Dispellable Mythic+ Dungeon Buffs/Debuffs in Battle for Azeroth (BfA 8.0.1)

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1. Dispellable Dungeon Buffs/Debuffs in Battle for Azeroth

While Dungeons in World of Warcraft have always had a variety of dispellable buffs and debuffs, the important ones have generally been left to the healer of the group, and occasionally whoever has an offensive Magic dispel or way to remove Enrages.

In Battle for Azeroth, Blizzard's dungeon designers have decided to place dangerous Curses, Diseases and Poisons which not all healers can dispel — at that point it falls to DPS or Tank players to get rid of them if possible. This guide lists all debuffs in dungeons you can dispel from friendlies, as well as buffs which enemies place on themselves that are removable. It is very comprehensive and includes spells which are mostly ignorable — the most important things to dispel are bolded.

2. Terminology

Players often use terms that have come from other games or are rare to see in game. Most frequently, people may ask you to dispel a debuff using a spell you do not have (e.g., you are asked to Purge an enemy as a Priest), since you have a spell that does the same thing. This guide uses some common ones:

  • Decurse: any spell that removes a curse;
  • Cleanse: any spell that removes a poison or disease;
  • Purge: any spell that removes a magic buff from an enemy. Sometimes also used to refer to removing enrage effects from enemies;
  • Soothe: any spell that removes an enrage effect from an enemy;

3. What Can My Class Dispel?

Currently, 6 classes and 1 race have access to dispels as part of their base toolkit, with a further 2 having the option to gain them. Warriors, Rogues and Death Knights cannot dispel anything in PVE scenarios.

4. Identifying Debuffs and Dispeling Them

The best place to see debuffs is on your party frames. While you cannot see the name of the debuff there, most party frames should show you the icon of any debuff you can dispel. In ElvUI, the frame will be colored depending on the debuff type, with the icon by default:

BFA Brewmaster Dispel Frame

Other party frame addons and UIs may come with debuffs shown as default, but you may have to play with settings yourself.

The best way to use your friendly dispels quickly in combat is by using mouseover macros. With these you can simply put your mouse over the target you want to dispel, press the button you have the key bound to and the player will be dispelled without changing your target at all. In this generic macro, replace DISPEL with the appropriate spell for your class.

  • #showtooltip
  • /cast [@mouseover,exists,nodead,help] DISPEL

5. Buffs and Debuffs By Instance

Select your class:

  • Blood Elves
  • Demon Hunter
  • Druid (Restoration)
  • Druid (Balance/Feral/Guardian)
  • Hunter
  • Mage
  • Monk (Mistweaver)
  • Monk (Brewmaster/Windwalker)
  • Paladin (Holy)
  • Paladin (Retribution/Protection)
  • Priest (Discipline/Holy)
  • Priest (Shadow)
  • Shaman (Restoration)
  • Shaman (Elemental/Enhancement)
  • Warlock
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5.1. Atal'Dazar

5.1.1. Curse

  • Unstable Hex Icon Unstable Hex — Cast by Zanchuli Witch-Doctors near Vol'kaal. The target player is pacified and slowed. When removed players within 8 yards gain Unstable Hex, so move away from allies. Can be interrupted.
  • Wracking Pain Icon Wracking Pain — Cast by Yazma. Large DOT. Can be interrupted.

5.1.2. Disease

  • Lingering Nausea Icon Lingering Nausea — Applied by Vol'kaal to every player when he channels Noxious Stench Icon Noxious Stench, stacking. This should be interrupted before too many stacks are applied.

5.1.3. Poison

  • Venomfang Strike Icon Venomfang Strike — Cast on the tank by Shadowblade Stalkers near Vol'kaal. Deals some damage and causes the player to take 100% more nature damage. Dispel if possible.

