Garrison: Gladiator's Sanctum Guide (WoD 6.2)

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The Gladiator's Sanctum is a Medium Garrison building that is very useful for PvP players, because it enables them to collect PvP gear faster than normally and eventually grants them access to the Highmaul Coliseum gladiator tournament. The Gladiator's Sanctum also grants you a number of achievements: Nemesis achievements, Warlord of Draenor (Alliance), and Warlord of Draenor (Horde).



Level Cost Perks
Level 1
  • 150x Gold
  • 100x Garrison Resources
  • 1 hour
Increases your out-of-combat regeneration in outdoor Draenor and allows the collection of broken bones from defeated enemy players (used for Conqueror's Tribute).
Level 2
  • 300x Gold
  • 300x Garrison Resources
  • 1 hour
Enables safe fall and underwater breathing in outdoor Draenor zones. Also enables the Nemesis quest series for defeating enemy players of specific races.
Level 3
  • 500x Gold
  • 600x Garrison Resources
  • 1 hour
While below 35% life, all damage taken is reduced by 50% in outdoor Draenor zones. Grants access to the Highmaul Coliseum gladiator tournament.

Increased out-of-combat regeneration is done through a permanent buff you gain (only in Draenor) after building your Gladiator's Sanctum Level 1: Swift Recovery Icon Swift Recovery.


Unlocking the Gladiator's Sanctum

In this section, we are going to tell you how to unlock the Gladiator's Sanctum, Level 1, 2, and 3.


Unlocking the Gladiator's Sanctum, Level 1

The Gladiator's Sanctum, Level 1 is available as soon as you build you build your Town Hall, Level 2.


Unlocking the Gladiator's Sanctum, Level 2

Garrison Blueprint: Gladiator's Sanctum, Level 2 Icon Garrison Blueprint: Gladiator's Sanctum, Level 2 is sold by the blueprint vendor at your Garrison once you reach level 98 or once you complete your Spires of Arak Outpost. You can buy it with 1,000 Gold. You can also buy it from the blueprint vendor in Ashran without restrictions with an Outpost Building Assembly Notes Icon Outpost Building Assembly Notes, which can only be obtained twice, once when questing in Gorgrond and once when questing in the Spires of Arak. so the purpose of this Below, you will find the Alliance and Horde vendors.


Unlocking the Gladiator's Sanctum, Level 3

Garrison Blueprint: Gladiator's Sanctum, Level 3 Icon Garrison Blueprint: Gladiator's Sanctum, Level 3 is a reward from completing the The Bone Collector Icon The Bone Collector achievement, which requires you to collect 4,000 Broken Bones Icon Broken Bones from other players in PvP combat across Draenor. This achievement is account-wide.

Broken Bones Icon Broken Bones drop from other players in PvP. In our experience, we would get between 2 and 4 Broken Bones per player that you participated in killing. In Ashran, enemy PvP NPCs also give Broken Bones.

Once you complete the achievement, the blueprint is not directly handed over to you. You still need to buy it from Sparz Boltwist (Alliance) or Rezlak (Horde) for 1,000 Gold.


Work Orders

Work Orders at your Gladiator's Sanctum allow you to convert 10x Broken Bones Icon Broken Bones into PvP items and Honor Points AllianceHonor Points Horde Honor Points. 1 Work Order usually gives you:

  • 1x item level 600 Primal Aspirant's PvP item;
  • 50x Honor Points AllianceHonor Points Horde Honor Points (in average);
  • other PvP items, such as Sinister Spores Icon Sinister Spores.

The first time you visit your Gladiator's Sanctum, you will be given Warlord of Draenor (Alliance) or Warlord of Draenor (Horde). This quest requires you to gather 10x Broken Bones Icon Broken Bones and then place a Work Order. The Conqueror's Tribute Icon Conqueror's Tribute mentioned in the quest text is the container that you get when you complete a Work Order and that contains the items listed above.


