Tichondrius Abilities

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General Information

On this page, we list all the abilities from the Tichondrius encounter in The Nighthold. The idea is to give you a solid understanding of the encounter before you read the strategy.

If you are already familiar with the encounter, then you can skip to the strategy and tactics page or access any other page of the guide by using the table of contents on the right.



Tichondrius is a light cleave fight with a phase that repeats several times with new adds unique to each repetition. These revolutions are separated by an intermission phase that is the same each time. Most of the fight revolves around correctly handling several debuffs and killing the adds in a timely fashion. While this fight does feature quite a few unique abilities, they rarely interact in a complex fashion, making this fight mechanically simple overall.


Phase One

Carrion Plague Icon Carrion Plague is one of the bread and butter debuffs featured in this fight. Tichondrius will mark random players with this debuff, which deals light damage every second for 40 seconds. On Mythic difficulty, this ability will also increase damage taken by Seeker Swarm Icon Seeker Swarm by 1000%.

Tichondrius will cast Seeker Swarm Icon Seeker Swarm every 25 seconds. Seeker Swarm targets players with Carrion Plague Icon Carrion Plague and hits every player in a line towards each player in addition to the players afflicted with Carrion Plague Icon Carrion Plague. Anyone hit by Seeker Swarm that is not already afflicted with Carrion Plague will have it spread to them. This ability does moderate Chaos damage. On Mythic difficulty, this ability instead only hits the closest target in the path, rather than passing through all targets in a line.

Tichondrius will periodically mark random players with Brand of Argus Icon Brand of Argus. This debuff persists until it is detonated; it can be removed by being within 6 yards of a clump of allies (4 total players on Mythic difficulty). This will detonate the brand and deal moderate Fire damage to the raid. The damage is reduced by distance from the detonation. On Mythic difficulty this will also place Flames of Argus Icon Flames of Argus where the brand is detonated.

Tichondrius has a Vampiric Aura Icon Vampiric Aura that causes any allied targets standing within 30 yards of him to be healed for 400% of the damage dealt by their melee attacks.

Tichondrius will periodically mark his current target with a Feast of Blood Icon Feast of Blood, increasing their damage taken by 15% and summoning 3 Tainted Bloods that fixate the target of Feast of Blood Icon Feast of Blood until they are killed. This effect also increases the effects of Vampiric Aura Icon Vampiric Aura by 300%.

Tichondrius will channel Echoes of the Void Icon Echoes of the Void every 55 seconds. He will deal Shadow damage every 0.5 seconds, which increases in intensity with every tick. 4 Fel Spires will spawn around the room; each spire will absorb the damage the players behind it would have taken until it is destroyed. The more players behind a pillar, the faster it will be destroyed.


Phase Two

After 130 seconds, Tichondrius will cast Illusionary Night Icon Illusionary Night and disappear, leaving the group trapped in a nightmare.

Tichondrius will manifest as Carrion Nightmare Icon Carrion Nightmares, which are fel beams that charge for a moment before dealing heavy Shadow damage and stunning any players hit for 3 seconds.

Phantasmal Bloodfangs will continously spawn in the nightmare. When they are killed they drop an Essence of Night Icon Essence of Night, which increases the damage and healing of the player by 30% and increasing Mana regeneration by 2%. This persists until the Illusionary Night Icon Illusionary Night ends and for an additional 30 seconds afterwards.


Phases "Three" and "Four"

After each cast of Illusionary Night Icon Illusionary Night Tichondrius will return to Phase One. One key difference, however, is that he will begin to summon unique adds to assist him after each cast of Illusionary Night Icon Illusionary Night.

After the first Illusionary Night Icon Illusionary Night ends, Tichondrius will periodically begin summoning Felsworn Spellguards to aid him. Felsworn Spellguards gain speed perpetually from Rapid Pursuit Icon Rapid Pursuit. They will apply Volatile Wound Icon Volatile Wound to their target, which increases damage taken and is stackable. When this debuff expires, it will create a Nether Zone Icon Nether Zone, which deals Arcane damage to anyone standing in it.

After the second Illusionary Night Icon Illusionary Night ends, Tichondrius will periodically begin summoning Sightless Watchers to aid him. Sightless Watchers will periodically apply Burning Soul Icon Burning Soul to a random healer, which inflicts moderate Fire damage and drains Mana every second. It can be dispelled, and inflicts heavy Fire damage to any allies within 8 yards when it is removed. They will also periodically cast Ring of Shadows Icon Ring of Shadows which will deal light Shadow damage every 0.5 seconds to anyone within 10-20 yards.