5.1.4. Magic Debuff

  • Terrifying Screech Icon Terrifying Screech — Cast by Feasting Skyscreamers in the central crossroads area. This is a fear, so Tremor Totem Icon Tremor Totem or Berserker Rage Icon Berserker Rage can be used if it is cast. This should always be interrupted.
  • Terrifying Visage Icon Terrifying Visage — Cast by Rezan. This is a fear, so Tremor Totem Icon Tremor Totem or Berserker Rage Icon Berserker Rage can be used if you are affected. Ideally you should be out of line-of-sight when it is cast.
  • Wildfire Icon Wildfire — Cast by Dazar'ai Augurs near Priestess Alunza. A small DOT, do not bother dispelling. Can be interrupted.
  • Molten Gold Icon Molten Gold — Applied by Priestess Alunza. A long duration DOT, should be dispelled immediately.

5.1.5. Enrage

  • Fanatic's Rage Icon Fanatic's Rage — Cast by Dazar'ai Juggernauts before Priestess Alunza. Increases damage and slows the caster. This can be interrupted, or the tank can kite the enemy if they are in danger and the group does not have a soothe.

5.1.6. Enemy Magic Buff

  • Gilded Claws Icon Gilded Claws — Cast by Priestess Alunza. Increases her melee damage. This is uninterruptible and should be dispelled if possible.

5.2. Freehold

5.2.1. Disease

  • Infected Wound Icon Infected Wound — Cast by Irontide Bonesaws before Skycap'n Kragg. Reduces healing recieved. Uninterruptible.
  • Plague Step Icon Plague Step — Cast by Bilge Rat Padfoots. The enemy teleports to a random player and applies a DOT and reduces their healing recieved. Only dispel if necessary. Uninterruptible.

5.2.2. Poison

  • Poisoning Strike Icon Poisoning Strike — Cast by Irontide Corsairs befor Skycap'n Kragg. The enemy jumps at the tank, applying a stacking DOT. This is avoidable by moving during the cast time, but tricky. Dispel if possible.

5.2.3. Magic Debuff

  • Oiled Blade Icon Oiled Blade — Applied by Irontide Officers before Harlan Sweete. Causes the tank to take 75% less healing. Dispel immediatly.

5.2.4. Enrage

  • Bestial Wrath Icon Bestial Wrath — Gained by Irontide Mastiffs. Almost irrelevant.

5.2.5. Enemy Magic Buff

  • Healing Balm Icon Healing Balm — Cast by Irontide Bonesaws before Skycap'n Kragg. Heals a target enemy. Interruptible, but important to purge if missed.

5.3. Kings' Rest

5.3.1. Curse

  • Hex Icon Hex — Cast on player by Spectral Hex Priest. 10 second pacify and slow, should be interrupted or instantly decursed.

5.3.2. Disease

  • Wretched Discharge Icon Wretched Discharge — Cast on entire group by Mummies released during Mchimba the Embalmer. Deals high damage, should be interrupted instead.

5.3.3. Poison

  • Embalming Fluid Icon Embalming Fluid — Pools created by Embalming Fluid blobs before Mchimba the Embalmer. Slows and deals damage, stacking fast. Move out of pool quickly and dispel if too slow.
  • Poison Barrage Icon Poison Barrage — Cast by Spectral Beastmasters before Council of Tribes. Targets a player and fires a cone of poison arrows. Dangerous at 2 stacks, face away from the group.
  • Poison Nova Icon Poison Nova — Cast by Zanazal during Council of Tribes. Long cast, should always be interrupted.
  • Hidden Blade Icon Hidden Blade — Cast by King A’akul on a player in the gauntlet. Creates poisonous pools underneath player every tick, the target player should move away from the group if they cannot be dispelled instantly.

5.3.4. Magic Debuff

  • Pit of Despair Icon Pit of Despair — Applied by Minions of Zul. When a minion reaches its target, the player is feared.
  • Seduction Icon Seduction — Cast by Queen Wasi in the gauntlet. Mind controls the target player, should be dispelled as soon as possible.
  • Frost Shock Icon Frost Shock — Cast by Spectral Witch Doctors. Slows the target. Irrelevant.

5.3.5. Enrage

  • Ancestral Fury Icon Ancestral Fury — Gained by Shadowborn Champions before Golden Serpent. 100% damage done, takes some time before it is cast.

