Top 6 Best PvP Addons Guide (Dragonflight 10.1.7)

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Do you find yourself struggling to track cooldowns or interrupts? Do the crowd control abilities you use not last as long as they should? Tracking such abilities and diminishing returns can be difficult to do without help. There are thousands of addons to choose from, but to make things easier, we have picked 6 addons that every PvP player should be using.



OmniCD is an add-on for those that want to know extra information about their teammate's cooldowns. For healers, this is an absolutely mandatory addon to have. Having the knowledge to know when one of your partners has their trinket or a defensive cooldown available is crucial.



Aside from being able to track your and your teammate's cooldowns, OmniBar is crucial to being able to do the same for the enemy team's cooldowns. OmniBar allows you to do just that. You can simply go into the interface and decide which interrupts/cooldowns should be tracked for each class. This will help you decide if you should use a defensive if the enemy team uses offensive abilities or if you can cast (if there are no interrupts available).



An alternative addon to OmniBar is NamePlateCooldowns. This addon is customizable and can track any abilities you would like to see. The primary difference is that the cooldowns are displayed above the enemy player's nameplate. This is great for those that do not want to keep looking down at their OmniBar. It can take time to glance down and with this addon, the nameplates are normally eye level, helping you react faster to enemy cooldowns being used.

You can also use both OmniBar and NamePlateCooldowns. Ideally, you will use OmniBar to track interrupts and NamePlateCooldowns to track major cooldowns.



Paying attention to details is crucial to being successful in PvP. The first thing you need to pay attention to is your teammates. BigDebuffs increases the size of all crowd-control abilities on your raid frames and makes the more important debuffs bigger. This is useful because, for example, you do not want to start using burst cooldowns if your teammate is stuck in crowd control. This is also especially useful for healers who want to get faster at dispelling debuffs.


sArena + Diminish / Gladius

No matter if you use sArena or Gladius, these are by far the most important addons to have in PvP. sArena in combination with Diminish does the exact same thing as Gladius itself. These addons are highly customizable and give you important information on the enemy team. Tracking diminishing returns, what honor talents they are using, and what spells they are casting are some examples of the information these addons give you.



An important part of maximizing your damage is being able to track specific procs and cooldowns, and WeakAuras 2 gives you that ability. Even if you are a beginner, you can import strings from other players and use them! Being able to track certain buffs drastically increases your healing/damage output. You can also track the remaining duration of a defensive buff that is active on you or a party member.



It does not matter if you are a beginner or a seasoned PvP player; these add-ons will improve your gameplay drastically. The addons mentioned give you the information you need to keep track of all the information you need. Let us know in the comments if there are any addons that you use that are not in this list!



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