Brawler's Guild: Klunk (Rank 3) Battle for Azeroth (BfA )

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Klunk is your second Brawler's Guild Rank 3 opponent. The fight is extremely simple, but requires perfect execution, because the slightest mistake will cause you to die.


Abilities and Strategy

Klunk only has one ability, Klunk Icon Klunk, which he repeatedly casts. It is a long cast that slowly sucks the player towards him, and at the end of the cast it will deal lethal damage to anyone in front of him or within his hitbox. Additionally, after every cast the suck effect will become slightly more powerful.

The strategy for this boss is very simple. Do not stay in front of Klunk near the end of his cast. As a melee you can run out towards the end but as a ranged you will likely want to stay far away from Klunk to avoid extra movement due to the magnet effect. Deal as much damage as you can to prevent the magnet from becoming too powerful.


Generic Advice

  • Do not panic. It does not matter if you mess up your rotation, but you need to stick to the strategy.
  • If you are in for a long Brawler's Guild session, you may want to use a flask.
  • Prepot! Use a Brawler's Battle Potion of Agility Icon Brawler's Battle Potion of Agility, a Brawler's Battle Potion of Intellect Icon Brawler's Battle Potion of Intellect, or a Brawler's Battle Potion of Strength Icon Brawler's Battle Potion of Strength.
  • When the 60-second cooldown on your potion is over, you can use the same potion again or you can use a Brawler's Coastal Healing Potion Icon Brawler's Coastal Healing Potion if you need healing.
  • Group up with other players so that you benefit from each other's buffs.

Sharing your Class-specific Tips on the Forums

For class-specific advice, please refer to this thread on our forums. Do not hesitate to share your own tips!



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