Brawler's Guild: Serpent of Old (Rank 7) (Legion 7.1.5)

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Serpent of Old is your second Brawler's Guild Rank 7 opponent. The fight is extremely simple, but requires perfect execution, because the slightest mistake will cause you to die.

This encounter is not currently part of the Battle for Azeroth season of the Brawler's Guild.


Abilities and Strategy

As part of the fight, there are 4 totems present around the room. For every second that the boss is in range of a totem (indicated by a link between him and the totem), he will gain a stack of a buff specific to that totem. We list them below.

The buffs applied by the totems last 36 seconds, and each new stack refreshes the duration.

The strategy for the fight is to move the boss between the totems so that neither of the buffs he gains gets to stack very high, and has a chance to drop off. If you can handle it (from a defensive point of view), then you should avoid bringing him close to the white and red totems, but if you are taking too much damage from just his green and blue totem buffs, you can do this to recover your health a bit.

Note that on the PTR, sometimes there appeared a green circle on the ground which after a few seconds exploded dealing massive damage. If this remains the case on live servers, simply move out of this effect.


Generic Advice


Sharing your Class-specific Tips on the Forums

For class-specific advice, please refer to this thread on our forums. Do not hesitate to share your own tips!



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