as the general speed increase from the Light-Step Hoofplates is better overall.
  • Falling Flame Icon Falling Flame is a unique item that drops from Cinderfall on the Timeless Isle. When used, it sends you flying extremely high into the air and in the direction you were facing, letting you cross entire zones in a few seconds. We recommend always using it with Goblin Glider Kit Icon Goblin Glider Kit. Simply jump off a ledge in the direction you wish to go, activate the Glider, and then immediately activate your Falling Flame. This will let you control your direction while in mid-air.

Combat-Enhancing Items

  • Drums of Fury Icon Drums of Fury/Drums of the Mountain Icon Drums of the Mountain let you benefit from Bloodlust Icon Bloodlust/Time Warp Icon Time Warp without playing a class with those effects inherently. They should be used as often as possible to cut down time spent in combat. They work up to Level 50.

Other Consumables and Useful Items

  • Sugar-Crusted Fish Feast Icon Sugar-Crusted Fish Feast is a food that is available to all party members and offers a small Versatility buff immediately after eating. It also heals you up much quicker than most types of food, so we recommend using it if you do not have strong self-healing, to recover quickly from being on low health. Be aware that they will not work above Level 50.


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