Restoration Shaman PvP Guide (Shadowlands 9.2.5)

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General Information

This guide will walk you through everything you need to know to play in a PvP environment. The guide will cover everything from talent choices, PvP talents, gameplay and rotation, and useful racial bonuses. It is most applicable to Arena content, but most talents and racial bonuses will work in Rated Battlegrounds and skirmishes.

If you were looking for TBC Classic content, please refer to our TBC Shaman PvP guide.


Restoration Shaman in the Current Meta

Restoration Shamans are the most versatile healers in the game. With roots, slows, decent healing output, big damage, some mobility, and even a ranged interrupt, they always have a place on an Arena team.


Changes in Patch 9.2

Patch 9.2 has not brought almost any changes to Restoration Shaman. Namely, the only changes to the specialization will be within the double Legendary choice, as well as the tier set bonuses.

  1. The root effect from Earthgrab Totem Icon Earthgrab Totem now properly counts absorbed damage when determining if enough damage has been taken to break the root effect.
  2. Fleshcraft Icon Fleshcraft's absorb has been reduced to 25% of max HP.
  3. You may now equip a 2nd Legendary in the form of Unity Icon Unity, which allows you to use your Covenant-specific Legendary alongside another Legendary.
  4. Tier set bonuses have returned with more healing throughput for Restoration Shamans through the 2-set and 4-set, specifically Heal the Soul Icon Restoration Shaman 2-Piece and Heal the Soul Icon Restoration Shaman 4-Piece for Restoration Shaman.
  5. The 2-set bonus for wearing 2 PvP trinkets has been reworked to instead grant 175 Intellect and 350 stamina.
  6. Five new PvP trinkets have been added:

Restoration Shaman Strengths


Restoration Shaman Weaknesses

  • Heavily dependent on rotating cooldowns for keeping teammates alive.
  • Lacking large damage reduction cooldowns, or burst healing.
  • Healing throughput is moderate, not strong.
  • No immunities or damage reduction healing cooldowns.

Content of the Guide

This guide ended up being very long, so we decided to split it in different pages.



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