5.3.6. Enemy Magic Buff

  • Bound by Shadow Icon Bound by Shadow — On Minions of Zul before the Golden Serpent. Kills the enemy when dispelled, Arcane Torrent/Mass Dispel are very useful. Can be damaged through if no offensive dispels. Mages must not Spellsteal Icon Spellsteal this, as they will also die once dispelled.
  • Induce Regeneration Icon Induce Regeneration — Cast by Seneschal M’Bara in the gauntlet. Heals a damaged enemy, interruptible.
  • Earthwall Icon Earthwall — Cast by Earthwall Totem during Council of Tribes. Absorbs damage, dispel this from the boss after defeating the totem.

5.4. Shrine of the Storm

5.4.1. Magic Debuff

  • Choking Brine Icon Choking Brine — Cast by Aqu'sirr. This is a small DOT on the player that slows, and when removed creates avoidable damage zones. Any player hit by the zones will also gain the Choking Brine debuff.
  • Electrifying Shock Icon Electrifying Shock — Cast by Guardian Elemental. A very heavy DOT, this should be dispelled quickly before further damage goes out.
  • Touch of the Drowned Icon Touch of the Drowned — Cast by Drowned Depthbringers before Lord Stormsong. This is a reasonable DOT, and should be dispelled. Interruptible.
  • Mind Rend Icon Mind Rend — Applied by Lord Stormsong. This DOT slows the player significantly, and should be dispelled so they can run away from Awakened Void orbs.
  • Explosive Void Icon Explosive Void — Applied by Awakened Void orbs during Lord Stormsong. If a player runs into an orb when not mind controlled, they take heavy damage and are stunned for 4 seconds. You may wish to save your dispel for the Mind Rend instead.
  • Whispers of Power Icon Whispers of Power — Applied by Vol'zith. Increases damage and healing significantly, and prevents being healed above a certain threshold depending on stacks. Can be left active for a time to increase damage, but this is dangerous.

5.4.2. Enemy Magic Buff

  • Tidal Surge Icon Tidal Surge — Cast by Shrine Templars before Aqu’sirr. Increases damage and haste, interruptible.
  • Spirit's Swiftness Icon Spirit's Swiftness — Gained by Tidesage Spiritualists before Aqu’sirr whenever a cast is interrupted. Increases casting speed.
  • Mending Rapids Icon Mending Rapids — Cast by Tidesage Spiritualists before Aqu’sirr. Heals on cast and applies a buff, interruptible.
  • Reanimated Bones Icon Reanimated Bones — On Dredge Sailors before Lord Stormsong. Absorbs damage. Arcane Torrent or Mass Dispel ideally.
  • Detect Thoughts Icon Detect Thoughts — Cast by Abyssal Cultists before Lord Stormsong. Dodge chance increased by 100%, interruptible.
  • Consuming Void Icon Consuming Void — Cast by Abyssal Cultists before Lord Stormsong. All magic damage taken converted into healing. Interruptible, but should be purged immediately if cast.

5.5. Siege of Boralus

5.5.1. Curse

  • Cursed Slash Icon Cursed Slash — Cast by Irontide Marauders before Dread Captain Lockwood. This deals some damage and increases damage taken by the tank by 15% and can stack. This should be dispelled if possible, otherwise focus and stun Irontide Marauders.

5.5.2. Disease

  • Rotting Wounds Icon Rotting Wounds — Cast by Bilge Rat Cutthroats before Hadal Darkfathom. Some initial damage and 25% healing reduction. Uninterruptible.

5.5.3. Poison

  • Stinging Venom Coating Icon Stinging Venom Coating — Applied by Ashvane Invaders. Invaders buff themselves with a poison which causes their attacks to leave a DOT on the target which stacks up to 5 times. Since this keeps being reapplied quickly, do not bother dispelling until the invaders are dead or their poison runs out.

5.5.4. Magic Debuff

  • Choking Waters Icon Choking Waters — Cast by Bilge Rat Tempests before Hadal Darkfathom. Medium DOT and silences the target for 6 seconds. Interruptible, but should be dispelled immediately if cast.
  • Putrid Waters Icon Putrid Waters — Cast by Viq'Goth. A DOT cast on two players at once which, when dispelled knocks back anyone around the target. Players should spread out and both should be dispelled as soon as possible.

