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18 Boomsday Decks For Day 1

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The meta is balanced, the upcoming expansion is packed powerful new cards, and Whizbang is Wonderful! Has there ever been a better time to jump into Hearthstone?


Bring on The Boomsday Project! The new Hearthstone expansion goes live at 10 AM PST on August 7th, adding 135 new cards to the game. Blizzard turned the flavor dial up to 11 for this expansion, a "mad science" themed set with tons of Mechs (Mecharoo, Explodinator), a cycle of Project cards with symmetrical effects (Biology Project, Demonic Project), and Legendary Spells with names like Floop's Glorious Gloop and Flark's Boom-Zooka.

The goal of this article is to provide a starting point for players to jump into The Boomsday Project with. For each class, I've created one deck which is predominantly built around cards from the new expansion, and one deck that is more or less an updated version of an existing deck. The first week of a new expansion is the perfect time to test out wacky ideas, which means its also the perfect time to punish experimenters with established decks.

At the risk of sounding like an advertisement for The Boomsday Project, I don't think there's ever been a better time to start playing Hearthstone. A big part of that reason is Whizbang the Wonderful, a new Legendary minion and one-card-deck that randomly assigns players with one of these 18 decks at the beginning of each game. Whizbang enables new players to play with viable decks from all 9 classes much faster than was ever possible before.

The power level in The Boomsday Project feels a lot higher than that of the The Witchwood, which would spell big changes for what has arguably been the most diverse meta in the history of Hearthstone. Five of Hearthstone's nine classes currently have Tier 1 decks in the Vicious Syndicate Power Rankings (Druid, Warlock, Rogue, Paladin, and Hunter), three more classes are in Tier 2 (Mage, Shaman, and Priest), and the final class can be found in Tier 3 (Warrior). By comparison, the next healthiest metagame in recent memory, Journey to Un'Goro, had only 6 of the game's 9 classes in the top 2 Tiers and didn't rank any Warlock decks in their report at all. Blizzard deserves heaps of praise for achieving such a remarkable overall class balance, but will they be able to keep it up in The Boomsday Project?

Both The Witchwood and Journey to Un'Goro were the first expansions of the year, and both expansions set high watermarks for meta diversity. Unfortunately, Journey to Un'Goro was immediately followed by one of Hearthstone's least balanced eras ever. Jade and Aggro Druid completely dominated the Knights of the Frozen Throne meta until the eventual nerfs of Innervate and Spreading Plague, and in The Boomsday Project, Druid is picking up 7 or 8 cards which the internet has already deemed as "totally busted". Is a dark, second reign of Druid upon us?




Mana cheat is the true theme of Druid in this expansion, with Flobbidinous Floop, his Glorious Gloop, Biology Project, and Dreampetal Florist leading the way. Druid already has the most Tier 1 decks in the game, but it projects to get even better with all these new ramp cards.

I think Floop and his Gloop are the real deal, but Biology Project and Dreampetal Florist don't help you very much when Mechs are punching you in the face. A hyper-aggressive meta would bode poorly for combo Druid decks, which shouldn't be able to beat aggro and control decks like they could with Jade Idol, pre-nerf Innervate, and pre-nerf Spreading Plague.


Decks to Look Out For:


Deck #1 - Mecha'thun Druid

Flobbidinous Floop - Boomsday Expansion09a068cb4ecb7b77556f709ec6e800d9.pngMecha'thun - Boomsday Expansion



Deck #2 - Token Druid



  • Link to decklist.
  • Deck code: AAECAZICAgCZ0wIOmNIC9wPkCOYFntIChOYC/QJAhQjX7wLb0wJfoM0Ch84CAA==
  • Token Druid was one of the strongest ladder decks in The Witchwood. A finely tuned and tested list, 29 of its 30 cards appeared in the vast majority of lists. What I've done here is replaced that 1 flex card with Floop's Glorious Gloop. Creative, I know.
  • Biology Project, Landscaping, and Living Mana + Mulchmuncher are worth trying out in this shell.




Six of the ten new Hunter cards cost 2 Mana or less, and the four other cards go "boom". That just about sums up Hunter!

Deathrattle plays a heavy role in the new Hunter cards from The Boomsday Project, which should be great news for the Egg Hunter decks which were Tier 1 towards the end of The Witchwood meta. However, I don't think that Egg Hunter will improve very much from the new Deathrattle cards in this expansion. Necromechanic doesn't compare very favorably to Spiritsinger Umbra, a card which is already not considered core in Deathrattle Hunter. Though Flark's Boom-Zooka has an incredibly high ceiling, it also imposes a number of deck-building restrictions which may or may not fundamentally break the way that current Deathrattle Hunter decks are built.

