Survival Hunter Shadowlands Leveling Guide From 1 to 60

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On this page, you will find our Level by Level Survival Hunter leveling guide for Shadowlands Make sure to use the slider to make the guide adapt to your level. For more general leveling information, please refer to our Hunter leveling guide.


Gear Options

When leveling up, you should always choose the piece of loot with the highest item level. The only exception to this rule is if you have a Ring or Necklace with a slightly lower item level, but 2 secondary stats on it instead of 1.


Level by Level Rotation and Talents

Move the slider below to make the guide update to your level!

Level: 1

Talents to Level Up as a Survival Hunter

Your first talent row unlocks at Level 15.

Your talent set up should be as follows.


Rotation to Level Up as a Survival Hunter

Starting at Level 1, you only have one main attack ability: Steady Shot Icon Steady Shot.

  1. Raptor Strike Icon Raptor Strike is your signature ability. It deals a good amount of damage and spends 30 Focus.
  2. Kill Command Icon Kill Command is your other signature ability. It generates 15 Focus that is spent mostly on Raptor Strike Icon Raptor Strike. Most of your time will be alternating Kill Command and Raptor Strike Icon Raptor Strike. It also has a 25% chance to reset its own cooldown from Level 28 onwards.
  3. Serpent Sting Icon Serpent Sting is a 12-second DoT that should be kept up at all times.
  4. Harpoon Icon Harpoon allows you to quickly pull yourself towards a target to get in melee range. With Terms of Engagement Icon Terms of Engagement chosen, you can use this pretty much all of the time while leveling.
  5. Wildfire Bomb Icon Wildfire Bomb deals heavy damage over 6 seconds on an 18-second cooldown. At Level 25, it gains a second charge via the Guerrilla Tactics Icon Guerrilla Tactics Talent. Never use them back-to-back as this will override the 6-second DoT and waste it!
  6. Carve Icon Carve is your signature AoE ability. It hits up to 5 nearby targets and from Level 32, reduces the cooldown of Wildfire Bomb Icon Wildfire Bomb by 1 seconds for each target hit, which is its primary purpose. Use it in place of Raptor Strike Icon Raptor Strike when possible.
  7. Aspect of the Eagle Icon Aspect of the Eagle is a 1.5-minute cooldown makes Raptor Strike Icon Raptor Strike usable from range.
  8. Coordinated Assault Icon Coordinated Assault is your main cooldown. It increases your damage done by 20%, and increases the chance for Kill Command Icon Kill Command to reset its cooldown by 25%.
  9. Steel Trap Icon Steel Trap can either be used to immobilize targets you currently do not want to fight, or it can be used on targets you are hitting for more damage.
  10. Kill Shot Icon Kill Shot does extremely heavy damage, but it can only be used on targets below 20% health. Use it to kill off low-health enemies.
  11. Flanking Strike Icon Flanking Strike should be used on cooldown in place of Kill Command Icon Kill Command, as it generates 30 Focus. It is basically a much stronger Kill Command.

In addition to these baseline abilities, there are a number of passive effects that you unlock throughout the leveling process that are worth knowing about:

  • Mastery: Spirit Bond Icon Mastery: Spirit Bond increases the damage of you and your pet's Focus-spending abilities. It also heals you and your pet for 1% of your maximum health every 5 seconds. More Mastery increases the damage and healing.
  • From Level 28, Kill Command Icon Kill Command will have a 25% chance to reset its own cooldown when used, allowing you to use multiple times in a row.

Survival Hunter War Mode Talents for Leveling

In this section, we will rank the PvP talents best for leveling and doing solo / small group PvE content. Below is a ranking of both General PvP Talents and Survival Hunter-specific PvE talents.


Survival Hunter PvP Talents for Leveling

  1. Mending Bandage Icon Mending Bandage instantly clears all bleeds, poisons, and diseases from you, and heals you for 30% of your maximum health over 6 seconds. You cannot use this while being attacked.
  2. Dragonscale Armor Icon Dragonscale Armor is useful for the damage reduction. A lot of the most powerful mobs in the open world are casters, and Survival survivability is a tad low to begin with. This helps make up for it.
  3. Hunting Pack Icon Hunting Pack is a useful mobility option, allowing you to use Aspect of the Cheetah Icon Aspect of the Cheetah much more often.

Survival Tactics Icon Survival Tactics, Viper Sting Icon Viper Sting, Spider Sting Icon Spider Sting, Scorpid Sting Icon Scorpid Sting, and Hi-Explosive Trap Icon Hi-Explosive Trap have limited use in PvE content in terms of increasing your damage in the open world, but they can be situationally useful.


Best Leveling Pet for Survival Hunter

All pets do the same damage, but they vary in their utility and special abilities. For Leveling, the best pet is any Ferocity-type pet, as they heal themselves whenever they do damage, allowing you to make larger pulls and rely on your pet's own damage to heal it up.

Ferocity pets also come with Primal Rage Icon Primal Rage which is a Bloodlust effect. This should be used as often as possible when you are fighting for over thirty seconds.

You can find a list of all the Pets and the abilities they bring on our Spell Summary Page.



Congratulations on reaching Level 60! Now that you have hit Level 60, we recommend looking at our Easy mode page and Talents section to learn how to play at max level.



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