Lower Karazhan Mythic+ Guide (Legion 7.1)

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Mythic+ Affixes

When you reach level 4 in your Mythic+ dungeons, you will start to see affixes attached to the keystone which add additional effects to enemies within the dungeon. Each tier (4, 7, and 10) cannot be duplicated within one keystone, so you will have one of each at higher levels and they will cycle each week. Combinations can vary in difficulty and how much they synergise with each other and the instance in question, but all of them have an impact and have to be dealt with in different ways.


Tier 1 Affixes (Active at 4+ Keystones)

Raging. When targets reach 30% health, they Enrage, and deal 100% bonus damage. This encourages burning enemies down individually when they reach this point, or saving hard crowd control like stuns for when they reach this point during AoE.

Bolstering. Whenever an enemy dies, it buffs other enemies in combat with an additional 20% health and damage, which heavily encourages killing them at the same time, or within a small window of each other. In larger groups, this can be deadly if mis-managed. Note this does not, however, interact with adds summoned via boss mechanics.

Sanguine. When enemies die, they leave a small pool on the ground which deals damage to players and heals enemies standing within them. This increases the awareness requirement, and means you need to reposition groups quickly around them.

Teeming. The dungeon itself will generate additional lesser adds, which increases the number of targets in pulls. This mostly increases the difficulty of pulls as additional enemies will be active in each pack.

Bursting. When minions die within the dungeon, all party members inside will receive a stacking debuff that deals 5% of their maximum health every 2 seconds for 4 seconds. This requires the party to kill targets in a staggered fashion to prevent it stacking too high and killing off players, and for the healer to be acutely aware of the state of the party health when it is applied.


Tier 2 Affixes (Active at 7+ Keystones)

Volcanic. This causes random patches on the ground to spawn that will deal high pulsing damage if standing within them. Managing this is mostly on players avoiding them whenever they appear, and will by extension result in reduced DPS due to players avoiding them.

Necrotic. All enemies will apply a stacking debuff that deals flat ticking damage, and reduces healing/absorption received by 3%, stacking up to 10 with additional hits. This increases the intensity of tank healing and adds an additional component to the damage they receive.

Skittish. Enemies will randomly drop all threat on their current target. This makes it significantly more dangerous for DPS and adds an extra factor for tanks to account for, as dangerous mobs will require additional attention to keep in check.

Explosive. Enemies will occasionally spawn Explosive Orbs nearby with a small amount of health. These will will detonate after 6 seconds if not killed, dealing 50% of the all party members' maximum health. These orbs are immune to AoE and crowd control, so need to be switched to and killed quickly throughout the dungeon.

Quaking. All players will periodically cause a Shockwave 8 yards around their character, dealing 20% of players' maximum health to any players standing inside it after 3 seconds and interrupting casts. Players should remain spread to avoid taking more than one hit.

Grievous. Any players that falls below 90% health will be afflicted by a Grievous Wound, dealing a percentage of the player's maximum health every 3 seconds, stacking up to 5 times. This is permanent throughout the dungeon, so the healer needs to be aware of the stacks and heal players back above 90% to remove the debuff.


Tier 3 Affixes (Active at 10+ Keystones)

Tyrannical. Increases the health of boss targets by 40%, and their damage by 20%. This intensifies bosses significantly and must be noted when dealing with some of the more dangerous ones, as it also affects abilities alongside extending the duration of the fights in question.

Fortified. Increases the health of minions within the dungeon by 20%, and the damage they deal by 40%. This intensifies the trash pulls significantly and in some cases can limit how many extra you can pull at once, which will slow your pace between bosses.


Lower Return to Karazhan Timer: 39 minutes

Karazhan (technically Return to Karazhan) is a large scale, Mythic-only dungeon added in Patch 7.1. The entrance is located in Deadwind Pass; unlike the entrance to the old raid (which was done via the door at the bottom of the tower), the entrance is located on the side of the tower, using the bridge located there. Access to the dungeon is gated behind an attunement process (which begins with the Edict of the God-King quest offered by Archmage Khadgar in Dalaran). The dungeon is separated into two wings, Lower and Upper Karazhan, that each contain 4 bosses, alongside one optional boss with a speed run aspect attached. Lower Karazhan is non-linear in nature, with two of the four bosses being optional but required to unlock and access Upper Karazhan.


Lower Karazhan

Lower Karazhan contains four bosses: The Opera Event and Moroes both being mandatory, and then Attumen/Midnight, and Maiden of Virtue as optional extras. The Opera Event must be defeated first before you gain access to the rest of the area, and when Moroes is defeated you will retrieve the keys to Upper Karazhan.



If intending to clear the entire dungeon, the general route you will take will begin with The Opera Event, continue with Maiden of Virtue, drop down to Moroes, and finally finish with Attumen/Midnight.


