Professions Stats and Gear Guide for Dragonflight

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On this page, you will learn about the new Profession stats, which show up on Profession gear, and how they influence the various Dragonflight professions.


Why Crafting Stats in Dragonflight?

Each crafting recipe in Dragonflight has a Recipe Difficulty, which influences how difficult it is to craft this recipe at its highest quality potential. As you can see in the image below, the Expected Quality bar starts out low, from your baseline profession skill, and gives you an idea of the quality outcome of crafting the item under the current conditions.

Crafting UI

The potential quality of the crafting item can be improved with profession gear (which have profession stats on them), specialization bonuses, the quality of the materials used to craft, and other special items such as Illustrious Insight Icon Illustrious Insight. This page will focus on profession stats and gear.


Stats for Crafting Professions

There are four new stats for crafting professions, which can show up on your crafting gear (which can be crafted; see the profession gear section below):

  • Multicraft provides a baseline (increasable by talents) chance to craft 1 to 2.5 times more items than the usual items a craft produces. A Multicraft proc on a craft that produces 2 items will grant between 1 and 5 extra items, for example;
  • Resourcefulness provides a chance to use fewer tradeable crafting reagents when crafting, and can proc between a single reagent saved or all reagents saved, with a lower chance for higher saved amounts;
  • Inspiration provides a baseline (increasable by talents) chance to craft a recipe with bonus skill (33% of Recipe Difficulty for crafts with 3 levels of quality, 16.7% for crafts with 5 levels of quality) added on. Some gear, optional reagents or talent nodes can increase the skill contributed, such as Black Dragon Touched Hammer Icon Black Dragon Touched Hammer;
  • Crafting Speed increases your craft speed, allowing you to finish your crafts faster.
Optional Reagents Inspiration

These stats, when activated, will show up on your Crafting Results panel, as displayed below:

Crafting Stats Procs

Although some crafted items benefit from all 4 stats, most only benefit from some of them, which means you should avoid the unused stats when focusing on crafting those items. As a rule of thumb:

  • Crafted gear does not use Multicraft;
  • Gear without Quality does not use Inspiration;
  • Resourcefulness and Crafting Speed can be used for almost all crafts available, but there are multiple exceptions, such as Reclaim Concoctions Icon Reclaim Concoctions from Alchemy, which do not use Resourcefulness.

As an example of Resourcefulness's variability, here is a bad proc, followed by a good proc on the same item:

Bad Proc
Good Proc

Even the Legendary materials needed for Nasz'uro, the Unbound Legacy Icon Nasz'uro, the Unbound Legacy can proc Resourcefulness, which can occasionally lead to incredible gold gains!

Legendary Proc

You can use Alchemy-crafted Aerated Phial of Quick Hands Icon Aerated Phial of Quick Hands to temporarily increase your Crafting Speed.

Also, remember to enchant your crafting tool with your choice of Enchant Tool - Draconic Inspiration Icon Enchant Tool - Draconic Inspiration and Enchant Tool - Draconic Resourcefulness Icon Enchant Tool - Draconic Resourcefulness.


Stats for Gathering Professions

There are three new stats for gathering professions, which can show up on your gathering gear:

  • Perception increases your chance to find rare reagents when gathering;
  • Deftness increases your gathering speed;
  • Finesse provides a chance to get more of whatever you are gathering. Thus, if you are fishing for Magma Thresher Icon Magma Thresher, procs will grant you more of them on each reel.

The amount of stats you have and their effects are displayed in your Gathering Journal, as displayed below:

Gathering Journal UI

Most activities you do as a gatherer can benefit from all three stats, but you should fine-tune the amount you aim for each depending on your goals, especially Perception and Finesse, which serve opposite goals in either giving you more rare materials not related to what you are gathering or more of the basic material you are gathering.

You can use Blacksmithing-crafted Primal Razorstone Icon Primal Razorstone and Alchemy-crafted Steaming Phial of Finesse Icon Steaming Phial of Finesse to temporarily increase your Finesse or Alchemy-crafted Crystalline Phial of Perception Icon Crystalline Phial of Perception to temporarily increase your Perception.

