Follower Dungeons Guide

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In Patch 10.2.5, players can play through Normal Difficulty Dragonflight Dungeons solo, or with friends, alongside NPC teammates.



Follower Dungeons let you queue up with a friend or solo for Normal difficulty dungeons and earn appropriate level gear for your specialization.


Follower Dungeons Eligibility

Follower Dungeons are available to all players at Level 60 and above.


Follower Dungeon Daily Limit

Blizzard is introducing an initial limit for Follower Dungoens to ensure a smooth experience, and you can start a maximum of 10 Follower Dungeons per day per account.


List of Available Follower Dungeons in Dragonflight

All Dragonflight dungeons except for Dawn of the Infinite.


Item Level of Rewards from Follower Dungeons in Dragonflight Season 3

Follower Dungeons offer Item Level 421 (3/9 Explorer) gear at Level 70 in Dragonflight Season 3. If you have not hit max level yet, do not worry. The item level of rewards scales appropriately with your level.

You can complete dungeon quests within Follower Dungeons, but the item level is only 346 at Level 70, so this will be useful mostly for alts.

The item level of rewards will increase again in Season 4 (Patch 10.2.6).


How to Enter Follower Dungeons?

You can queue for the dungeon feature right within the Group Finder (I) tool.

Here, select your role as either a healer, damage dealer, or tank within the dungeons as you would normally, and NPC followers will fill in the gaps to complete your group of five.


Dungeon Assistance

Inside a Follower Dungeon, you can make the choice to lead the party through the dungeon or have another player in the group lead or one of the NPCs. This feature is called Dungeon Assistance Icon Dungeon Assistance The NPCs will follow your pace, allowing you to explore the dungeon and get comfortable in your role.

When you want to take the lead again, you can turn off the Dungeon Assistance Icon Dungeon Assistance by clicking on the updated selection in the center of your screen.


Switching Specializations

If you decide to switch your specialization during a Follower Dungeon, the group will automatically adjust around your new role.



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