Instead, I expect Fireworks Tech and Venomizer to be the standout Hunter cards from the new expansion. They both play excellently with Mecharoo in an aggresive Mech Hunter deck, which I expect to be very strong in the early Boomsday meta.


Decks to Look Out For:

  • I went all-in on the bomb theme in my Hunter deck, but a Beast/Mech hybrid deck (perhaps with Nightmare Amalgam) also appears quite viable.
  • I don't think you can throw Boom-Zooka into current Deathrattle Hunter decks without making some serious changes to them, but I do think that someone more creative than myself will be able to come up with a strong Boom-Zooka deck.


Deck #3 - Bomb Hunter

Fireworks Tech - Boomsday Expansion61c8a30224c63dfe9e536eb950125132.pngBoommaster Flark - Boomsday Expansion



Deck #4 - Spell Hunter



  • Link to decklist.
  • Deck code: AAECAR8ChtMC6dICDuHjAo0BAJcIyQSHBN/SArUD/gyoAtsJ3dIC49IC6uMCAA==
  • Spell Hunter refuses to go away, and has remained a viable deck for two whole expansions now. It picked up a versatile new tool in Secret Plan, which cleanly replaces one of the weaker cards in the deck in Arcane Shot. Secret Plan should make Emerald Spellstone even more consistent, which is kind of a scary thought.




Is there anything sweeter than a hand full of cards? Stargazer Luna, Astral Rift, and Research Project headline a hand-size themed set for Mage. The class currently has two viable decks, Big Spell Mage and Tempo Mage, but it didn't pick up very much for these decks in The Boomsday Project. If Mage is going to remain relevant in the new meta, I expect it will need to create a new archetype with Luna's Pocket Galaxy or Celestial Emissary/Cosmic Anomaly/Unexpected Results.


Decks to Look Out For:


Deck #5 - Elemental Tempo Mage

Cosmic Anomaly Image - Boomsday Expansion30d1313ce6ee665263e2f45639806d52.pngCelestial Emissary Image - Boomsday Expansion

  • Link to decklist.
  • Deck code: AAECAf0EAu0FotMCDrQE68IClQO5/wLvgAOWBZjEAuYEqwT77AKV/wK7AqP9As7yAgA=
  • It's rare to see a minion with +2 Spell Damage and reasonable stats, which makes Cosmic Anomaly and Celestial Emissary very tempting cards to build a deck around. What I've done here is swapped the Secret package in current Tempo Mage decks for an elemental package built around these two new minions, who happen to both play excellently with the new spell Shooting Star.
  • I'm on the fence about Unexpected Results. Though it seems like a perfect fit for this deck, there really aren't many playable Spell Damage minions outside of these two new Elementals and Bloodmage Thalnos. There's a good chance that Steam Surger is the more consistent 4 drop.
  • My instincts say that Arcane Intellect is better than Research Project here, but I could be wrong. Coldlight Oracle wasn't played in these decks, and I'm not that interested giving Druids more looks at ramp spells or armor gain.


Deck #6 - OTK Mage





Paladin is easily the least focused class in The Boomsday Project. It picked up a few Mech cards, a couple of cards for a control deck that doesn't really exist, and a few cards which seem to fit best in a combo deck. It also picked up a hand-buff card, a new secret, and a healing card.

Odd Paladin was the standout Paladin deck from The Witchwood, but there aren't any new "dude" cards in The Boomsday Project. If Mech aggro decks start running cheap, high health Mech minions like Upgradeable Framebot and Bronze Gatekeeper, I expect that Odd Paladin will need to make some adjustments to remain competitive. Many pro players are pegging Glow-Tron to be the best Mech minion in the entire set, which should incentivize Paladins to move away from Baku and in a more Magnetic direction.


Decks to Look Out For:


Deck #7 - Aggro Mech Pally

Glow-Tron Matrix Image - Boomsday Expansion92ff8cf1c9ebbf6c82d51647a22d7504.pngKangor's Endless Army Image - Boomsday Expansion

  • Link to decklist.
  • Deck code: AAECAZ8FBpziAq8EoIADucECt+kC8f4CDNb+ArjHAvb9Ap/1AqX1ApvCAtblAuH+Aq8Hm8sC8gXMgQMA
  • Magnetic minions are particularly strong with Prince Keleseth, and offer Mech Paladin a ton of burst potential if it can stick a few Mechs to the board. Though Upgradeable Framebot is tempting, there seems to be a shortage of playable Mechs at the 2 drop spot.
  • Glow-Tron is the real reason you should play Mech Pally over Mech Hunter or Mech Warrior. Dire Mole sees play in aggro decks that have zero tribal synergy with beasts, while Glow-Tron has the same stats, a more relevant minion-type, and the flexible Magnetic keyword.
  • Another direction to take this deck in is Upgradeable Framebot + Void Ripper. There are plenty of high health Mech minions which Void Ripper can turn into immediate threats, and this would also free up the 2 drop spot for Crystology.
  • Mechano-Egg is an excellent target for Magnetic minions and Kangor's Endless Army.


