Best Professions to Make Gold in Dragonflight

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On this page, you will find a Goldmaking Tier List for Dragonflight professions, Goldmaking tips and helpful Goldmaking addons.


Professions Gold Making Tier List for Dragonflight

All professions can make gold in Dragonflight, but some are stronger for it than others, as displayed in the Tier list below:


S-Tier Professions

  1. Enchanting;
  2. Alchemy;
  3. Blacksmithing;
  4. Jewelcrafting;
  5. Leatherworking;
  6. Tailoring.

With the new season, Dracothyst Icon Dracothyst transmutes from Alchemy, which are used in Enchanted Aspect's Dreaming Crest Icon Enchanted Aspect's Dreaming Crest and other gear upgrading crests from Enchanting, as well as all the gear crafting professions which create the top-end items with these crests are the top bets for Goldmaking early on, as demand will be extremely high.


A-Tier Professions

  1. Herbalism;
  2. Mining;
  3. Skinning;
  4. Fishing.

Zaralek Glowspores Icon Zaralek Glowspores from Herbalism and Mining are already going back up in price in anticipation for higher gear and Dracothyst Icon Dracothyst demand in Season 3. Obsidian Cobraskin Icon Obsidian Cobraskin, the new Dreaming Antler Fragment Icon Dreaming Antler Fragment, and previously grey Auric Fleece Icon Auric Fleece are also great gold makers for Skinning. Finally, there will also be new turn-ins for extra Dream Wardens reputation which require a large amount of materials, many of which are farmed by gathering professions and Fishing in particular.


B-Tier Professions

  1. Cooking;
  2. Engineering;
  3. Inscription.

Cooking creates useful consumables but is somewhat limited by the high amount of players with Alchemical Flavor Pocket Icon Alchemical Flavor Pocket at this point, and also by the very high amount of leftover food available from previous tiers. Although they are technically also gear crafting professions, Engineering and Inscription have a much more limited amount of gear they can craft, which will make demand for their goods much more limited, especially early on in the season. Notable exception with Inscription for the new PvP trinkets, which you can easily buy for 3 Awakened Ire Icon Awakened Ire each and should have great demand, although heavy competition is also expected.


Making Gold with Professions in Dragonflight

Making gold with Crafting Orders is very dependent on your server, how many (and how generous) clients you can get for your wares, and on timing the public Crafting Order market. Theoretically, the best gold from orders should be found in the middle-to-late part of the week as many crafters will have exhausted their weekly public crafting order quota already, but the panic to use what is left of the quota before the weekly reset has not set in yet, either.

Doing orders just before popular raid hours could also be a great gold-making opportunity, as slackers will want to get their shiny new gear crafted quickly at any cost and thus increase their commission to ensure speed in completion.

When mass-producing and selling commodities, most of your profits will come from timing the market in two steps:

  1. Figure out your server's raid days. Wednesday, Sunday, and Tuesday are the typical candidates. On these days, it will be easier to sell consumables for higher prices. To make sure, track the worth of your crafts over time in your server with The Undermine Exchange website, and sell during high price periods.
  2. Before leaving the website, search for the materials used in the crafts. Take note of when they are cheapest and aim to buy during these periods.

Although it sounds simple, most players do not have the patience or knowledge to take advantage of timing the market, and doing so correctly is where your profit will come from in the long term. Buying materials to craft and selling the crafts randomly could actually lead to losing money if you buy high and sell low, so take a little bit of time to understand the market before you dive in!


How To Get Crafted 486 iLvl Gear in Dragonflight

While images will be from Season 2 crafts, the method of getting a maximum item level gear piece crafted is exactly the same in Season 3, and thus the same logic applies.