Opera Event


Route & Important Trash to Note

Lower Karazhan 1

From the entrance of Karazhan you immediately take a right to head toward the Opera Hall and the first boss. You will encounter one Shrieking Terror, then lead into a large number of packs containing a mix of different ghosts in varying numbers, mostly consisting of Spectral Patrons and one to two Ghostly Philanthropists. When you enter the Opera Hall, you should swing right, descend down the stairs and make your way around the balcony until you reach the entrance down to the stage itself.


Shrieking Terror

This will patrol alone as you head toward the hall, dealing light melee damage to their current target and casting Cursed Touch Icon Cursed Touch on random players in the group, applying a light Shadow damage DoT for 10 seconds. These do not pose a great deal of threat, but you should make sure to always interrupt the Terrifying Wail Icon Terrifying Wail casts, as if this cast completes it will fear the entire group for 4 seconds.


Spectral Patrons/Ghostly Philanthropists

Spectral Patrons come in large numbers in each group, and deal low damage to the target they are currently attacking, and also cast Uppercut Icon Uppercut regularly on their target, dealing low Physical damage and also knocking the target down for a brief period. Tanks should be aware of this if large packs are pulled together, as it can increase damage intake. Ghostly Philanthropists will also deal low melee damage, but will frequently cast Pennies From Heaven Icon Pennies From Heaven. This causes a large number of yellow telegraphs to appear around the Philanthropist every 0.5 seconds for 2 seconds that will land 1 second after appearing, and players hit by these will take moderate Holy damage. Due to the high number of projectiles, players should take extra care not to be hit by these as multiple hits are extremely dangerous.


The Opera Event Encounter

The Opera Event in Return to Karazhan is one of three different encounters, rotating each week, focusing around one of three different musicals translated into a World of Warcraft style: Beautiful Beast, Westfall Story, and Wikket, and all 3 are thematically styled and play out different to each other.


Beautiful Beast

This version of The Opera Event contains four separate enemies, Luminore, Mrs. Cauldrons, Babblet, and lastly Coggleston. These can be killed in any order, and when one is killed it will heal all of the remaining ones to full health and increase their damage by 25% health.


Quick TL;DR

Focus Babblet first, Luminore second and Mrs. Cauldrons third. Interrupt Burning Blaze Icon Burning Blaze (cast by Luminore) as a priority, and dispel Sultry Heat Icon Sultry Heat if it is ever applied to Babblet. Use Drenched Icon Drenched to clear out any Burning Blaze in the room when affected. For Coggleston, stun adds spawned by Kara Kazham! Icon Kara Kazham! and cleave them down, and interrupt Dinner Bell! Icon Dinner Bell!.



Of the three enemies that are attackable, the first target of the group should be the broomstick, Babblet. She will fixate on a random player in the group and follow them around, channelling Severe Dusting Icon Severe Dusting for 12 seconds, dealing moderate Nature damage and blinding the target for 4 seconds if she ever catches her fixate target. Be careful when kiting her around to avoid the various Burning Blaze Icon Burning Blaze patches that will be spawned by Luminore, as if Babblet comes into contact with one it will apply Sultry Heat Icon Sultry Heat, making it much more difficult to kite her.

After Babblet is dead, the next target is Luminore. This Kobold will chain-cast Burning Blaze Icon Burning Blaze at a random player in the group, spawning a red telegraph that will land after 2 seconds, leaving a patch that will deal moderate Fire damage every second to players within. Whenever the telegraph spawns, players should quickly move out to avoid being caught in the flames. These patches will last for 1 minute, but can be removed early if Mrs. Cauldrons' Drenched Icon Drenched effect is used by players. Lastly, every 30 seconds, Luminore will begin channelling Heat Wave Icon Heat Wave, dealing moderate Fire damage to the entire group every 2 seconds for 6 seconds. This can and should be immediately interrupted when the cast begins to reduce damage taken.

That leaves Mrs. Cauldrons, who cannot be tanked and will remain still chain-casting Soup Spray Icon Soup Spray on a random player in the group whilst alive, dealing moderate Frost damage and applying the Drenched Icon Drenched effect. This reduces movement speed by 35%, and allows those affected to clear any Burning Blaze Icon Burning Blaze patches left by Luminore. Whenever a player moves within close proximity of Mrs. Cauldrons, she will begin casting Leftovers Icon Leftovers, which will deal moderate Nature damage to players within 10 yards and knock them back. This cast can and should be interrupted as a priority when fighting Mrs. Cauldrons. This ability has a 20-second cooldown, so only needs to be interrupted somewhat rarely.

When all 3 of the previous enemies are defeated, Coggleston will lose the Eminence Icon Eminence immunity buff, and must be defeated to end the encounter. He will cast Dent Armor Icon Dent Armor 15 seconds after being engaged and then every 30 seconds thereafter on the tank, dealing high Physical damage and increasing all damage taken by 50% for 8 seconds, so use cooldowns during this.