Deck #8 - Odd Paladin





Expansion after expansion, Priest has been consistently picking up new cards for combo decks. The Boomsday Project feels like the expansion where Blizzard finally said "screw it" and gave the class nothing but cards for Divine Spirit and Vivid Nightmare combos. Topsy Turvy can be used as a flexible replacement for Inner Fire which can also be used as a removal spell for 0 Attack minions. It also creates a psuedo-infinite loop with 2 Radiant Elementals, a Vivid Nightmare, and another new card in Test Subject (more on this later). However, the most exciting new Priest combo card might be Zerek's Cloning Gallery, which can be used to help Prophet Velen OTK decks add all of their combo pieces to the death pool for Greater Diamond Spellstone.


Decks to Look Out For:


Deck #9 - Topsy Turvy Combo

Topsy Turvy Image - Boomsday Expansionee8b9c8c8e12da4dc7a36f12f8f3703b.pngTest Subject Image - Boomsday Expansion


Deck #10 - Vivid Velen OTK





Half of the new Rogue cards from The Boomsday Project, Necrium BladeNecrium VialViolet Haze, Myra Rotspring, and Blightnozzle Crawler, are dedicated towards a Deathrattle theme that appears to fall flat. Only Necrium Blade looks to be powerful enough to nudge Rogues towards an Egg/Cube deck. Fortunately for Rogue fans, the other 5 cards bolster a few of Rogue's already established archetypes, or could even be used to create entirely new ones.


Decks to Look Out For:

  • My instincts tell me that Myra's Unstable Element is far too powerful to never see play. I have my doubts about it as a plug-and-play option in Miracle Rogue, but Miracle Rogue was already a powerful deck which didn't need much to stay relevant. I expect that a relatively unmodified Miracle Rogue list would perform excellently against untuned decks in the early Boomsday meta.
  • Myra's Unstable Element into Academic Espionage could be the missing piece which makes a Tess Greymane deck playable.
  • Kobold Illusionist + Preparation + Necrium Vial can create 2 copies of Malygos for just 6 Mana, and Necrium Blade could even be played on the previous turn to create a third copy. It should be pretty easy for Rogues to find a way to deal 30 damage with 3 copies of Malygos.


Deck #11 - Shuffle Bunny 

Pogo-Hopper - Boomsday Expansionde65457c59dc84e4bd4c687f6b15e651.pngAugmented Elekk - Boomsday Expansion


Deck #12 - Odd Rogue


  • Link to decklist.
  • Deck code: AAECAaIHBLICyAOvBJ74Ag2MAssDi+UC68IC1AXH+AKaywKm7wLdCP3qAtaCA9HhAoHCAgA=
  • Odd Rogue was one of the premier aggro decks in The Witchwood, and it didn't need much from the new expansion to remain a high tier deck. It picked up a powerful new 5 drop in Crazed Chemist, which cleanly replaces one of the weaker cards in the deck in Cobalt Scalebane.
  • A healthy number of new Mech cards have odd mana costs. MecharooMicrotech Controller, and Wargear could potentially take this deck in a new direction.




Blizzard has been trying expansion after expansion to push Elemental Shaman and Overload Shaman, but neither archetype has been able to find sustained success in this past. Is this the expansion where either/both archetypes break through? If it is, I expect that Voltaic Burst will be the reason why. It slots into aggressive and controlling Shaman decks alike, and has excellent synergy with Flametongue TotemThunderhead, and Thrall, Deathseer.


Decks to Look Out For:

  • A few of these new Overload cards could fit well into a Sapphire Spellstone/Snowfury Giant deck, which showed some flashes of promise in the previous expansion.
  • Even Shaman didn't pick up very much from this expansion, but it was already a reasonably strong deck. Menacing NimbusUpgradeable Framebot, and Explodinator could slot into the deck for some of the weaker 2 and 4 drops, but a relatively unchanged Even Shaman list should still be quite strong in the early Boomsday meta.


Deck #13 - Spark Aggro

Voltaic Burst - Boomsday Expansiona196d59380a943c8b4bd89cd7fcbb9c3.pngThunderhead - Boomsday Expansion


Deck #14 - Shudderwock Shaman





The Boomsday Project will add a few new dimensions to the Warlock class. Warlocks will be getting hand buff cards in Soul Infusion and Void Analyst, as well as copying effects in Doubling ImpOmega Agent, and Ectomancy. It's going to be much easier to power out 7/7 Hooked Reavers with Spirit Bomb and Crystallizer, which can also be used to set up big Nethersoul Busters. The self-damage theme is a very tempting replacement for the healing theme in current Zoo decks, and so too is the copy/hand buff theme. The Soularium is yet another reason to be excited about aggressive Warlock decks, but it could also be used as a cycling tool for a Mecha'thun deck. Thanks to Galvanizer, you can create a 8 Mana Mecha'thun, then play Bloodbloom into Cataclysm to dump your hand and trigger the Mecha'thun's Deathrattle.