Also, remember to enchant your gathering tool with your choice of Enchant Tool - Draconic Finesse Icon Enchant Tool - Draconic Finesse and Enchant Tool - Draconic Perception Icon Enchant Tool - Draconic Perception.


Profession Gear

The table below lists all of the profession gear in the game, with their source.

While most gear is divided between cheap, bind on equip green gear and expensive, bind on pickup blue gear, there are a few epic items as well, such as Black Dragon Touched Hammer Icon Black Dragon Touched Hammer and Dragoncloth Tailoring Vestments Icon Dragoncloth Tailoring Vestments.

Blacksmithing Epic Hammer
Item Profession Source
Alchemist's Sturdy Mixing Rod Icon Alchemist's Sturdy Mixing Rod Alchemy Inscription
Alchemist's Brilliant Mixing Rod Icon Alchemist's Brilliant Mixing Rod Alchemy Inscription
Alchemist's Hat Icon Alchemist's Hat Alchemy Leatherworking
Expert Alchemist's Hat Icon Expert Alchemist's Hat Alchemy Leatherworking
Wildercloth Alchemist's Robe Icon Wildercloth Alchemist's Robe Alchemy Tailoring
Master's Wildercloth Alchemist's Robe Icon Master's Wildercloth Alchemist's Robe Alchemy Tailoring
Draconium Blacksmith's Hammer Icon Draconium Blacksmith's Hammer Blacksmithing Blacksmithing
Khaz'gorite Blacksmith's Hammer Icon Khaz'gorite Blacksmith's Hammer Blacksmithing Blacksmithing
Black Dragon Touched Hammer Icon Black Dragon Touched Hammer Blacksmithing Blacksmithing
Draconium Blacksmith's Toolbox Icon Draconium Blacksmith's Toolbox Blacksmithing Blacksmithing
Khaz'gorite Blacksmith's Toolbox Icon Khaz'gorite Blacksmith's Toolbox Blacksmithing Blacksmithing
Smithing Apron Icon Smithing Apron Blacksmithing Leatherworking
Flameproof Apron Icon Flameproof Apron Blacksmithing Leatherworking
Chef's Smooth Rolling Pin Icon Chef's Smooth Rolling Pin Cooking Inscription
Chef's Splendid Rolling Pin Icon Chef's Splendid Rolling Pin Cooking Inscription
Wildercloth Chef's Hat Icon Wildercloth Chef's Hat Cooking Tailoring
Master's Wildercloth Chef's Hat Icon Master's Wildercloth Chef's Hat Cooking Tailoring
Runed Serevite Rod Icon Runed Serevite Rod Enchanting Enchanting
Runed Draconium Rod Icon Runed Draconium Rod Enchanting Enchanting
Runed Khaz'gorite Rod Icon Runed Khaz'gorite Rod Enchanting Enchanting
Wildercloth Enchanter's Hat Icon Wildercloth Enchanter's Hat Enchanting Tailoring
Master's Wildercloth Enchanter's Hat Icon Master's Wildercloth Enchanter's Hat Enchanting Tailoring
Chromatic Focus Icon Chromatic Focus Enchanting Jewelcrafting
Resonant Focus Icon Resonant Focus Enchanting Jewelcrafting
Draconium Encased Samophlange Icon Draconium Encased Samophlange Engineering Engineering
Khaz'gorite Encased Samophlange Icon Khaz'gorite Encased Samophlange Engineering Engineering
Draconium Brainwave Amplifier Icon Draconium Brainwave Amplifier Engineering Engineering
Khaz'gorite Brainwave Amplifier Icon Khaz'gorite Brainwave Amplifier Engineering Engineering
Protective Gloves Icon Protective Gloves Engineering Leatherworking
Shockproof Gloves Icon Shockproof Gloves Engineering Leatherworking
Draconium Fisherfriend Icon Draconium Fisherfriend Fishing Engineering
Khaz'gorite Fisherfriend Icon Khaz'gorite Fisherfriend Fishing Engineering
Draconium Sickle Icon Draconium Sickle Herbalism Blacksmithing
