Portal Keeper Hasabel Mythic Strategy/Tactics

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General Information

On this page, you will find a list of changes between Normal/Heroic modes and Mythic mode, as well as a working strategy to defeat Portal Keeper Hasabel in Antorus, the Burning Throne in Mythic mode.

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Mythic Mode Abilities


Transport Portal: Unrelenting

All adds spawned from Portal Keeper Hasabel's Transport Portal Icon Transport Portal are periodically buffed by Unrelenting Icon Unrelenting, a stacking bonus that increases movement speed by 20% and damage done by 10%.


Platform Mini-Bosses



Vulcanar is protected by an Aegis of Flames Icon Aegis of Flames on Mythic, which reduces all damage taken by 90%. Aegis has three stacks, and can only be removed by a Caustic Detonation Icon Caustic Detonation (one stack removed per detonation). The number of stacks currently active does not activate the damage reduction bonus — it is always 90% reduction, even at one stack.


Lady Dacidion

Leech Essence Icon Leech Essence steals health from the 5 nearest players within 70 yards, inflicting 15% of their current health as Nature damage. Lady Dacidion is healing for five times the amount stolen. This healing can be negated by Hungering Gloom Icon Hungering Gloom.


Lord Eilgar

Lord Eilgar will put all healers within 35 yards under the effects of Delusions Icon Delusions, reducing Healing and Absorbs by 100% for 10 minutes. It also restores 2% of maximum Mana every second for the duration. Delusions is a dispellable debuff.



Portal Keeper Hasabel is largely the same on Mythic difficulty, however, there is a new "rock-paper-scissors" type mechanic associated with the platforms. Each mini-boss has a new mechanic that can only be nullified by a debuff acquired from one of the other platforms.

Generally, it is best to send melee classes and ranged with high burst to the platforms, as you want the mini-bosses to die as fast as possible. It may take a few pulls to find the balance, but ideally your raid should send as many people to the platforms as possible while still being able to clear the add waves from Transport Portal Icon Transport Portal.

The Felblaze Imps' Fiery Detonation Icon Fiery Detonation presents a very lethal threat on this difficulty. Casts must be interrupted or Crowd Controlled, or the raid will quickly be flattened. This is a great fight for classes that value the active of Sephuz's Secret Icon Sephuz's Secret; for example, Shadow Priests can stun a few adds from every Transport Portal Icon Transport Portal with Mind Bomb Icon Mind Bomb while proccing their legendary.

All the portal timings are the same on Mythic (90%, 60%, 30%). In order to strip Vulcanar's Aegis of Flames Icon Aegis of Flames, three players will need to go to the Rancora platform (green portal) and walk through the green orbs in order to pick up Caustic Slime. The afflicted players need to move to the Xoroth platform in time for Vulcanar to spawn, such that when Caustic Slime expires, they are next to Vulcanar. The expiry of Caustic Slime will trigger a Caustic Detonation Icon Caustic Detonation which will remove a stack of Vulcanar's Aegis. Caustic Slime lasts 20 seconds, and cannot be dispelled, and therefore the timing can be tricky if you want to maximize your damage on Vulcanar. The timing depends exclusively on your group's DPS, however, most raids will want to send their assigned player shortly after pulling the boss (98-96%). If your group has very high damage, it may be prudent to simply go immediately.

A good tip for each platform is to have the assigned platform tank be one of the players taking the debuff(s) to each platform. This helps maximize damage as well as reducing the risk of the carrier dying as tanks are somewhat sturdier than the average raid member.

Players that are assigned to platform duty should always hold their DPS cooldowns for the mini-bosses, as killing them in the shortest window possible is the number one priority. Healing can be quite a challenge on Mythic platforms, and therefore you generally want to send at least two of your Healers to each platform (three, if you have chose to five heal). Tanks will be taking significant damage from the mini-bosses as well, adding to the necessity of ending them as quickly as possible.

To prevail on the Rancora platform, a player will need to go to the Nathreza platform (ideally the tank, as mentioned earlier) in advance and collect a purple orb in order to acquire the Cloying Shadows Icon Cloying Shadows debuff. When this debuff expires or is dispelled, it will apply Hungering Gloom Icon Hungering Gloom to everything within eight yards. This reduces all Healing by 100% for 20 seconds on Lady Dacidion, though the duration is reduced on the player.

Hungering Gloom Icon Hungering Gloom sets a bit of a clock on this platform; if your raid's damage is average to high, you should be able to kill Dacidion as the debuff is expiring, powering through any healing from Leech Essence Icon Leech Essence. If your damage is a bit low, however, you may need to send a player back to Platform Nathreza to re-acquire Cloying Shadows. If the Healers have good control, you can keep the group at relatively low health (~35%) to reduce the effects of Leech Essence (as it heals based off current health).

The Nathreza platform is the same as Heroic; players must carry one of the Everburning Flames Icon Everburning Flames to Lord Eilgar's platform in order to eliminate the effects of Mind Fog Icon Mind Fog.

As with Heroic and lesser difficulties, it is best to use your Bloodlust Icon Bloodlust/Time Warp Icon Time Warp when Portal Keeper Hasabel reaches 30% health. This will empower the portal group to defeat Lord Eilgar as quickly as possible, while allowing the ground group a buffer to more easily defeat the add waves from Transport Portal Icon Transport Portal, which are at their hardest due to the addition of the Hungering Stalkers.



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