Demonic Project is a huge incentive to play Control Warlock, as it has the potential to flip highly unfavorable Combo Druid and Shudderwock matchups. Nobody has figured out how to break Dr. Morrigan yet, but did Warlock really need more playable Legendaries?


Decks to Look Out For:


Deck #15 - Copy Zoo

Nethersoul Buster - Boomsday Expansion26b230c25651139dc772f82996d55ff7.pngDoubling Imp - Boomsday Expansion


Deck #16 - Control Warlock


  • Link to decklist.
  • Deck code: AAECAf0GCICKA67NAtvpAswIoM4CnPgC2waX0wIL8tAC58sCigHq5gLx9wKbwgK2B4jSAtjlAvfNAujnAgA=
  • Combo decks have been the bane of Control Warlock, but Demonic Project might be able to change that equation. I opted for one copy of the card instead of two, as the first few weeks of a new meta tend to lean more towards aggro decks. Control Warlock is excellent against aggro, which should make it an solid choice for the early Boomsday ladder.
  • Glinda Crowskin, a second Gnomeferatu, and a second Demonic Project should find a way into the deck in a combo meta.
  • Rin, the First Disciple was very tempting, but I expect silence effects to be everywhere to counter Magnetic. Speaking of which, Ironbeak Owl should find a way into this deck if aggressive Mech decks are giving you problems.




Warrior is the weakest class in the game by almost any measurable statistic. Quest Warrior and Rush Warrior are suitable ladder decks, but the class still hasn't fully still recovering from the nerf of Fiery War Axe. Enter Dr. Boom, Mad Genius, a sudden infusion of power and excitement to the class which needed it most. Mech Warrior is the obvious deck to build, but Weapons Project and The Boomship suggest other potential routes for Warrior. Supercollider and Omega Assembly are reasons to play slow Warrior decks like Recruit and Control Warrior, which should both become stronger with new Boomsday cards.


Decks to Look Out For:


Deck #17 - Midrange Mech Warrior

Eternium Rover - Boomsday Expansion6b39dc207a7a78d0bfbef8c0cbbf52bb.pngDr. Boom, Mad Genius - Boomsday Expansion


Deck #18 - Recruit Warrior


  • Link to decklist.
  • Deck code: AAECAQcI9s8CkvgC6uoC0gLCzgL95wK49gKiCQuD+wKiBJEGsgib8wL09QL/B8zNAkvq5wLGwgIA
  • One of the major weaknesses of Recruit Warrior was that it could accidentally draw its big minions before a Woecleaver or Gather Your Party could cheat them out. The Boomship is the perfect backup plan for when this happens, which also nudges the deck towards Charged Devilsaur to set up potential OTKs.
  • Damaged Stegotron could be swapped in for Charged Devilsaur if the deck wants to move in a more defensive direction.
  • Inner Rage and Rotface make a lot of sense in this list.
  • Credit goes to Tars for the original design of this deck.


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Deck that I would like to play (in Wild):

1) Pogo-hopper quest rogue, feat gang up and mad scientist + cheat death. But I don't know if the quest would be good enough...
2) Reno Even Mecha'thun Warlock, where draw everything and then using Mecha'thun (if the DK and N'zoth weren't enough to win, of course)
3) Secret Mech Paladin: old mech + new mechs would give a good early curve to paladin, then Misterious Challenger can secure game vs new unrefined deck
4) Mech-rush warrior. But I'm not sure how to build it yet.

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11 hours ago, Synesthesy said:

Pogo-hopper quest rogue, feat gang up and mad scientist + cheat death. But I don't know if the quest would be good enough...

You sure it wouldn't be all 4/4s? I think quest is unnecessary there

My choice of decks Day 1;

Token Druid, with new spell, a bunch of token cards and Mulchmuncher.

Token Mage, with Unexpected Results and Vex Crow as token generation. A bunch of cheap spells to go with them and spell power minions.

Quest Mage, not many new cards, only Luna's Pocket Galaxy if I can find it.

Odd Warrior / Recruit Warrior with Dr. Boom, Mad Genius and Omega Assembly. I'll try both.

Zoo, with new demons, and the handbuff spell.

And last but not least, an awesome warlock combo, presented in Hearthpwn;


This is pure genius, and something I'll try for sure.

Might as well add Dr. Morrigan to even warlock to see what happens. Demonic Project is the card to add to the list.


Edited by FanOfValeera

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