30 seconds after being engaged and then every 30 seconds after that, Coggleston will cast Kara Kazham! Icon Kara Kazham!, spawning two Silver Forks. These will cast Bloody Jab Icon Bloody Jab, dealing light Physical damage and leaving behind a light DoT to the tank, and Flashing Forks Icon Flashing Forks. Flashing Forks causes the Silver Forks to leap at the location of a random player, dealing damage in a radius at the impact location ever second for 5 seconds. These Forks should be grouped up and cleaved down to remove the extra damage they represent. Finally, Coggleston will cast Dinner Bell! Icon Dinner Bell! just before each Kara Kazham! cast, which will buff any leftover Forks from the last cast. This can and should be interrupted, but if it is successfully applied it can also be dispelled.


Westfall Story

This encounter comes in three phases: Toe Knee, on the left, until he reaches 50% health, then Mrrgria on the right until she reaches 50% health, and finally the two bosses together until they are killed.


Quick TL;DR

Avoid Flame Gale Icon Flame Gale tornadoes, and move out of Toe Knee's Burning Leg Sweep Icon Burning Leg Sweep telegraph. Cleave down Gang Ruffians before Toe Knee reaches 50% health. Spread out during Mrrgrias Thunder Ritual Icon Thunder Ritual, and avoid Wash Away Icon Wash Away waves by standing in the gaps. Stun/interrupt Shoreline Tidespeakers' Bubble Blast Icon Bubble Blast casts, and cleave them down before Mrrgria hits 50% health. When facing both bosses together, try to avoid all previously-mentioned dangerous mechanics.



This is a 3-phase fight, which will require you to shift from the left to the right side of the stage to deal with an individual boss on either side, along with some accompanying adds. Phase transitions happen when Toe Knee (on the left) and when Mrrgria (on the right) are brought to 50% health, respectively. The third and final phase has you face both bosses together until they are defeated.


Phase One: Defias Brotherhood

The encounter will begin on the left side of the stage, with the Defias Brotherhood enemies. This contains Toe Knee, the boss, accompanied by 3 Gang Ruffian adds (which can be stunned and crowd controlled). This phase will end when you push Toe Knee below 50% health, regardless of the status of the nearby Ruffians, so try to make sure they are cleaved down before this happens. The Ruffians will all cast Poisonous Shank Icon Poisonous Shank at random players in the group, dealing moderate Nature damage instantly and leaving a heavy Poison DoT, which can be removed with Poison dispel abilities.

Toe Knee himself will first cast Dashing Flame Gale Icon Dashing Flame Gale roughly every 20 seconds, dashing between players in the group and dealing moderate Fire damage as well as leaving behind a Flame Gale Icon Flame Gale at the feet of each player. This will form a fiery tornado that will activate after 2 seconds, dealing heavy Fire damage every 1.5 seconds to anyone coming in contact with it. To counter this, stay spread and quickly move out of the Flame Gales. Next, he will cast Burning Leg Sweep Icon Burning Leg Sweep every 30 seconds, creating a large red telegraph around him that will stun any players inside it for 4 seconds after the 2.75-second cast completes. It will also deal heavy Fire damage to players hit and leave behind a heavy dispellable Fire DoT that should immediately be removed if any players are hit. Make sure to get out of this immediately when the cast begins.


Phase Two: Murlocs

When Toe Knee reaches 50% health, he will deactivate and the Murlocs on the right side of the stage will become active. When the boss, Mrrgria reaches 50% health, the final stage will begin and Toe Knee will join her, fighting together.

During Phase Two, Mrrgria will be accompanied by 3 Shoreline Tidespeaker murlocs, who should again ideally be cleaved down before you bring Mrrgria to 50% health. These will repeatedly cast Bubble Blast Icon Bubble Blast which can and should be interrupted whenever possible. This will spawn a slow-moving bubble that will deal heavy Frost damage on contact and knock anyone hit back a short distance. These bubbles should be avoided, as they will eventually reach the edge and despawn.

Mrrgria will cast Thunder Ritual Icon Thunder Ritual roughly every 20 seconds, applying a debuff to all players in the group. This will detonate after 6 seconds, dealing moderate Nature damage to all allies in a radius around the affected player, so everyone should immediately spread out when this is applied to avoid splashing multiple hits at once. Lastly, Mrrgria will cast Wash Away Icon Wash Away every 30 seconds, causing interlacing waves to move in from both sides of the stage. Players should move through a safe spot on one side of the stage and then weave through the other side. Try to avoid the center of the stage when this is happening, as the waves will cross over and be unavoidable there.