Crafted 447 item

In order to create a maximum item level 486 crafted item, you need a Enchanted Aspect's Dreaming Crest Icon Enchanted Aspect's Dreaming Crest, which can be produced by Enchanting using 60 Aspect's Dreaming Crest Icon Aspect's Dreaming Crest (equivalent to the Season 2 crest fragments which were converted at a ratio of 15 fragments to 1 crest, thus keeping the same ratio of crests per crafted item), 80 Chromatic Dust Icon Chromatic Dust, 15 Vibrant Shard Icon Vibrant Shard, 4 Resonant Crystal Icon Resonant Crystal, and 2 Dracothyst Icon Dracothyst (from Alchemy) as displayed below:

Enchanted Aspect Crest

You can easily get one of these made quickly for the minimum commission price with a full materials Valdrakken Public Order due to the Resourcefulness profession stat giving the crafter a chance to obtain the materials used in the order, including the expensive Dracothyst Icon Dracothyst!

Crest Public Order
Valdrakken Crafting Order NPC

Once you have the crest, all you need to do is place an order for the item you wish to buy, using it as an optional reagent. Remember to also put in a stat-fixing Inscription missive if the item allows, or your favored embellishment, such as Leatherworking's Toxified Armor Patch Icon Toxified Armor Patch and Shadowflame-Tempered Armor Patch Icon Shadowflame-Tempered Armor Patch, or Iskara's Feast Alchemical Flavor Pocket Icon Alchemical Flavor Pocket which does not count towards the 2 embellishment limit.

You can also use PvP optional reagents to make the item always go up to the maximum item level in Arenas and Battlegrounds, no matter what its crafted quality level was.

447 Recraft UI

When crafting top-end gear, getting the top 486 quality 5 results often requires an Inspiration profession stat proc from the crafter, which is typically a 41% chance for maxed crafters on most items, assuming the use of Inspiration-boosting optional reagents on the crafter's side such as Vibrant Polishing Cloth Icon Vibrant Polishing Cloth. This means it might take a few tries to hit a 486 item, thus creating a dilemma when deciding which type of crafting order to use:

  1. Creating a Public Order is easy, does not require any social interaction, and you can generally get quick results with little gold investment, as they will get done for as little as 500g with materials. You can also get orders done with no materials, but make sure to include more gold in that case. The main downside of public orders is that quality cannot be controlled, and thus it is possible to get a very low-quality item if a low-skill crafter picks up your order;
  2. Creating a Guild Order is very similar to a public order, but these will only be seen by guildies, who might feel more inclined to give you a better service;
  3. Creating a Private Order requires you to specify the name of the crafter you want the order to go to. Even if you do not know a crafter already, you can find a suitable crafter by typing the name of the item in the trade chat and picking from the best offer you receive. Rank 3 materials usually guarantee maximum quality crafts unless you are doing the top high-item level crafts, but you can ask which Quality is best while chatting with the crafter. Getting commission-free recrafts until maximum quality is also useful, as some can take a few tries.
447 recrafted successfully

Finally, remember you can recraft your gear to higher item level as you get better crests, which will reuse your spark, thus minimizing the penalty for crafting your gear early.


Dragonflight Goldmaking Addons

While the default Auction House is much easier to use nowadays and benefits from not having the throttling imposed upon addons, these can still be essential tools to automate crafting operations, understand price trends, and just know what something is worth with just a glance at its tooltip.



Our recommended addon for people looking for hardcore goldmaking is TradeSkillMaster, which allows you to fine-customize every single aspect of your professions, crafting and selling in the Auction House, but has the downside of requiring extensive configuration and customization by the user before its power is truly unlocked.



If you want to take a more relaxed approach and mostly want simple, automated posting, buying, and gold-making tooltips on your items, Auctionator is a great lightweight solution!



If you are a crafter, an important addon to install is CraftSim, which provides profit calculations for all auctionable items based on material price info from one of the previous add-ons. It can also simulate the effect of having more or different crafting stats, additional professional knowledge points, simulating your top profession gear for a given craft, and many more useful functionalities!


No Mats; No Make

We would also like to recommend the No Mats; No Make addon for easy filtering of work orders that might be worth filling in order to avoid the constant spam of gold loss orders with minimal or no materials for a small gold commission.



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