Garothi Worldbreaker Abilities

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General Information

On this page, we list all the abilities from the Garothi Worldbreaker encounter in Antorus, the Burning Throne. The idea is to give you a solid understanding of the encounter before you read the strategy.

If you are already familiar with the encounter, then you can skip to the strategy and tactics page or access any other page of the guide by using the table of contents on the right.



The Garothi Worldbreaker is a single phase encounter, with the raid facing off against a giant mechanical fel construct that alternates between several modes of attack. At certain health breakpoints the Garothi Worldbreaker will activate extra weapons systems that must be dealt with and destroyed by the raid in order to ensure survival.





The Decimator is a weapon available to the Garothi Worldbreaker that will occasionally cast Decimation Icon Decimation, which inflicts moderate Fire damage to anyone within 12 yards of the impact zones and light Fire damage raid wide, regardless of position. The Decimator can be destroyed by the raid, and doing so will remove the Decimation ability from the encounter.



The Annihilator is a weapon available to the Garothi Worldbreaker that will occasionally cast Annihilation Icon Annihilation, calling missiles down from the skies that deal moderate Fire damage within 4 yards, split between the targets hit. Missiles that are not absorbed by players will deal moderate Fire damage raid wide. Anyone hit by the missiles also takes damage every second for 10 seconds. The Annihilator can be destroyed by the raid, and doing so will remove the Annihilator ability from the encounter.


Fel Bombardment

Fel Bombardment Icon Fel Bombardment attacks the current target, locking on for several seconds before being unleashed. Upon expiration of the debuff, the target is bombarded by missiles at the target's destination every second for 5 seconds, dealing moderate Fire damage to anyone within 7 yards of the impact and knocking them back.


Apocalypse Drive

Apocalypse Drive Icon Apocalypse Drive occurs exclusively at 65% and 25% health; the Garothi Worldbreaker begins a cast that inflicts moderate Fire damage every 2.5 seconds. If one of the Garothi Worldbreaker's weapons is destroyed before the conclusion of the cast, the cast will be interrupted. However, if the cast completes, the raid will take massive (and likely lethal) Fire damage.


Surging Fel

Surging Fel Icon Surging Fel only appears on Heroic difficulty and above, and occurs concurrently with Apocalypse Drive Icon Apocalypse Drive. As Apocalypse Drive powers up, Fel energy will erupt across the battlefield and deal moderate Fire damage to anyone hit.



Eradication Icon Eradication occurs periodically; the Garothi Worldbreaker will smash the ground and deal massive Physical damage in a cone to players within 60 yards. Anyone hit is also knocked back, however, the damage is reduced based on distance from the Garothi Worldbreaker. Eradication is always cast after a weapon has been destroyed, and concludes the Apocalypse Drive Icon Apocalypse Drive mini phase.



After the conclusion of each Apocalypse Drive Icon Apocalypse Drive, the Garothi Worldbreaker is Empowered Icon Empowered, increasing damage done by 20% (per stack).


Searing Barrage

Searing Barrage Icon Searing Barrage occurs periodically following the first cast of Apocalypse Drive Icon Apocalypse Drive, dealing light Fire damage to random targets every 2 seconds.



Carnage Icon Carnage will only occur if no players are in melee the range. The Garothi Worldbreaker will continuously smash the ground, dealing moderate Fire damage raid wide every second, for 10 seconds.



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