Phase Three: Bosses Combined

When Mrrgria is brought to 50% health, Toe Knee reactivates and both bosses will be active until the end of the encounter. Note they do not share health in this phase, but will both cast the same abilities they did in each respective phase. Due to this you need to be extra careful with positioning to avoid being caught in Flame Gale Icon Flame Gales that are spawned, especially when trying to dodge the waves spawned by Wash Away Icon Wash Away, alongside avoiding the Burning Leg Sweep Icon Burning Leg Sweep that will overlap. Players also need to make absolutely sure to not stack up to avoid both of the proximity damage effects in Dashing Flame Gale Icon Dashing Flame Gale and Thunder Ritual Icon Thunder Ritual. The encounter ends when both bosses are killed.



Wikket is a relatively simple two-target encounter with infrequent add wave spawns. You will be fighting two witches, Elfyra and Galindre, who will attack the group with Shadow and Arcane magic until they are defeated. They share health so cleaving is encouraged.


Quick TL;DR

Keep Elfyra and Galindre stacked so that you can cleave them. Avoid Defy Gravity Icon Defy Gravity zones, but move in during Magic Magnificent Icon Magic Magnificent casts to avoid damage on the ground. Avoid Wondrous Radiance Icon Wondrous Radiance runes, and use interrupts on Galindre's Flashy Bolt Icon Flashy Bolt. AoE down Winged Assistants when they spawn.



Both Elfyra and Galindre are active for the entire encounter, sharing health via Wikket Bond Icon Wikket Bond. Due to this they should ideally be tanked together and cleaved down throughout.

Galindre will spent most of the encounter repeatedly casting Flashy Bolt Icon Flashy Bolt, dealing low Arcane damage to a random player in the group. As this is directed at a random player, it should be the focus of any interrupts your group has. On top of this, she will also cast Wondrous Radiance Icon Wondrous Radiance periodically, placing an arcane rune underneath the tank that will detonate after 3 seconds, dealing heavy Arcane damage to any players remaining within it.

Elfyra will spend most the encounter casting Dreary Bolt Icon Dreary Bolt at the tank, dealing light Shadow damage. This can be interrupted, but your interrupts are better spent on Galindre's cast. Elfyra will also cast Defy Gravity Icon Defy Gravity roughly every 8 seconds, spawning a purple void zone that will persist on the stage. This will deal light Shadow damage and knock the player who comes into contact with it high into the air, and despawn the zone. Players should avoid this outside of Magic Magnificent Icon Magic Magnificent casts (explained below).

Every 5 Defy Gravity Icon Defy Gravity casts (roughly 45 seconds), Galindre will begin a cast of Magic Magnificent Icon Magic Magnificent, that will deal massive Arcane damage to all players on the ground after a 5 second cast. Roughly 2 seconds before this cast completes, all players should move into a Defy Gravity zone to be launched into the air and avoid the damage of Magic Magnificent.

Finally, every 30 seconds, Elfyra will summon 3 Winged Assistants via Summon Assistants Icon Summon Assistants. These should be picked up and stacked quickly, and any stuns available in the group should be used on them while they are AoEd down. The Assistants themselves will chain cast Throw Stuff Icon Throw "Stuff", dealing light Nature damage to a player in the group.


Maiden of Virtue


Route & Important Trash to Note

Lower Karazhan 2

Following the Opera Event, you will exit left stage, and move through the backstage area dealing with a number of different Ghostly Understudy and Phantom Crew groups. When you exit this area and go under the stage, you will then run into 3 large groups of Backup Singers, that all have extremely wide aggro ranges, so be very careful whilst pulling these if you are not comfortable controlling and killing them quickly. You will then take the path up into the Opera Hall itself, containing a number of patrolling Skeletal Ushers, and a massive amount of Spectral Patrons in the central area. Killing the Patrons is not needed if you move around the side, but they are required for the Nightbane speed run.

After you leave the Opera Hall, you enter the upper area of the Banquet Hall, which opens up the path to both Moroes and Maiden of Virtue. You will be taking the left-most path here to reach Maiden first. In this room there is a very large number of ghosts, coming in groups that are a mixture of Spectral Attendants, Spectral Retainers, Spectral Valets, Undying Servants, and Phantom Guests. These groups spread throughout the hall in the upper and lower areas, but you will only clear the initial groups to gain access to the Maiden passage on the left.

In the Maiden corridor, there are again a number of different ghostly enemies that come in different groups leading up to the Maiden encounter room. They are generally divided into packs of two, containing mixtures of Spectral Sentry enemies standing by doorways, Phantom Guardsman who patrol the area, and finally groups of Reformed Maidens, Wholesome Hostesses, and the occasional Virtuous Lady. At the end of the corridor in the large open room is the Maiden of Virtue encounter itself.


