The Crone Guide with Cheap Decks for One Night in Karazhan

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The Corne is the third and final boss in The Opera, the second wing of the One Night in Karazhan Hearthstone adventure. In this guide, you will learn how to use cheap decks to defeat The Crone in both Normal and Heroic modes.

The Crone Normal The Crone Heroic

Health, Hero Power, Cards, Etc.

Normal Heroic
Health 30 50 (+15 Armor)
Hero Power Twister costs 0 Mana, is on autocast, and deal 100 damage to you, if Dorothee (a minion you get on your side at the beginning of the fight) is dead.

Strategy and Deck Building

The key to this fight is The Crone's Hero Power, which deals 100 damage, more than enough to kill you in a single blow. She can use this if she is able to remove Dorothee, a 0/10 minon from your board. Most of her deck is made up of aggressive cards that she will use to push damage onto Dorothy as quickly as possible.

Luckily, the mechanics of the fight make it quite simple to play around this, as any minion that you play to the right hand side of Dorothee will gain Taunt, immediately granting her protection, while any minion you play on the left hand side of Dorothee gains Charge.

On Normal mode, the fight is very straightforward since The Crone does not have enough Health to last long enough to be a threat to your Dorothee.

On Heroic, however, she has a much higher life total. If allowed to live until turn 8, every card she draws from that point onward is changed to Twisting Nether, which she will cast to end the game immediately.

The two best ways to prevent this are to play an extremely aggressive deck like Zoo or Face Shaman to rush her down as quickly as possible, or use tools like Ancestral Spirit to revive Dorothee after the Twisting Nether and keep yourself alive for one more turn.



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