5.5.5. Enrage

  • Ferocity Icon Ferocity — Gained by Ashvane Destroyers. Increases their attack speed greatly. It is a 3 second uninterruptible cast, so use CC to stop it or dispel.

5.5.6. Enemy Magic Buff

  • Watertight Shell Icon Watertight Shell — Cast by Kul Tiran Wavetenders before the first boss. Applies a large damage reduction to nearby enemies for 10 seconds, which stuns and damages players after expiring. Interrupt this if at all possible, or purge and AoE dispel before it ends.

5.6. Temple of Sethraliss

5.6.1. Disease

  • Plague Icon Plague — Applied by Plague Toads during Sethraliss. Toads explode when coming into contact with a player, reducing healing done by 50% and leaving a DOT. This is very to dispel if healer is hit by an unkilled or unsoaked toad.

5.6.2. Poison

  • Neurotoxin Icon Neurotoxin — Cast by Sandswept Marksman before Adderis/Aspex. Stuns player for 5 seconds if they move. The stun is also a dispellible poison.
  • Noxious Breath Icon Noxious Breath — Cast by Scaled Krolusk Riders before Merektha (Snake Boss). Frontal cone with direct damage then DOT, uninterruptible but avoidable.
  • Venomous Spit Icon Venomous Spit — Cast by Crazed Incubators and Tenders before Merektha(Snake Boss). Large DOT, uninterruptible.
  • Cytotoxin Icon Cytotoxin — Cast by Venomous Ophids. Moderate DOT, should be dispelled if it is on a DPS or healer.

5.6.3. Magic Debuff

  • Flame Shock Icon Flame Shock — Cast by Hoodoo Hexers before Sethraliss. This deals minor damage and can be ignored. Interruptible.
  • Snake Charm Icon Snake Charm — Cast by Plague Doctors before and during Sethraliss. This is a long duration pacify, and should be dispelled immediately.

5.6.4. Enemy Magic Buff

  • Electrified Scales Icon Electrified Scales — Cast by Scaled Krolusk Tamers throughout instance. Thorns effect. Dispel as soon as possible.
  • Embryonic Vigor Icon Embryonic Vigor — Cast by Faithless Tenders and Crazed Incubators before Merektha. Enemies gain this after draining an egg, and some spawn with the buff. Increases damage done by 30%.
  • Accumulate Charge Icon Accumulate Charge — Cast by Agitated Nimbus before Galvazzt. Increases damage dealt, and consumed by Release Charge to deal high damage. Interrupt and purge before release charge is cast.


5.7.1. Disease

  • Festering Bite Icon Festering Bite — Applied by Feckless Assistants who have successfully transformed into Grotesque by casting Transfiguration Serum. DOT on a random player in melee, uninterruptible.

5.7.2. Poison

  • Toxic Blades Icon Toxic Blades — Gained by Hired Assassins before Coin-Operated Crowd Pummeler. Poisons enemies on melees and Hail of Flechettes. Should be interrupted (if missed, Hail of Flechettes should be stopped through CC). Unnecessary to dispel unless a player has high stacks.

5.7.3. Magic Debuff

  • Brain Freeze Icon Brain Freeze — Applied by Refreshment Vendors before Coin-Operated Crowd Pummeler at the end of Iced Spritzer, a channeled DOT. A long stun. Interruptible.
  • Shocking Claw Icon Shocking Claw — Cast by Coin-Operated Crowd Pummeler. Stuns and damages players in a frontal cone after a long uninterruptible cast.
  • Transmute: Enemy to Goo Icon Transmute: Enemy to Goo — Cast by Venture Co. Alchemists. A long duration pacify. Should be interrupted or dispelled immediately.
  • Caustic Compound Icon Caustic Compound — Cast by Venture Co. Alchemists. Deals some damage and leaves a small DOT. Interruptible but should be ignored.
  • Rock Lance Icon Rock Lance — Cast by Venture Co. Earthshapers. Deals some damage and leaves a minor DOT. Interruptible.
  • Echo Blade Icon Echo Blade — Cast by Weapons Testers. Silences in a frontal cone, always directed at the tank. This should be avoided by other players, and dispelled from the tank, especially from Paladins, Death Knights and Demon Hunters.
  • Chemical Burn Icon Chemical Burn — Cast by Rixxa Fluxflame. Places a DOT on 2 targets, usually the tank and one DPS. Uninterruptible, dispel the non-tank player.