Ghostly Understudy/Phantom Crew

A large number of Ghostly Understudy enemies will be present backstage in varying group sizes, accompanied by some Phantom Crew. Understudies will repeatedly cast Poetry Slam Icon Poetry Slam, which can and should be stunned or interrupted, as it will deal moderate Physical damage and stun all players within 4 yards for 4 seconds if the cast completes. They will also summon Spotlight Icon Spotlight areas which buff the damage of any Understudy or player standing within it by 50%, so they should be moved out quickly. When they are brought to 0% health, they will cast Final Curtain Icon Final Curtain, dealing extremely high Fire damage after 2 seconds to players within 5 yards, so move away quickly. Phantom Crew members will cast Pyrotechnics Icon Pyrotechnics at random players, preferring those at range, dealing light Fire damage after 2 seconds, and also cast Hammer Down Icon Hammer Down on the current tank dealing light Physical damage and increasing all Physical damage taken by 50% for the next 5 seconds, so be prepared for high tank damage when this happens.


Backup Singer

Backup Singers are waiting underneath the stage as you loop around, and are in 3 separate packs. These all have an extremely high aggro radius, so be very careful when positioning so as to not accidentally pull more than you wish. They will all chain cast Firelands Portal Icon Firelands Portal at random players in the group, dealing high Fire damage and summoning a random Firelands themed enemy that will just melee their current target. The backup singers should ideally be interrupted and chain stunned if possible to prevent these casts. They will also attempt to cast Purify Icon Purify on each other, removing all debuffs.


Skeletal Usher

Skeletal Ushers will patrol along the edge of the opera hall and stand at the exit of the main hall. These will deal moderate Physical damage to the tank with their main ability, Punch Ticket Icon Punch Ticket, alongside occasionally casting Flashlight Icon Flashlight. When this cast begins, players should make sure to face away, as when it completes it will deal moderate Holy damage to any players still facing the Usher and disorienting them for 5 seconds.


Spectral Attendant/Spectral Retainer

In the upper banquet hall, there is a large mixture of Ghostly enemies.

Firstly, the most dangerous high health enemies begin with Spectral Attendants that will be present in a number of packs, and which will cast Shadow Rejuvenation Icon Shadow Rejuvenation briefly after being engaged. This should be interrupted as the highest priority, as after a 1.5-second cast it will begin healing all nearby enemies for 25% of their maximum health every 3 seconds while it is channelled. These should be focused down whenever they are present, especially if there are multiples.

Spectral Retainers will apply a light bleed to the tank with Rend Icon Rend, and attempt to mind control players for 15 seconds with Oath of Fealty Icon Oath of Fealty. Retainers will take a while before casting this, but when it is being cast make sure to interrupt or crowd control them.


Spectral Valet/Undying Servant/Phantom Guest

The other packs consist of lesser enemies, starting with Spectral Valets, which cast Demoralizing Shout Icon Demoralizing Shout regularly. This reduces the damage done of all affected players by 20%. Undying Servants will cast Shackles of Servitude Icon Shackles of Servitude on random party members; this is a 2-second cast, after which the target's damage and movement speed will be reduced by 70% for 15 seconds. These casts should be interrupted, or the targets should be decursed if the debuff was successfully applied.

Lastly, Phantom Guests cast a variety of trivial spells, but have extremely low health and will die very quickly to cleave/AoE, so are mostly irrelevant.


Spectral Sentry/Phantom Guardsman

Down the Maiden corridor, there will be a pair of Spectral Sentry mobs standing by each door. These mobs are stationary, and they will simply attack their highest aggro target from range with Shoot Icon Shoot, in between casting Multi-Shot Icon Multi-Shot at 3 random players for moderate Physical damage. The Phantom Guardsman will will patrol up and down the center of the corridor, and they will will occasionally stun the tank with Shield Slam Icon Shield Slam for 3 seconds, and follow up with Summon Phantom Hound Icon Summon Phantom Hound, which summons a spectral dog that deals light melee damage and applies a small bleed with Rend Icon Rend.


Reformed Maiden/Wholesome Hostess/Virtuous Lady

All three of the female trash mobs in this corridor have separate abilities depending on whether they are above or below 50% health. The first, Reformed Maidens, will apply Flirt Icon Flirt to a random player in the group after a 3 second cast. They will apply Seduction Icon Seduction to a random player, stunning them for 6 seconds, and also apply Kiss of Death Icon Kiss of Death to the tank, dealing heavy Shadow damage after 15 seconds. After reaching 50% health and turning into a Succubus, they will replace Kiss of Death with Heartbreaker Icon Heartbreaker casts, which will remove the debuff and deal heavy Shadow damage. Due to the ramping nature of Flirt Icon Flirt applications, be ready for a high burst of damage from the first Heartbreaker cast.

Wholesome Hostesses will apply a buff to themselves with Alluring Aura Icon Alluring Aura, applying Allured Icon Allured to players wtihin close range every 0.5 seconds. When this reaches 100 stacks, players will become mind controlled. This debuff can be managed with dispels, which you should use on players with high stacks. At 50% health, the Wholesome Hostesses will convert into Banshees, and replace Alluring Aura with Banshee Wail Icon Banshee Wail, a heavy Shadow damage cone with a 2 second cast, so make sure to stand the mobs at this time.

