Tichondrius Strategy/Tactics for Normal/Heroic

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General Information

On this page, you will find a working strategy to defeat Tichondrius in The Nighthold for both Normal and Heroic modes, which usually only differ by the tuning of the boss.

Here, we assume that you have read our descriptions of the abilities for this encounter.

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Phase One: Lord of the Nathrezim

Positioning during Phase One is straightforward and predictable. The boss should be tanked slightly off center from his initial spawn to allow for the tanks to more easily move the Tainted Bloods out of range of his Vampiric Aura Icon Vampiric Aura.

Tanking Tainted Bloods on Tichondrius

Tichondrius will periodically infest several players with Carrion Plague Icon Carrion Plague. The affected players should move to the side of the room and spread out loosely. It is important that none of the raid group is positioned between the players afflicted with Carrion Plague Icon Carrion Plague and Tichondrius himself; every 25 seconds Tichondrius will unleash a Seeker Swarm Icon Seeker Swarm, which will hit every player in a line between the boss and the targeted players.

Whenever a tank is marked with Feast of Blood Icon Feast of Blood, the tanks should immediately taunt swap and take the Tainted Bloods 30 yards away from Tichondrius to escape his Vampiric Aura Icon Vampiric Aura. DPS should immediately swap to the bloods to kill them as soon as possible.

Ranged and healers who are currently unaffected by Carrion Plague Icon Carrion Plague should loosely spread out in the remaining area. When the casts of Brand of Argus Icon Brand of Argus go out, the ranged should call out which player to group on to detonate the brand. The remaining brand(s) should be dealt with quickly but calmly, giving the healers a moment to stabilize the group between detonations.

When Tichondrius casts Echoes of the Void Icon Echoes of the Void, the raid should spread evenly behind the 4 Fel Spires that emerge from the ground throughout the room. It is important that the group has a roughly even spread, as the pillars have invisible health bars and "intercept" the damage the players behind them would have taken, so if too many players are behind a single pillar it will break quickly.


Phase Two: Shadow of Terror

Phase Two will begin after 130 seconds is spent in the "Lord of Nathrezim" phase. It will take place twice before Tichondrius berserks.

Phase Two is an intermission of sorts, and is very short and simple. Tichondrius will disappear and channel Illusionary Night Icon Illusionary Night. He will periodically manifest as a Carrion Nightmare Icon Carrion Nightmare, which is a fel beam that charges for a few moments before dealing very high Shadow damage in a line and stunning anyone hit for 3 seconds. The group should pay careful attention and stay mobile and alert, as anyone caught in the beams are likely to be killed.

Phantasmal Bloodfangs will spawn continuously during this phase and should be quickly killed off by all players so that as many of the group as possible can obtain the Essence of Night Icon Essence of Night buff.


Phase "Three and Four": Lord of Nathrezim Redux

Tichondrius Tanking in Phase 3 and 4

After returning from Phase Two the first time, Tichondrius will begin to summon Felsworn Spellguards. The tank currently affected by Feast of Blood Icon Feast of Blood, or is about to get marked by Feast, should pick up the Spellguards and take them to the back of the room along with the freshly spawned Tainted Bloods. All DPS should prioritize the adds above all else, as they do extremely high tank damage and stack a debuff that increases damage taken. If they are not killed quickly they will kill the tank, usually resulting in a wipe.

After returning from Phase Two the second time, Tichondrius will instead begin to summon Sightless Watchers. The tanks should handle these adds the same way as the Spellguards. Healers should stand near the edges of the ranged stack so they can immediately dispel Burning Soul Icon Burning Soul when it is applied. Ranged should either stand within 10 yards of the adds, or over 30 yards away, to avoid the damage from Ring of Shadows Icon Ring of Shadows.