Crafting Orders and Recrafting Guide for Dragonflight

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This page introduces the Crafting Orders system, which was added in Dragonflight. Players can place orders for specific items and wait for others to fulfill them. The new Recrafting system is also presented in this page.


Crafting Orders, new system in Dragonflight

Crafting Orders is a new system introduced in Dragonflight. To put it simply, it allows players to place a order for a piece of gear, weapon, consumable or even cosmetics. Other players, crafters, can then see the orders and proceed to fulfill them. While the explanation sounds easy, there is more to it. In the following sections you can get a better idea of how the system works, what are the limitations of it, and if it can be of use to you.


Location of Crafting Order vendors

Much like with Auction Houses, you need to talk with specific NPC's located in certain areas to access the Crafting Order user interface. There are 2 places where this can be done, one of them in Thaldraszus, Valdrakken and the other one can be found in Ohn'Ahran Plains, Forkriver Crossing.


Crafting Order Clerks in Valdrakken

As Valdrakken serves as the main hub for Dragonflight, it only makes sense that you would find the vendors here. They have their own little area called The Artistan's Market. Take a look at the images below for the exact location of the vendors.


Crafting Order Clerks in Forkriver Crossing

While Valdrakken is the major hub for crafting, there is also a smaller one located in Ohn'ahran Plains, Forkriver Crossing. You can find the Crafting Order Clerks there and place orders just as easily. Below you can see the exact location of these Clerks.


Crafting Orders and how they work

There are 2 sides when it comes to Crafting Orders. One side is the placing of various Crafting Orders, and the other one is actually crafting said orders. While anyone can place a order, not anyone can fulfill the order. You need to have the specific profession, recipies and skills to actually craft the customer ordered item.


Limitations for Crafting

Before we get started, there are some limitations in placethat you should keep in mind before stepping into the world of Crafting Orders. These are there to help keep the balance and to prevent one person grabbing up all the crafting orders.

  • As a crafter, you can only complete 30 Orders per day;
  • If there is less than 2 hours left on the Order, the 30 Orders per day limit can be by-passed;
  • After picking up a Order you have only 30 minutes to complete it;
  • You can only have one work order active at any given time;
  • Crafting Orders are server-specific, meaning that you can only see and craft for people on your own server;
  • For Public Orders, the orderer needs to provide all the materials;
  • For Personal and Guild Orders the orderer does not need to provide all the materials, the missing materials can be provided by the crafter;
  • For some higher level crafts, the orderer needs to provide very specific materials which can not be given by the Crafter;

For the Heroic and Mythic craftable gear the orderer must provide very specific materials. These materials can not be provided by the Crafter. You can find a brief list of these materials and where they can be obtained from below.

Name Source
Spark of Ingenuity Icon Spark of Ingenuity These will be provided to you by completing various quests in Dragonflight. The first one will be obtained when you complete the Campaign Quest to unlock the Engine of Innovation. After that you will obtain one extra Spark of Ingenuity every 2 weeks by completing next quest, up to a total of 5. After obtaining 5, these will have a chance to start dropping from nearly any activity via Bottled Essence Icon Bottled Essence. Do not assume that this will be easy, these are meant to be rare, so expect to find roughly one every couple of weeks.
Primal Infusion Icon Primal Infusion Obtained by combining Primal Chaos Icon Primal Chaos and Primal Focus Icon Primal Focus together. Both of these have a chance to be dropped by various activities, including Raiding, Mythic+, PvP. You will also gain 1 Primal Infusion Icon Primal Infusion for each of the 4 Renowns you max out, through the A Heroic Reward.

Placing a Crafting Order

To place a order you need to go and talk to a NPC at one of said locations above. Doing so will open up a fairly easy interface which allows you to filter for various items which can be crafted. These items can vary from Soulbound gear, all the way down to various Battle Pets.

Below you can see a picture of the Crafting Order window for placing orders, filtered to Plate Bracers.

