Garothi Worldbreaker Mythic Strategy/Tactics

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General Information

On this page, you will find a list of changes between Normal/Heroic modes and Mythic mode, as well as a working strategy to defeat Garothi Worldbreaker in Antorus, the Burning Throne in Mythic mode.

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Mythic Mode Abilities



On Mythic difficulty, the Garothi Worldbreaker's weapons will be empowered after they are destroyed, rather than having their mechanics removed from the encounter. Haywire affects each weapon differently: Haywire Icon Haywire (Decimator) and Haywire Icon Haywire (Annihilator).



When the Annihilator is destroyed, it will empower Annihilation Icon Annihilation to strike twice. The first set of Annihilation Icon Annihilation zones will appear and trigger as normal, however, they will also knock players a significant distance, with the directional control being based on the center of the Annihilation zone. After the first set triggers, a second set of Annihilation zones will appear in the same location (with a slightly different visual effect) and detonate several seconds later. Just like lesser difficulties, Annihilation inflicts heavy Fire damage split between all targets in the blast zone. Any zones that are not soaked, however, will inflict heavy raid wide damage instead.



When the Decimator is destroyed, it will empower Decimation Icon Decimation to stun its targets for several seconds. Decimation itself will still function in an identical fashion, however, due to the stun the targets will not have time to move and properly place the Decimation targeting zones.


Luring Destruction

Luring Destruction Icon Luring Destruction occurs immediately prior to every Eradication Icon Eradication on Mythic difficulty. The boss draws in the entire raid towards himself over 3 seconds, inflicting moderate Fire damage every second while doing so. He will immediately cast Eradication when Luring Destruction ends. It should be noted that Surging Fel Icon Surging Fel does not take place during Luring Destruction.



On Mythic difficulty, the fight is identical until the first cast of Apocalypse Drive Icon Apocalypse Drive, at 65% health. During this "transition" style phase the raid should destroy the Decimator first. Surging Fel Icon Surging Fel will be taking place throughout this time and should always be avoided. As soon as the weapon is destroyed the Surging Fel will dissipate, and the boss will cast Luring Destruction Icon Luring Destruction. All raiders must immediately evacuate to the back of the room, using movement cooldowns to counteract the suction effect of Luring Destruction. Failure to escape to the back third of the room in time will likely result in instant lethal damage from the follow-up Eradication Icon Eradication. A Demonic Gateway Icon Demonic Gateway from the boss to the back of the room is the easiest and most efficient way of dealing with Luring Destruction.

Decimation Icon Decimation will now be empowered to stun its targets when it is applied. This is very easy to deal with; the raid should place two world markers in melee and two in ranged, about 15 yards apart, as shown in the image below:

Garothi Worldbreaker Mythic positioning

The melee and ranged will each stack on one of their markers. When Decimation Icon Decimation is applied, all members will move immediately to their opposite marker and re-stack. The targeted players that were stunned will have a window to move before Decimation impacts. Annihilation Icon Annihilation is handled normally in this phase, although the raid must be quick to restack on their marker following soaks.

The second interval of Apocalypse Drive Icon Apocalypse Drive occurs at 25% health. When the Annihilator is destroyed, all Annihilation Icon Annihilation zones must be soaked twice, sequentially. Due to the addition of a knockback to the first soak, the raid will only have a few seconds to soak the second set before they detonate and wipe the raid. When soaking the first Annihilation casts, raiders should position so that they are knocked towards other Annihilation zones that they will be able to immediately soak upon landing. This final phase, from 25% health to 0, is very hectic and personal cooldowns should be used liberally to survive. Decimation Icon Decimation is handled the same way as described above during this final portion of the encounter.


Bloodlust/Heroism/Time Warp

For early kills, we recommend using Bloodlust Icon Bloodlust/Heroism Icon Heroism after the second cast of Eradication Icon Eradication. The boss will be at 25% health, and this represents the most chaotic and threatening portion of the encounter. Adding the extra cooldown here will allow you to close out the fight as cleanly and quickly as possible while bolstering healing to patch up any mistakes.



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