PvP Starter Guide for Gear and Talents Battle for Azeroth (BfA )

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This guide covers the basics of PvP in Battle for Azeroth, with an emphasis on explaining gear and Conquest Points. For more advanced guidance in PvP matters, please check our PvP class guides.


PvP Gear in Battle for Azeroth

Although, strictly speaking, there is PvP gear in World of Warcraft, the only way it differs from PvE gear is in name and appearance. This is because there no longer are "PvP stats" (like the Resilience of long ago), and all items, be they PvE and PvP, have essentially the same kind of stats on them (your spec's primary stat and a combination of secondary stats). This means that even if you obtained all your character's gear through dungeons and raids, you can be just as efficient and competitive in PvP as someone who has obtained their gear through PvP-oriented means.

There exists a variety of ways to obtain "PvE" gear in World of Warcraft, all of which is beyond the scope of this guide. Instead, we will focus on explaining the ways in which you obtain PvP gear.

There are several ways of obtaining PvP gear, but they can be divided in two categories: directly through completing PvP content and indirectly, through Conquest Points (which are also awarded for doing PvP content, as explained below).


Through PvP Content

  • At the end of each Arena match, there is a chance to receive a piece of gear. The item level of this item is based on your Arena Rating.
  • After you win a Rated Battleground or win your first Battleground of the day, you will get a piece of gear.

Conquest Points

Aside from the items you will sometimes receive at the end of your Arena matches or Battlegrounds, you can also receive items through the Conquest Point system.

Essentially, you earn Conquest Points by doing various forms of PvP. You can always see, when queuing for PvP, what the Conquest Point reward is. That said, you only receive Conquest Points if you win, and for non-rated content, you will only receive Conquest Points on the first win of the day. Rated PvP content will continue to reward Conquest Points with each win. There is another, less common means of obtaining some Conquest Points, explained below.

There is a weekly Conquest Point cap (of 500 points), visible on your PvP tab. Once you reach the weekly cap, you will receive an item as a reward (you can preview the item you will receive on the PvP tab). The item is given by Grand Marshal Tremblade for Alliance and High Warlord Volrath for Horde, and when turning in the quest and obtaining the item, you will usually be offered a choice of several similar items for the same slot, and for weapons this also offers different options for each specialization.

It is very important here to note that if you fail to reach the Conquest Point cap for the week, the item you missed out on will roll over into the next week, so that on the second week, you can effectively reach the 500 Conquest Point cap twice and thus obtain both items. This means of carrying over is unlimited, so that you can easily catch up and recover all the items you missed out on, just by farming enough Conquest Points. This also means that you should not really feel pressured to reach the Conquest Point cap every single week.

Aside from this item you receive for reach your weekly Conquest Point cap, you also receive another item for reaching the Conquest Point cap. This item, however, is not rewarded immediately, and instead you receive it at the end of the week from a War Chest that is located next to the above-mentioned NPCs. Note that unlike the items rewarded immediately for capping your Conquest Points, unobtained items from the War Chest do not carry over into the next week. If you failed to cap your Conquest Points for a given week, the item from the War Chest for that week is for ever lost.


PvP Gear Scaling

All PvP gear you receive (from completing PvP content, from the weekly Conquest Point Cap, and from the War Chest) has an item level based on your PvP bracket. For the gear obtained at the end of a match, the bracket the match was played in is the one that counts, while for the other two sources, the highest bracket in which you won a game that week is the one that counts). Below, we list the brackets and the skill ratings they cover, as well as how the gear scales based on where it was obtained from and what your bracket is.

Bracket Name Skill Rating End of Match War Chest
Unranked 0-1399 430 445
Combatant 1400-1599 440 455
Challenger 1600-1799 450 460
Rival 1800-2099 455 465
Duelist 2100-2399 460 470
Gladiator 2400+ 465 475

PvP Talents & War Mode

In Battle for Azeroth, on your talent tab, you have the possibility to select 4 PvP talents out of a pool of many. PvP talents are typically only available in PvP content, but War Mode (explained below) allows you to also benefit from them in the open world.

The PvP talents you can choose are broken down into two categories.

  • 1 trinket talent, out of 3 possible choices;
  • 3 PvP talents, out of a pool of about a dozen possible choices.

War Mode

War Mode is a new PvP system added in Battle for Azeroth. War Mode can be toggled on and off in any major city. When it is enabled, you are able to use your PvP talents in the open world, and because you will be fighting enemies of the other faction, you also get an experience bonus while leveling. Do note that this makes you vulnerable to being killed by players of the other faction.


Bonuses of War Mode

Enabling War Mode provides the following perks.

  • The ability to use all PvP talents in the outdoor world. You do not need to be in PvP combat to use them.
  • You can earn Conquest Points.
  • You gain additional experience while leveling.
  • There are PvP achievements you can earn.
  • At maximum level, you get a World Quest reward bonus.

War Mode Bounties

If you kill too many players in a single zone, there will be a bounty put on you. Everyone in that zone will know your exact location. You can see the location of players with a bounty by checking your map. Killing players with a bounty on them rewards Conquest Points and is part of an achievement called Bounty Hunting Icon Bounty Hunting. Bounty Hunting is part of a meta achievement called Conqueror of Azeroth Icon Conqueror of Azeroth / Conqueror of Azeorth Icon Conqueror of Azeroth that rewards the title Conqueror of Azeroth.


Air Drops

From time to time, a flying machine will make its way across the sky. The rumble of its engine is a clear indicator that something is afoot. You'll want to keep an eagle eye on the sky and watch for a War Supply Crate to drop somewhere in the zone. Similar to the chest in Gurubashi Arena, players can fight over the crate and claim it for their faction. Once a faction has gained control of the crate, anyone of that faction who is within the area will have a short period to open it and collect a piece of personal loot.

As long as you have War Mode on, an air supply drop will be dropped every 20 minutes. Once it has landed, it will stay on the ground until it is looted. The crate will contain Azerite Power, Gold, and Conquest Points.



Honor replaces the Prestige system from Legion, and the rewards provided by it are purely cosmetic (pets, mounts, titles, toys, etc.). You can view your current Honor as well as the next reward in your PvP tab.



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