Mistress Sassz'ine Mythic Strategy/Tactics

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General Information

On this page, you will find a list of changes between Normal/Heroic modes and Mythic mode, as well as a working strategy to defeat Mistress Sassz'ine in Tomb of Sargeras in Mythic mode.

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Mythic Mode Abilities


All Phases


Delicious Bufferfish

Delicious Bufferfish spawn throughout the arena shortly after Mistress Sassz'ine is engaged. There are 5 Bufferfish in total, and players can pick up the Bufferfish by walking over them, granting them 3% increased damage and 450 Mana per second, stacking once every second up to a maximum of 50 stacks. The caveat, however, is that a player holding a Delicious Bufferfish cannot take any damage, else they will drop the Bufferfish and gain a debuff that prevents them from picking up a Bufferfish for the next 2 minutes.

If a player reaches the maximum of 50 stacks on their Delicious Bufferfish, they have 6 seconds to take damage and drop the Bufferfish. If they have not dropped the Bufferfish after 6 seconds, a Dread Shark will spawn at their location and instantly kill the carrier of the Bufferfish and any players within 8 yards. If the Bufferfish is successfully dropped the Dread Shark will spawn at the location of the dropped fish instead. The Dread Sharks kill zone is indicated by a faint red circle.

Once all the Delicious Bufferfish have been eaten by the Dread Sharks, a new set will spawn after a short delay.


Phase One


Murloc Mash

Razorjaw Waverunner Murlocs that spawn from Consuming Hunger Icon Consuming Hunger will empower each other with Murloc Mash Icon Murloc Mash, increasing the damage and cast speed of all other Murlocs within 15 yards by 75%.


Phase Two


Devouring Maw

Devouring Maw Icon Devouring Maw now requires 5 patches of Befouling Ink Icon Befouling Ink to be ingested by Sarukel before he departs (up from 3 on Normal and Heroic).



Mistress Sassz'ine has a disproportionately high amount of health on Mythic difficulty. This is manageable only through the use of the Delicious Bufferfish, which greatly enhance the raid's damage and allow healers a bottomless source of Mana if necessary.

The raid should determine in advance which players will take priority on the acquisition of Delicious Bufferfish. The designated players need to be very conscious of the environment, taking special care not to take any damage in order to hold onto their Bufferfish as long as possible. The tanks must also be very careful with Burden of Pain Icon Burden of Pain, as any mistakes with the handling of this debuff will result in everyone dropping their Bufferfish.

When the Delicious Bufferfish reaches 50 stacks, all players must avoid the Dread Sharks that appear, as they will instantly kill any players within the red circles. Be aware that the last players to hold the Bufferfish before the Dread Sharks arrive will not be able to pick up any of the new Bufferfish that spawn shortly after, so a rotation of players must be established.

Notably, the Abyss Stalkers' Dark Depths Icon Dark Depths must be prevented by interrupts or crowd control throughout the fight, as failure to do so will often result in Delicious Bufferfish being dropped.

Murloc Mash Icon Murloc Mash is notable but not especially difficult to handle. Any players affected by Consuming Hunger Icon Consuming Hunger should spread around the boss, aiming to clear their debuff with Thundering Shock Icon Thundering Shock patches that are a minimum of 15 yards apart. Failure to do so is not necessarily a problem; the Murlocs can be stunned and separated by abilities such as Death Grip Icon Death Grip or Typhoon Icon Typhoon. The Murlocs do melee extremely hard while empowered, and should be prioritized above Mistress Sassz'ine and the Abyss Stalkers.

As noted in the abilities section, Devouring Maw Icon Devouring Maw now requires 5 Befouling Ink Icon Befouling Ink fed to Sarukel before he departs. When assigning players to hold onto Delicious Bufferfish, it is preferable to ensure that the highly mobile players are free to carry Ink in this phase. Players currently carrying Bufferfish will not be available to ferry Befouling Ink to Sarukel, as this will force them to drop their fish.



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