Nemesis Quests

After upgrading your Gladiator's Sanctum to Level 2, you are given a quest called Nemesis: Hunter - Hunted (Alliance) or Nemesis: Hunter - Hunted (Horde). This quest requires you to choose the effigy of one of the other faction's races. These effigies are located around the Gladiator's Sanctum and you need to click one to make your choice. After completing this first quest, you will be given a Nemesis 2-quest chain, depending on which effigy your burnt, and completing these two quests grants you a specific achievement:

  • Alliance:
    • Nemesis: Becoming Death + Nemesis: Slayer of Sin'dorei = Nemesis: Slayer of Sin'dorei Icon Nemesis: Slayer of Sin'dorei;
    • Nemesis: Becoming Death + Nemesis: Killer of Kezan = Nemesis: Killer of Kezan Icon Nemesis: Killer of Kezan;
    • Nemesis: Becoming Death + Nemesis: Orcslayer = Nemesis: Orcslayer Icon Nemesis: Orcslayer;
    • Nemesis: Becoming Death + Nemesis: Huojin's Fall = Nemesis: Huojin's Fall Icon Nemesis: Huojin's Fall;
    • Nemesis: Becoming Death + Nemesis: The Butcher = Nemesis: The Butcher Icon Nemesis: The Butcher;
    • Nemesis: Becoming Death + Nemesis: Troll Hunter = Nemesis: Troll Hunter Icon Nemesis: Troll Hunter;
    • Nemesis: Becoming Death + Nemesis: Death Stalker = Nemesis: Death Stalker Icon Nemesis: Death Stalker;
  • Horde:
    • Nemesis: Becoming Death + Nemesis: Draenei Destroyer = Nemesis: Draenei Destroyer Icon Nemesis: Draenei Destroyer;
    • Nemesis: Becoming Death + Nemesis: Dwarfstalker = Nemesis: Dwarfstalker Icon Nemesis: Dwarfstalker;
    • Nemesis: Becoming Death + Nemesis: Gnomebane = Nemesis: Gnomebane Icon Nemesis: Gnomebane;
    • Nemesis: Becoming Death + Nemesis: Manslayer = Nemesis: Manslayer Icon Nemesis: Manslayer;
    • Nemesis: Becoming Death + Nemesis: Scourge of the Kaldorei = Nemesis: Scourge of the Kaldorei Icon Nemesis: Scourge of the Kaldorei;
    • Nemesis: Becoming Death + Nemesis: Terror of the Tushui = Nemesis: Terror of the Tushui Icon Nemesis: Terror of the Tushui;
    • Nemesis: Becoming Death + Nemesis: Worgen Hunter = Nemesis: Worgen Hunter Icon Nemesis: Worgen Hunter.

After completing a Nemesis quest chain, you get to choose a new effigy and start a different Nemesis quest chain, until you have done them all. Then, all you need is to complete the Fight, Kill, Salute! quest to earn the Fight, Kill, Salute! Icon Fight, Kill, Salute! and Warlord of Draenor (Alliance) / Warlord of Draenor (Horde) achievements. See the next section for more information about this quest.


Highmaul Coliseum

When you first visit your Gladiator's Sanctum after upgrading it to Level 3, you receive the Call of the Gladiator, which unlocks the Highmaul Coliseum tournament. After queuing for the tournament, you get to turn in this quest and you receive Fight, Kill, Salute!, which completes the Warlord of Draenor (Alliance) or Warlord of Draenor (Horde) achievements, and requires you to kill 100 other players in the Highmaul Coliseum tournament.

Simply put, the Highmaul Coliseum tournament is a Free for All arena in which you compete against 29 other players. The last player still alive wins and gets to loot a special chest that contains 1,500 Conquest Points AllianceConquest Points Horde.



  • 23 Jun. 2015: The Highmaul Coliseum now rewards 1,500 Conquest Points.
  • 14 Nov. 2014: Clarified requirements for Level 2.
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