Lastly, Virtuous Lady will apply a light Nature DoT with Charming Perfume Icon Charming Perfume to a random player. At 50% health, this is replaced with Shadow Bolt Volley Icon Shadow Bolt Volley, which will deal moderate Shadow damage to the group and which can and should be interrupted.


Maiden of Virtue


Quick TL;DR

Spread out to mitigate Holy Bolt Icon Holy Bolt casts, and interrupt Holy Shock Icon Holy Shock whenever possible. Move to the edges of the room when you have Sacred Ground Icon Sacred Ground, to spawn the void zones in safe areas. When the boss casts Mass Repentance Icon Mass Repentance, move into a void zone and get one stack of the debuff this applies, so that the damage breaks you out of Mass Repentance's incapacitate.



Maiden of Virtue will deal moderate tank damage, but the encounter is relatively simple with some extremely punishing mechanics. The first of these is Holy Bolt Icon Holy Bolt, that will deal moderate Holy damage to a player. This will jump to any other player within 6 yards, increasing its damage by 100% and attempting to chain again, so all players should stay spread out to prevent this getting out of control. Alongside this, Maiden will cast Holy Shock Icon Holy Shock roughly every 15 seconds, dealing heavy Holy damage to the tank and increasing all Holy damage taken by 50%. This debuff stacks and has no duration (lasting until the end of the encounter), so should be interrupted as a high priority throughout the fight.

Roughly every 20 seconds, Maiden will begin casting Sacred Ground Icon Sacred Ground on a random player, which after 4 seconds will spawn a Sacred Ground void zone underneath them. This will slowly expand outward, and last for 2 minutes. Any players who come in contact with a void zone after it spawns will receive a stacking debuff, dealing moderate Holy damage every 2 seconds for 16 seconds, and which will increase in intensity with additional stacks, so should be avoided. Placing these void zones at the outer edges of the room is advised.

Finally, every minute Maiden will cast Mass Repentance Icon Mass Repentance, which after 5 seconds will incapacitate all players for 30 seconds. This effect can be broken by taking damage. When this cast begins, players should move into a Sacred Ground Icon Sacred Ground void zone and get a stack of the debuff it applies so that so that the Mass Repentance effect is removed quickly after being applied. When the Repentance cast completes, Maiden will apply Holy Bulwark Icon Holy Bulwark on herself, absorbing roughly 5 million damage and granting immunity to interrupts, and beginning a cast of Holy Wrath Icon Holy Wrath. This 10-second cast will deal lethal Holy damage if it is successful, so all players must burst down the Holy Bulwark shield (ideally saving cooldowns for it) to break through and be able to interrupt the cast.




Route & Important Trash to Note

Lower Karazhan 2

After killing Maiden of Virtue, you should loop back round to the upper Banquet Hall and make your way to the balcony overlooking Moroes' room on the right side of the Opera Hall exit. From here you can jump over the balcony and land straight in Moroes' room, and deal with trash from there. In this room you will encounter Arcane Wardens standing at the edge of the room, Skeletal Waiters that will patrol between tables, and a large amount of Phantom Guests. Depending on your strategy for Moroes, you may also enter the Scullery at the far end of the room for the additional Ghost Trap Icon Ghost Traps that will be guarded by Ghostly Stewards, Ghostly Bakers, Ghostly Chefs, and a single Skeletal Hound.


Arcane Warden

Arcane Wardens are present individually at edges of the room, and are the most dangerous enemies in the room. They will cast Volatile Charge Icon Volatile Charge on two random players roughly every 20 seconds, debuffing these players for 5 seconds. When the debuff expires, heavy Arcane damage will be dealt to both the player and any other allies in a radius around them (indicated with a blue effect), so when affected you should move away from others in the group and try to avoid any debuffed players around you.


Skeletal Waiter

Skeletal Waiters will deal moderate tank damage, and also cast Brittle Bones Icon Brittle Bones on the current tank. This is a curse that will increase all damage taken by 35% for 10 seconds, and should be decursed if possible immediately; alternatively, tanks should be prepared for the increased damage taken when tanking particularly large groups containing Waiters.


Skeletal Hound

In the Scullery there will be a single Skeletal Hound that will appear trapped by the Ghost Trap Icon Ghost Trap at the entrance. When the other enemies in the room are engaged this will unleash the Hound, causing it to attack the group. The Hound will frequently apply Rotting Bite Icon Rotting Bite to the tank, dealing moderate Shadow damage and leaving behind a dispellable disease DoT. Finally, it will occasionally cast Howl Icon Howl, which will aggro any other nearby enemies within 20 yards, so be careful with positioning when dealing with these.