5.7.4. Enrage

  • Inhale Vapors Icon Inhale Vapors — Cast by Addled Thugs before Coin-Operated Crowd Pummeler. Increases their damage done by 50%. Should be interrupted (if missed, it can be soothed).

5.7.5. Enemy Magic Buff

  • Earth Shield Icon Earth Shield — Cast on allies by Venture Co. Earthshapers before Azerokk. Reduces damage taken and heals a large amount on damage taken. This should always be interrupted or dispelled.
  • Tectonic Barrier Icon Tectonic Barrier — Cast by Stonefuries before Azerokk. Absorbs damage and prevents target from being interrupted. Can be interrupted, should be dispelled before Furious Quake is cast, or the group will take large damage.
  • Azerite Injection Icon Azerite Injection — Cast on allies by Venture Co. Mastermind. Increases damage dealt and heals. Interruptible, should be dispelled as quickly as possible.
  • Overcharge Icon Overcharge — Cast by Expert Technicians on Shredders. Increases haste significantly. Interruptible.

5.8. The Underrot

5.8.1. Curse

  • Withering Curse Icon Withering Curse — Channel and debuff by Bloodsword Defilers before Sporecaller Zancha and Underrot Guardian. 10% damage dealt reduction, 10% damage taken increase on all players. Stacks every 3s during channel, interruptible.

5.8.2. Disease

  • Decaying Mind Icon Decaying Mind — 30s stun cast by Diseased Lashers before Cragmaw. Can be interrupted or healed off instead of dispelled. Very important.
  • Decaying Spores Icon Decaying Spores — DOT on Sporecaller Zancha. Stacks are gained from standing on mushrooms, Volatile Pod orbs and Festering Harvest. A good strategy for classes with disease dispels is to run over 2-3 mushrooms and dispel instantly to clear them.

5.8.3. Magic Debuff

  • Death Bolt Icon Death Bolt — Cast by Grotesque Horrors. This is a stacking DOT which hits the entire group. Interruptible.
  • Maddening Gaze Icon Maddening Gaze — Cast by Faceless Corrupters. This is a frontal cone fear which is easily avoidable.
  • Putrid Blood Icon Putrid Blood — Cast by the Unbound Abomination. This is a DOT which hits the entire group. While it can be dispelled, it is removed from any players standing in Cleansing Light Icon Cleansing Light. Players with high stacks who did not have their DOT removed should be dispelled.

5.8.4. Enrage

  • Warcry Icon Warcry — Cast by Chosen Blood Matrons before Elder Leaxa (first boss). 100% haste AoE, uninterruptible. Dispel from as many enemies as possible on cooldown.
  • Wicked Frenzy Icon Wicked Frenzy — Cast by Fallen Deathspeakers before Sporecaller Zancha and Underrot Guardian. 100% haste and shadow damage DOT on hit. Uninterruptible, but can be delayed with CC.

5.8.5. Enemy Magic Buff

  • Gift of G'huun Icon Gift of G'huun — Cast by Blood Priests before Elder Leaxa (first boss). 100% damage and unkillable. Interruptible, but dispel immediately if cast.
  • Bone Shield Icon Bone Shield — Cast by Reanimated Guardians before Sporecaller Zancha and Underrot Guardian. Large absorb shield, can be interrupted. AoE dispels are exceptionally useful against this.

5.9. Tol'Dagor

5.9.1. Poison

  • Crippling Shiv Icon Crippling Shiv — Cast on a player by Jes Howlis. Slows target by 50% and applies a DOT. Dispel quickly.

