Augmentation Evoker DPS Guide — Dragonflight 10.2.7

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General Information

Welcome to our Augmentation Evoker guide for World of Warcraft — Dragonflight 10.2.7. Here, you will learn how to play as a Augmentation Evoker in both raids and Mythic+ dungeons: from the very beginning to maximizing your DPS.


Augmentation Evoker Overview

Augmentation Evokers was a new Specialisation for Evoker in Patch 10.1.5, and like the other Evoker Specialisation's currently only the Dracthyr race can choose to play as one.

Augmentation Evoker is the first support-oriented specialization in World of Warcraft and acts as a mid-range caster DPS and has a range of 25 yards for most of their abilities. There is a good amount of depth in the talent tree to allow you to specialize for different content types, whether that be M+, PVP, or Raiding.

Augmentation Evokers utilize Essence as a Resource just like the other Evoker Specialisations, which regenerates over time. You spend Essence on Eruption Icon Eruption to deal damage and extend Ebon Might Icon Ebon Might.

Augmentation Evokers have access to two Empowered Spells in the form of Fire Breath Icon Fire Breath and Upheaval Icon Upheaval, which also deal damage and extend Ebon Might Icon Ebon Might.

Whilst your spell prioritization may seem simple at a glance, the talents you pick change how you will use these spells, adding more depth to the class and your combat choices.


Strengths and Weaknesses

V Strengths
  • +Can save team members with Rescue Icon Rescue.
  • +Can remove a wide array of effects on players with Expunge Icon Expunge to remove Poisons and Cauterizing Flame Icon Cauterizing Flame to remove Bleeds, Poisons, Curses, and Diseases.
  • +Unique supportive playstyle being the only primarily buff oriented specialisation.
  • +Flexible damage output because most of your damage comes from buffing others.
  • +Very tanky with multiple defensives like Obsidian Scales Icon Obsidian Scales, Renewing Blaze Icon Renewing Blaze, Twin Guardian Icon Twin Guardian, Zephyr Icon Zephyr, and a cheat death Defy Fate Icon Defy Fate.
  • +Very mobile.
  • +Unique Group utility like Spatial Paradox Icon Spatial Paradox, Draconic Attunements Icon Draconic Attunements, and Bestow Weyrnstone Icon Bestow Weyrnstone.
X Weaknesses
  • -25 yard range takes some getting used to.
  • -Damage output is based on other players.
  • -Extremely low damage without any allies.
  • -High end raid gameplay requires usage of external tools to optimise.
  • -Tracking personal performance is extremely challenging.

Augmentation Evoker and Guide Changes for Season 4


Evoker Changes

There were no Evoker changes going into Season 4.


Augmentation Evoker Changes

Augmentation Evoker received the Tier Set from Season 3 (Amirdrassil) for Season 4. While the same tierset as the current set we are using it does not stack nor count towards the same bonus. To get the 4pc set effect again you will need to acquire four pieces of the new set.

  • 2-piece set bonus: Evoker Augmentation 10.2 Class Set 2pc Icon Evoker Augmentation 10.2 Class Set 2pc
  • 4-piece set bonus: Evoker Augmentation 10.2 Class Set 4pc Icon Evoker Augmentation 10.2 Class Set 4pc

Guide Updates

  • Guide was updated for Season 4.
  • A guide for Vault of the Incarnates was added and the guide for Aberrus was updated.
  • Gear page updated to give advice on which item to purchase with your Season 4 Antique Bronze Bullion Icon Antique Bronze Bullion.

Basics of Augmentation Evoker Gameplay

The Augmentation Evoker playstyle is all about buffing your allies and has many interactions that help with this. Some examples are listed below:

  1. Ebon Might Icon Ebon Might prefers to go on targets with Prescience Icon Prescience, letting you control who you buff.
  2. Casting Empowered Spells during Ebon Might Icon Ebon Might will extend its duration.
  3. The cooldown of your Upheaval Icon Upheaval can be reduced when you cast Eruption Icon Eruption with Accretion Icon Accretion.
  4. Casting Fire Breath Icon Fire Breath with Leaping Flames Icon Leaping Flames talented will make your next Living Flame Icon Living Flame hit additional targets (based on the Empower level).
  5. Healing other players with Scarlet Adaptation Icon Scarlet Adaptation will increase the damage of your next Living Flame Icon Living Flame.
  6. Casting Emerald Blossom Icon Emerald Blossom or Verdant Embrace Icon Verdant Embrace with Ancient Flame Icon Ancient Flame will reduce the cast time of your next Living Flame Icon Living Flame.