Once you find the item you wish to get crafted, you can click on it and it will show you the mandatory and optional Reagents needed to craft it. You, as the client, need to provide the crafting Reagents to place the Order. You can also choose the Duration for how long your Order will be up. In addition to the above, you need to also provide a lucrative Commission for the crafter for said work.

You can also choose between order types. There is a Public Order, which can be picked up by any crafter, there is a Personal Order for a specific person, and then there are Guild Orders, for only people in your guild. It is important to know that for Public Orders, you as the orderer need to provide all the materials. For Guild and Personal Orders, you do not need to provide all the materials, the crafter can fill in the missing materials themselves.

Once the order is placed, you can see it under the My Orders tab. All your active orders will be shown there with some additional information.


Optional Reagents

On top of the mandatory Reagents needed to craft a item, there are also various Optional Reagents. These Optional Reagents allow you to modify the requested item further, either by adding extra item levels, specific stats or even special effects.

Some of these, like Primal Infusion Icon Primal Infusion, will be obtainable through gaining Renown or slaying Raid bosses. Others, like Draconic Missive of the Fireflash Icon Draconic Missive of the Fireflash or Magazine of Healing Darts Icon Magazine of Healing Darts, can just be bought from the Auction House as these are created by certain professions. To get a full idea of which profession can create what, take a look at the in-depth profession guide linked below.

Others, like Titan Training Matrix I Icon Titan Training Matrix I all the way up to Titan Training Matrix IV Icon Titan Training Matrix IV can be obtained from doing dungeons. Depending on the difficulty of the dungeon, the appropriate Training Matrix will drop. These allow you to upgrade the item level of your item. In order to make obtaining these items easier, take a look at our Dragonflight dungeon introductions below.


Fulfilling a Crafting Order

In order to pick up a crafting order you need to be near your professions Crafting Table. These can be found for example, in Valdrakken, next to your Professions hub.

Below you can see where the Crafting Table is located for the Blacksmithing professiong in Valdrakken. If you are having issues locating your profession hub, ask any of the guards in the city for the location.

Once you are near a Crafting Table you can click on it and it will open up a similar interface as with placing orders. At the bottom of the window, navigate to the Crafting Orders tab. From there you can see all the Orders that are currently available. You can also filter and sort for items that you wish to see active orders for.

Once you find a order you wish to craft, click on it to open up a detailed view window. In this window you can see who placed the order, your cut of the gold and additional Crafting Details. If you are satisifed with everything you can click on Start Order to pick it up for yourself, preventing any of the other crafters access to that specific Order.

After picking up the order you can click on the Create button in the same window to create the item and then Complete Order to mail it to the person who ordered it and obtain your gold.


Recrafting in Dragonflight

Recrafting allows you to take a piece of Dragon Isles' crafted gear and take another shot at it. It requires the original item, some of the original tradeable reagents that went into it, and a special profession-earned reagent known as Artisan's Mettle Icon Artisan's Mettle.


Recrafting lets you add, remove, or change out the Optional Reagents in the gear. Any replaced or removed Optional Reagents will be destroyed in the process. It allows you to raise the quality of the gear further if you can craft it at a higher skill than when it was originally created.

Recrafting will be available to non-crafters too. In that case, you can send your item to get it recrafted to have its optional reagents changed out, or to potentially have its quality increased.


Recrafting Orders

Just as with regular Crafting Orders, you can also place Recrafting Orders. These are special kinds of orders which allow you to upgrade an already crafted item to either higher item level, to add some effects, or to change the stats on the item.

Recrafting can be accessed from the same place where you can place your regular Crafting Orders. Just click on the Start Recrafting Order at the top. After that the Recrafting page opens, allowing you to pick an item you want to recraft.

Once the item is select additional options become available. You can see the materials needed for the recraft, and the possibility to provide Optional Reagents. These Optional Reagents allow you to alter the item to your needs, adding effects or increasing the item level. You can also see the outcome of the recrafting at the top of the page so you know which item you will get.



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