Ghostly Steward/Ghostly Chef/Ghostly Baker

The Scullery contains a number of ghosts surrounding the Skeletal Hound, beginning with Ghostly Stewards. These will cast Drunken Skull Crack Icon Drunken Skull Crack on the tank, stunning them for 4 seconds, so the tank should be careful. They will also Frenzy Icon Frenzy when they are brought below 50% health.

Ghostly Chefs will Cleave Icon Cleave in front of them, so players should stand behind them while they are tanked facing away. They will also slow the tank with Hamstring Icon Hamstring.

Lastly, Ghostly Bakers will apply a light Fire damage DoT with Roast Icon Roast, and knock down a random nearby player occasionally with Rolling Pin Icon Rolling Pin, dealing moderate Physical damage in the process.




Quick TL;DR

Control two ghosts with Ghost Trap Icon Ghost Traps and deal with the remaining two at the same time as you face Moroes. Make sure to interrupt any healing spells from casters, and especially Empowered Arms Icon Empowered Arms if Lady Keira Berrybuck is active. Heal players stunned by the Vanish Icon Vanish/Garrote Icon Garrote combo and keep them up through the bleed. Make sure all ghosts are dead by the time Moroes hits 60% health. Tanks should save cooldowns for Coat Check Icon Coat Check.



Moroes will spawn with 4 out of the 6 possible guests that are listed below, all coming with different abilities. These can be crowd controlled using the Ghost Trap Icon Ghost Trap ability gained from the interactive objects both in his Banquet Hall, the Scullery, and the Dance Hall outside of his room. You can control all four of them, but when Moroes reaches 60% health he will break all of these out with Ghastly Purge Icon Ghastly Purge and make them immune to crowd control effects, so these mobs should generally be dealt with two by two or one by one, depending on how comfortable your group is, before pushing the boss below this threshold.

The possible Ghostly Guests are listed below.

  • Lady Catriona Von'Indi will chain cast Smite Icon Smite at random players. She will also attempt to heal Moroes with Healing Stream Icon Healing Stream if he takes enough damage during the encounter. This should be interrupted as a priority, but try to interrupt Smite to move her into position.
  • Lady Keira Berrybuck will attempt to buff Moroes with Empowered Arms Icon Empowered Arms, increasing his damage done by 100% and attack speed by 75% for 10 seconds. This is a very high priority to interrupt if she is active.
  • Baroness Dorothea Millstipe will chain cast Arcane Blast Icon Arcane Blast on random players, and periodically channel Mana Drain Icon Mana Drain on one player, which should immediately be interrupted if it targets the healer, due to the stun effect.
  • Baron Rafe Dreuger will repeatedly try to cast Iron Whirlwind Icon Iron Whirlwind, dealing moderate Physical damage to all nearby players unless he is stunned. Players should try to burn him down to prevent damage, or otherwise kite him away.
  • Lord Robin Daris will cast Whirling Edge Icon Whirling Edge at random players in the group, spawning a whirling blade that will deal moderate Physical damage every two seconds to players in a radius around it. Players should move out quickly.
  • Lord Crispin Ference will cast Will Breaker Icon Will Breaker, dealing heavy Holy damage to players in a wide line in front of him following a 3.5-second yellow telegraph. Players should very quickly get out of the way of this.

Players should crowd control 2-3 ghosts, depending on group comfort, before engaging. Note that once of these ghosts is hit by a Ghost Trap Icon Ghost Trap, Moroes will engage the group, so be prepared. Try to single out the most dangerous offensive target in the group (i.e. Lord Crispin Ference) and make sure that you do not leave more than one target that requires interrupt attention active at once. Make sure to focus each add down one by one, and kill all four before Moroes reaches 60% health, so you do not get overwhelmed.



Moroes himself will be present for the entire encounter. His primary abilities will be the Vanish Icon Vanish/Garrote Icon Garrote combo, jumping behind a player and stunning them briefly. This will deal heavy Physical damage and leave an infinite duration light Physical DoT on the player hit. This can stack if the encounter lasts long enough, so healers need to pay special attention to those affected. This bleed cannot be removed by immunities such as Blessing of Protection Icon Blessing of Protection. Finally, Moroes will cast Coat Check Icon Coat Check on the tank, applying a dispellable magic debuff reducing armor by 75% for 10 seconds. This should immediately be dispelled, and the tank should also use defensives to reduce the danger of being killed when this is applied.




Route & Important Trash to Note

Attumen 1

Following Moroes you should head down through the Scullery regardless of whether you cleared it for the traps or not, and deal with the above mentioned enemies. After that, you should loop around the area to the staircase, where you will head down to the stables.

Attumen 2

At the bottom of the stairs is the Forge area, which will contain two groups containing a mix of Spectral Journeyman and Spectral Apprentice. You should then swing left and clear out the outer edge of the Stable before engaging Attumen, as they will be pulled with him otherwise. The area contains a large number of groups containing Spectral Chargers and Spectral Stable Hands.