As a Augmentation Evoker, most of your rotational depth comes from choosing correct targets for Prescience Icon Prescience and using the various interactions listed above to extend Ebon Might Icon Ebon Might as long as possible.


Leveling a Augmentation Evoker

Evokers are new to World of Warcraft, and you will start at Level 58. You can follow our dedicated leveling guide that will walk you through the best talents to choose on your journey and also provide you with a number of tips and tricks. Before you start on your journey, though, we recommend setting up your UI so that you can familiarize yourself with it before you reach maximum level. Due to the support nature of Augmentation, it is recommended to do world content as Devastation, especially while levelling.

Once at maximum level, we recommend checking out our Easy Mode guide, linked below. This guide will briefly go over what you need to do to play your character optimally, though, of course, the main Rotation and Talents pages are slightly more optimized.

If you are new to Augmentation Evoker and would like to learn the basics of the class, we also recommend looking at the Spell Summary. We also have full guides for the Augmentation Evoker talents and rotations below.


Augmentation Evoker Viability

In Season 4, Augmentation will be playing a very similar build in all content with only slight changes for fight-specific utility or to get access to the nodes that improve AoE Damage. We suggest having multiple talent trees set up to make switching these between fights easier.

Augmentation Evokers are significantly tankier than the other Evoker specializations because it has the cheat death talent Defy Fate Icon Defy Fate. Additionally, the passive tankiness of Evokers, in general, is quite high, with good active defensive options in Obsidian Scales Icon Obsidian Scales and Renewing Blaze Icon Renewing Blaze, as well as good passive survivability from Draconic Legacy Icon Draconic Legacy and Inherent Resistance Icon Inherent Resistance. Finally, Evokers are very mobile, making avoiding any damage easier in the first place

Additionally, you can support your team with healing (which increases your damage with Scarlet Adaptation Icon Scarlet Adaptation), and mobility with Blessing of the Bronze Icon Blessing of the Bronze reducing the cooldown of their movement effects, Time Spiral Icon Time Spiral giving everyone a free use of their mobility cooldown, Zephyr Icon Zephyr, which reduces AoE damage taken and increases movement speed, and you can pick up an ally and move them to a new location with Rescue Icon Rescue (very useful for picking up slow players or saving someone from a potentially dangerous location).


How to Gear Up as a Augmentation Evoker

Mastery is your most important secondary stat as an Augmentation Evoker. However, Intellect will give twice as much DPS on average per point than Mastery, which in itself is twice as good as Haste or Critical Strike Chance and three times as good as Versatility. As a result, you are much more drawn to item level - preferring items with Mastery over items without.

We maintain a page with gearing advice for the current patch, including Best in Slot alternatives from different content sources. You can find a link to this below:

Once you have started to gear, you will need to make sure that you have the appropriate consumables, gems, enchants, and more. We have a dedicated page for exactly this, as shown below, as well as the stats page, where you can find more information on the possibility of a changing stat priority and the necessary changes you may need to make for consumables.


End-Game as a Augmentation Evoker

Once you have reached max level, you will want to work on optimizing your damage output. Fortunately, we also maintain a set of pages containing tips, tricks, and strategies for all end-game content:


Improving as a Augmentation Evoker

Augmentation Evoker has several core feedback loops where your current action will impact your future actions. Knowing who to buff with Prescience Icon Prescience is extremely important, as Ebon Might Icon Ebon Might will prefer to buff those players. Additionally extending Ebon Might, to its maximum, is extremely important.

We have collected a list of common mistakes, along with explanations for each of them, resources to train and counter them, and tips on how to truly understand what makes the spec tick. You can find these below:



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