Fishing Guide for Dragonflight

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This page covers the most important aspects of Fishing in Dragonflight, including talent builds and suggestions on how to make gold with the profession.


Fishing in Dragonflight

Fishing is a gathering activity done in the world. You will be searching for bodies of water to throw your bobber in and, hopefully, reel in some valuable fish and treasures!

Fishing in Dragonflight

One notable change with Dragonflight is that your fishing rod is now considered a profession tool, and equipped in your dedicated fishing journal UI in order to increase your skill level, instead of taking space on your bags.

While most fish are used as Cooking reagents, there are a few that have extra uses, such as Prismatic Leaper Icon Prismatic Leaper and Magma Thresher Icon Magma Thresher, which need to be fished in special locations and can be milled / prospected by Inscription and Jewelcrafting, respectively.

Special Fish

You will also be able to occasionally fish Copper Coin of the Isles Icon Copper Coin of the Isles, Silver Coin of the Isles Icon Silver Coin of the Isles, and Gold Coin of the Isles Icon Gold Coin of the Isles, which can be traded various goodies at The Great Swog NPC. The bags of goodies sold sometimes have valuable Soggy Clump of Darkmoon Cards Icon Soggy Clump of Darkmoon Cards inside!

Finally, one of the new reputations in the Dragon Isles, the Iskaara Tuskarr, are heavily connected with fishing and supply multiple recipes for Iskaaran Fishing Net Icon Iskaaran Fishing Nets and other Renown-related rewards, such as access to Fishing Holes.


Best Race for Fishing in Dragonflight

No races have extra skill towards Fishing.


Crafting UI in Dragonflight

As a gathering profession, the crafting UI for Fishing is more akin to a discovery journal, which will give you general directions on where to find each type of fish.

Fishing Crafting UI

Crafting Stats for Fishing in Dragonflight

There are three new stats for gathering professions, which can show up on your gathering gear:

  • Perception increases your chance to find rare reagents when gathering;
  • Deftness increases your gathering speed;
  • Finesse provides a chance to get more of whatever you are gathering. Thus, if you are fishing for Magma Thresher Icon Magma Thresher, procs will grant you more of them on each reel.

Leveling Fishing in Dragonflight

Increasing your skill in Dragonflight is done by fishing around the Isles, and the only limiter to your leveling speed is how highly skilled you already are: the later points on the raid to 100 are harder to get.


Best Fishing Gear

Before you even go into Dragonflight proper, you can buy The Brokers Angle'r Icon "The Brokers Angle'r" fishing rod from the fishing trainer in Oribos which is usable in the Dragon Isles and comes with a large +15 fishing skill bonus!

Fishers can use a single piece of gear:

  • Draconium Fisherfriend Icon Draconium Fisherfriend and Khaz'gorite Fisherfriend Icon Khaz'gorite Fisherfriend, made by Engineers.
Gathering Gear

As shown in the image above, quality is a big factor in the stats you can get from the gear. Green versions are bind on equip and from trainer recipes, but blue versions require faction / renown grinding for their recipe and are bind on pickup, requiring you to submit a Crafting Order for them.

Also, remember to enchant your primary tool with Enchant Tool - Draconic Deftness Icon Enchant Tool - Draconic Deftness, Enchant Tool - Draconic Finesse Icon Enchant Tool - Draconic Finesse, or Enchant Tool - Draconic Perception Icon Enchant Tool - Draconic Perception.

You can also increase your skill further by using Scalebelly Mackerel Icon Scalebelly Mackerel or consumables such as Aerated Phial of Deftness Icon Aerated Phial of Deftness.


Crafting Orders

Speaking of crafting orders, all you need to do create one is to go to the NPC responsible for them in the capital city and open the auction-house like interface. Type a part of the name of the item you are looking to get crafted in the search box and pick the exact item from the list that shows up, resulting in the following interface:

Crafting Orders Sender PoV

Here you can pick between a Public Order, which requires you to supply all materials but should result in a very fast craft (as long as the gold Commission for the crafter is decent enough) as the whole server will be able to do your order, or a Personal Order, which requires you to specify a character that will then receive this order in their profession crafting log:

Crafting Orders Receiver PoV

In public orders you cannot specify the quality of the crafted item. This means that, no matter your commission, there is a very high probability that an unskilled crafter will pick up the order and produce a low quality item, as that will still grant skill points without requiring materials from the crafter, making it useful even at a 1s commission.

Private orders do allow you to specify a minimum quality for the item, and you can always send them to your own alts or trusted players, who will then be able to contribute some, or even all of the crafting materials required themselves. This should be the favored method for anything but the most basic of crafts, but absolutely make sure to talk to the crafter first and / or put in a very large commission, as otherwise you are likely to have your order ignored, rather than finished.



Fishing cannot perform recrafting.


Best Fishing Specializations and Talents in Dragonflight

Fishing has no Specializations.


Making Gold with Fishing in Dragonflight

Fishing makes gold by farming fish in the Dragon Isles, with rarer fish locked behind high Renown, such as Prismatic Leaper Icon Prismatic Leaper being expected to be more valuable than the common Scalebelly Mackerel Icon Scalebelly Mackerel.

Iskaaran Fishing Net Icon Iskaaran Fishing Nets can be placed in specific locations to automatically catch fish over time, even when logged out, making them helpful for farming gold over time, especially once upgraded with later Renown perks, such as Imbu Knot Icon Imbu Knot.

As fish are a common ingredient for stat food and feasts, try to sell yours in raid days, when Cooks are more likely to be looking to craft and sell their wares. The Oribos Exchange can also help you understand the price fluctuation for fish in your server, and which fish is best to farm at any given moment.

Although it sounds simple, most players do not have the patience or knowledge to take advantage of timing the market, and doing so correctly is where your profit will come from in the long term. Selling the fish randomly is potentially leaving a lot of gold on the table if price fluctuations are high!



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