Spectral Journeyman/Spectral Apprentice

Spectral Journeyman will cast Smash Icon Smash on the tank, creating a large spectral hammer that will smash down and knock back all players within 4 yards. Be careful with positioning and try not to pull both packs, as this being chain cast can be quite dangerous.

Spectral Apprentices will apply Burning Brand Icon Burning Brand to a random player in the group, dealing light Fire damage over 6 seconds and detonating when it expires, dealing heavy Fire damage in an 8-yard radius around the player. You should make sure to spread out for this, and if you are in melee get to a safe space to allow it to detonate. Because of the danger of Burning Brand, Apprentices are the priority here.


Spectral Charger/Spectral Stable Hand

Spectral Chargers will deal light melee damage and cast Charge Icon Charge roughly every 20 seconds, rearing up and creating a purple line across the ground. After 2 seconds, they will will rush forward dealing moderate Shadow damage to players caught in this path, so move out of the way. Spectral Stable Hands will deal moderate melee damage and also apply Pierce Armor Icon Pierce Armor, reducing armor by 50% for 10 seconds, so tanks should be very careful of multiple applications of this debuff. They will frequently apply Whip Rage Icon Whip Rage to their accompanying Charger, and when the Charger reaches 50% health, it will attempt to cast Healing Touch Icon Healing Touch. This can and should be interrupted, but because of this ability, killing the Stable Hands makes this trash much simpler.




Quick TL;DR

Identify the ghost during Intangible Presence Icon Intangible Presence and dispel the correct target. Stand at maximum range to avoid Mighty Stomp Icon Mighty Stomp's interrupt effect. Avoid Mezair Icon Mezair, and non-tanks should avoid Mortal Strike Icon Mortal Strike telegraphs, but stack up for Shared Suffering Icon Shared Suffering after Mortal Strike to split the damage. Avoid Spectral Charge Icon Spectral Charge waves by finding the gap and moving through.



This is a 2-phase encounter, with the two phases alternating until Attumen the Huntsman is killed. During the first phase, Attumen is mounted on Midnight, and when Midnight reaches 50% health, Attumen dismounts and players can attack him for 25 seconds, at which time he mounts Midnight again. Once Attument is killed, the fight will continue Midnight is killed.


Phase One: Horse and Rider as One

The encounter will begin with Attumen the Huntsman mounted on his steed Midnight, and will end when you bring Midnight to 50% health. Briefly after engaging, and every 30 seconds thereafter, Attumen will apply Intangible Presence Icon Intangible Presence to the entire group. This applies a moderate Shadow DoT with no duration, but it is possible to dispel the entire group easily. This is done by dispelling the player around which there is a ghostly aura, and whose model appears transparent. Dispelling this player removes the Intangible Presence from the entire group, but dispelling any other player instead will cause the whole group to take heavy Shadow damage. Avoid using Mass Dispel Icon Mass Dispel for this reason.

Midnight will repeatedly cast Mighty Stomp Icon Mighty Stomp at regular intervals, dealing moderate Fire damage to all players within 30 yards and interrupting any players casting, so ranged players should stand clear to avoid this effect. Attumen will cast Mounted Strike Icon Mounted Strike on the tank, followed up by Stamp Icon Stamp from Midnight, so the tank should be ready for bursts of damage when this cast begins.


Phase Two: Fighting on Foot

When Attumen the Huntsman dismounts, Midnight will become immune and the group's focus should be on damaging Attumen. Throughout this phase, Midnight will repeatedly cast Mezair Icon Mezair, creating a fiery cone in front of her that after 2 seconds will deal heavy Fire damage to any players in the area, so everyone should stand outside of this.

Attumen will occasionally cast Mortal Strike Icon Mortal Strike on the tank, dealing heavy Physical damage as a cleave in front of him and reducing maximum health by 50%, so all players other than the tank should make sure to stand behind him. Note that the tank cannot avoid this, as he will track his target for this cone. Briefly after completing this cast, he will follow it up with Shared Suffering Icon Shared Suffering, which will deal massive Shadow damage shared between all players standing within the 10 yard radius marked around the tank. When this cast begins, the group should collapse on the tank to make sure that this does not kill them.

Every 25 seconds, Midnight will regenerate to full health and Attumen will resume his seat on his mount, triggering another mounted phase. During these additional mounted phases, Midnight will gain the Spectral Charge Icon Spectral Charge ability, that after a 3-second cast will summon two walls of horses that will charge forward. These will intersect, so the group should be careful to avoid them, as any players struck by these horses will take lethal Shadow damage and be knocked back a short distance. When Midnight reaches 50% health again, it will revert to an On Foot phase, until Attumen is defeated.

When Attumen is defeated, Midnight will Enrage Icon Enrage, taking and dealing 100% additional damage until the encounter ends. Players should burn her down quickly, and healers should be ready for any Mighty Stomp Icon Mighty Stomp casts, as they are potentially lethal with the additional damage buff.