The War Within Patch 11.0 Overview

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Welcome to your comprehensive guide for everything coming in The War Within pre-patch.


When Will The War Within Pre-Patch Go Live?

The The War Within pre-expansion patch will release on July 23, 2024, in North America and on July 24 in Europe.


The War Within Launch Roadmap

Here is the War Within launch roadmap covering all the important dates for the War Within expansion launch:

  • August 22, 2024, 3 pm PDT: The War Within Early Access begins for those who pre-ordered the War Within Epic or Ultimate Edition.
  • August 26, 2024, 3 pm PDT: The War Within launches for everyone else.
  • September 10, 2024: The War Within Season 1 begins.

What is Coming in The War Within Pre-Patch?

It is important to understand that the pre-patch prepares the game for the new expansion. It contains everything besides new content that will become available when the new expansion launches.

Several exciting updates and new features will be introduced in the pre-patch:

  • The War Within Pre-Patch Event — Radiant Echoes is a limited-time event that will have players revisit old zones to face past memories and enemies, offering catch-up gear, and mounts.
  • Warbands — A new system allowing account-wide progression, including shared reputation, currencies, and achievements across all characters.
  • Skyriding Updates — Switch between Dynamic and Static Flight! Hundreds of mounts have been updated to support Skyriding, and the Skyriding skill track has been streamlined.
  • Leveling Changes — Significant reductions in the Experience required to level up have been implemented, making it even easier to reach Level 70.
  • Cross-Realm Guilds — Players can now form and join guilds across different realms, enhancing the social experience.
  • Class Changes — Major reworks to all classes, including new Hero Talent trees that add flavor to the core class fantasies.

Radiant Echoes (The War Within Pre-Patch Event)

Defeat memories of the past for rewards that include catch-up gear, mounts, and other rewards!


Warbands: Account-Wide Progression

The Warbands system introduces account-wide progression for Renown, currencies, achievements and transmog. This means that your efforts on one character will benefit all Warband members, streamlining your progression and rewarding your overall gameplay experience.


Skyriding Updates

Skyriding will allow players to switch between dynamic flight (previously known as dragonriding) and static or regular flight. Hundreds of mounts have been updated to support Skyriding, and the skill track has been streamlined for a more seamless experience.

For more details on Skyriding updates, visit our dedicated guide below:


Leveling Changes

The pre-patch will bring significant reductions in the Experience required to level up from 10-70. The XP nerf aims to make leveling faster and more accessible, allowing players to reach Level 70 faster.

Chromie Time now covers levels 10-71 and includes Dragonflight as the default leveling experience for first-time players.


Cross-Realm Guilds

The introduction of cross-realm guilds will allow players to form and join guilds with friends from different realms.


Class Changes

Each class has been revamped in the War Within pre-patch. However, new Hero Talents will only be available when the expansion launches, because you will receive your first Hero Talent at Level 71.

For more details on the new Hero Talent trees and individual changes, visit our dedicated guide below:

The War Within Class Changes Overview COMING SOON!


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