Khaz'gorite Sickle Icon Khaz'gorite Sickle Herbalism Blacksmithing
Wildercloth Gardening Hat Icon Wildercloth Gardening Hat Herbalism Tailoring
Master's Wildercloth Gardening Hat Icon Master's Wildercloth Gardening Hat Herbalism Tailoring
Floral Basket Icon Floral Basket Herbalism Leatherworking
Lavish Floral Pack Icon Lavish Floral Pack Herbalism Leatherworking
Scribe's Fastened Quill Icon Scribe's Fastened Quill Inscription Inscription
Scribe's Resplendent Quill Icon Scribe's Resplendent Quill Inscription Inscription
Left-Handed Magnifying Glass Icon Left-Handed Magnifying Glass Inscription Jewelcrafting
Magnificent Margin Magnifier Icon Magnificent Margin Magnifier Inscription Jewelcrafting
Bold-Print Bifocals Icon Bold-Print Bifocals Inscription Jewelcrafting
Fine-Print Trifocals Icon Fine-Print Trifocals Inscription Jewelcrafting
Lapidary's Draconium Clamps Icon Lapidary's Draconium Clamps Jewelcrafting Engineering
Lapidary's Khaz'gorite Clamps Icon Lapidary's Khaz'gorite Clamps Jewelcrafting Engineering
Jeweler's Cover Icon Jeweler's Cover Jewelcrafting Leatherworking
Resplendent Cover Icon Resplendent Cover Jewelcrafting Leatherworking
Sundered Onyx Loupe Icon Sundered Onyx Loupe Jewelcrafting Jewelcrafting
Alexstraszite Loupes Icon Alexstraszite Loupes Jewelcrafting Jewelcrafting
Draconium Leatherworker's Knife Icon Draconium Leatherworker's Knife Leatherworking Blacksmithing
Khaz'gorite Leatherworker's Knife Icon Khaz'gorite Leatherworker's Knife Leatherworking Blacksmithing
Draconium Leatherworker's Toolset Icon Draconium Leatherworker's Toolset Leatherworking Blacksmithing
Khaz'gorite Leatherworker's Toolset Icon Khaz'gorite Leatherworker's Toolset Leatherworking Blacksmithing
Resilient Smock Icon Resilient Smock Leatherworking Leatherworking
Masterwork Smock Icon Masterwork Smock Leatherworking Leatherworking
Draconium Pickaxe Icon Draconium Pickaxe Mining Blacksmithing
Khaz'gorite Pickaxe Icon Khaz'gorite Pickaxe Mining Blacksmithing
Draconium Delver's Helmet Icon Draconium Delver's Helmet Mining Engineering
Khaz'gorite Delver's Helmet Icon Khaz'gorite Delver's Helmet Mining Engineering
Bottomless Stonecrust Ore Satchel Icon Bottomless Stonecrust Ore Satchel Mining Engineering
Bottomless Mireslush Ore Satchel Icon Bottomless Mireslush Ore Satchel Mining Engineering
Draconium Skinning Knife Icon Draconium Skinning Knife Skinning Blacksmithing
Khaz'gorite Skinning Knife Icon Khaz'gorite Skinning Knife Skinning Blacksmithing
Skinner's Cap Icon Skinner's Cap Skinning Leatherworking
Expert Skinner's Cap Icon Expert Skinner's Cap Skinning Leatherworking
Durable Pack Icon Durable Pack Skinning Leatherworking
Reinforced Pack Icon Reinforced Pack Skinning Leatherworking
Spring-Loaded Draconium Fabric Cutters Icon Spring-Loaded Draconium Fabric Cutters Tailoring Engineering
Spring-Loaded Khaz'gorite Fabric Cutters Icon Spring-Loaded Khaz'gorite Fabric Cutters Tailoring Engineering
Wildercloth Tailor's Coat Icon Wildercloth Tailor's Coat Tailoring Tailoring
Dragoncloth Tailoring Vestments Icon Dragoncloth Tailoring Vestments Tailoring Tailoring
Draconium Needle Set Icon Draconium Needle Set Tailoring Blacksmithing
Khaz'gorite Needle Set Icon Khaz'gorite Needle Set Tailoring Blacksmithing


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