5.9.2. Magic Debuff

  • Debilitating Shout Icon Debilitating Shout — Cast by Irontide Thugs in the main Prison area. Causes players to deal 50% less damage. Should be interrupted or dispelled from high damage players. Mass Dispel is useful if it is cast.
  • Torch Strike Icon Torch Strike — Cast by Blacktooth Arsonists in the main Prison area. A small stacking DOT. Uninterruptble.
  • Howling Fear Icon Howling Fear — Cast by Jes Howlis. This is an AoE fear and thus is clearable by many other spells. You should line of sight this spell to avoid being feared.
  • Suppression Fire Icon Suppression Fire — Cast by Ashvane Marines. This is a frontal cone that always faces the tank which leaves a small DOT. Ignorable.
  • Fuselighter Icon Fuselighter — Cast by Knight Captain Valyri. This is a small DOT which will trigger explosions on any barrels near the target.
  • Righteous Flames Icon Righteous Flames — Cast by Ashvane Priests. Disorients in an AoE for 8 seconds and leaves a small DOT. Easily avoidable.

5.9.3. Enrage

  • Enrage Icon Enrage — Gained by The Sand Queen when Buzzing Drones are killed near her. Increases damage and haste, only lasts 4 seconds. Can AoE drones down to have 5 stacks for a short time or kill them slowly. Can be dispelled but this is rarely needed.

5.9.4. Enemy Magic Buff

  • Darkstep Icon Darkstep — Gained by Bilge Rat Looters in the main Prison area. Increases haste by 50%. AoE dispels are well suited to dealing with this.
  • Watery Dome Icon Watery Dome — Cast by Bilge Rat Seaspeakers in the main Prison area. Reduces damage taken significantly as well as granting an absorb. Should be interrupted.
  • Motivated Icon Motivated — Gained by Jes Howlis when he casts Motivating Howl. Increases damage, stacks. Jes can be interrupted during his 90s channel of the spell if you want. You should only dispel this after he is able to attack.

5.10. Waycrest Manor

5.10.1. Curse

  • Unstable Runic Mark Icon Unstable Runic Mark — Cast by Sister Malady of the Heartsbane Triad. Applies a small DOT and after expiring explodes in an AoE.
  • Marking Cleave Icon Marking Cleave — Cast by Heartsbane Runeweavers. This is a DOT cast in front of the enemy directed at the tank. Ignorable.
  • Dread Mark Icon Dread Mark and Lingering Dread Icon Lingering Dread: Applied by Matron Alma in the basement. Dread Mark is a DOT which upon expiry, applies Lingering Dread to all players nearby. The party should spread out and so long as each player only has one stack, Lingering Dread is ignorable.

5.10.2. Disease

  • Infected Thorn Icon Infected Thorn — Cast by Coven Thornshapers throughout the instance. Does initial damage then a DOT to a player. Interruptible though the mobs cast many other spells.
  • Virulent Pathogen Icon Virulent Pathogen — Applied by Lord Waycrest. DOT which slows players by 50%, and when dispelled afflicts players in an AoE (circle visible) with Virulent Pathogen. Dispel only when player is out of group.

5.10.3. Magic Debuff

  • Grasping Thorns Icon Grasping Thorns — Cast by Heartsbane Vinetwister. This is a DOT which stuns a player for 4 seconds. This should be interrupted.
  • Fragment Soul Icon Fragment Soul — Cast by Coven Diviners. This is a long duration DOT which will be removed to increase the effect of Consume Fragments Icon Consume Fragments. It should be removed from the tank as soon as possible.

5.10.4. Enrage

  • Enrage Icon Enrage — Selfcast by Thornguards throughout the instance. Increases damage dealt. Uninterruptible.

5.10.5. Enemy Magic Buff

  • Soul Fetish Icon Soul Fetish — Cast by many enemies (mainly Witches). Upon death, gives 5 stacks of a damage and haste increase to another enemy, which will jump again with one less stack once that enemy is killed and so on. Dispels take away one stack. Interruptible though the mobs will cast many other spells.