Best Professions to Make Gold in Dragonflight

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On this page, you will find a Goldmaking Tier List for Dragonflight professions, Goldmaking tips and helpful Goldmaking addons.


Professions Gold Making Tier List for Dragonflight

All professions can make gold in Dragonflight, but some are stronger for it than others, as displayed in the Tier list below:


S-Tier Professions

  1. Blacksmithing;
  2. Inscription;
  3. Leatherworking;
  4. Jewelcrafting;
  5. Tailoring.

During a gold rush, sell shovels. As the old saying goes, profession gear should be very profitable early on, and all 3 of these professions craft a lot of gear for other professions, as well as for other players.

Even beyond profession gear, these professions are also the backbone of combat gear for other players, which should be of great value with Crafting Orders allowing for Mythic-raid level gear to be produced, and many of these professions can also create a number of commodity or cooldown-bound items which can serve as a backup plan if the gear market crashes.


A-Tier Professions

  1. Herbalism;
  2. Mining;
  3. Skinning;
  4. Fishing.

Gathering professions are always very valuable at the start of any expansion, and this should be doubly true now that Quality and Profession Specializations are a part of the profession game. Simply put, the gold you can make by just flying around or farming in an area is often superior to engaging in cancel-scan wars over commodities.


B-Tier Professions

  1. Engineering;
  2. Alchemy;
  3. Enchanting;
  4. Cooking.

The professions landing here are either extremely popular for personal benefits (Alchemy and Engineering, which reduces margins on their crafts), mostly able to produce commodity products, or both. Cooking is especially bad as it is the only crafting profession that does not use the Quality system and thus there is little way for crafters to distinguish themselves on the market.


Making Gold with Professions in Dragonflight

Making gold with Crafting Orders is very dependent on your server, how many (and how generous) clients you can get for your wares, and on timing the public Crafting Order market. Theoretically the best gold from orders should be found in the middle-to-late part of the week as many crafters will have exhausted their weekly public crafting order quota already but the panic to use what is left of the quota before the weekly reset has not set in yet, either.

Doing orders just before popular raid hours could also be a great goldmaking opportunity, as slackers will want to get their shiny new gear crafted quickly at any cost and thus increase their commission to ensure speed in completion.

When mass-producing and selling commodities, most of your profits will come from timing the market in two steps:

  1. Figure out your server's raid days. Wednesday, Sunday, and Tuesday are the typical candidates. On these days it will be easier to sell consumables for higher prices. To make sure, track the worth of your crafts over time in your server with The Undermine Journal website, and sell during high price periods.
  2. Before leaving the website, search for the materials used in the crafts. Take note of when they are cheapest, and aim to buy during these periods.

Although it sounds simple, most players do not have the patience or knowledge to take advantage of timing the market, and doing so correctly is where your profit will come from in the long term. Buying materials to craft and selling the crafts randomly could actually lead to losing money if you buy high and sell low, so take a little bit of time to understand the market before you dive in!


Dragonflight Goldmaking Addons

While the default Auction House is much easier to use nowadays, and benefits from not having the throttling imposed upon addons, these can still be essential tools to automate crafting operations, understand price trends, and just to know what something is worth with just a glance at its tooltip.

Our recommended addon for people looking for hardcore goldmaking is TradeSkillMaster, which allows you to fine-customize every single aspect of your professions, crafting and selling in the Auction House, but has the downside of requiring extensive configuration and customization by the user before its power is truly unlocked.

If you want to take a more relaxed approach and mostly want simple automated posting, buying and goldmaking tooltips on your items, Auctionator is a great lightweight solution!



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