Garrison: Barracks Guide (WoD 6.2)

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The Barracks are a Large Garrison building and the only building that every single player will build in their Garrison (as is required by the introductory quest line). The Barracks bring a number of follower perks, as we will see in the next section.



Level Cost Perks
Level 1
  • 150x Gold
  • 150x Garrison Resources
  • 1 hour
Unlocks patrol missions. Patrol missions have higher than normal follower experience rewards.
Level 2
  • 300x Gold
  • 900x Garrison Resources
  • 1 hour
Allows a follower with the bodyguard trait to accompany you as a guardian in Draenor zones.
Level 3
  • 500x Gold
  • 1200x Garrison Resources
  • 1 hour
Increases your follower limit by 5 and grants access to racial guards and banners.

Unlocking the Barracks

In this section, we are going to tell you how to unlock the Barracks, Level 1, 2, and 3.


Unlocking the Barracks, Level 1

Garrison Blueprint: Barracks, Level 1 Icon Garrison Blueprint: Barracks, Level 1 is looted during the Build Your Barracks (Alliance) / Build Your Barracks (Horde) quest, during the Garrison introductory quest line.


Unlocking the Barracks, Level 2

Garrison Blueprint: Barracks, Level 2 Icon Garrison Blueprint: Barracks, Level 2 is sold by the blueprint vendor at your Garrison once you reach level 100 or once you complete your Nagrand Outpost. You can buy it with 1,500 Gold. You can also buy it from the blueprint vendor in Ashran without restrictions with a Comprehensive Outpost Construction Guide Icon Comprehensive Outpost Construction Guide, which can only be obtained twice, once when questing in Talador and once when questing in Nagrand. so the purpose of this Below, you will find the Alliance and Horde vendors.


Unlocking the Barracks, Level 3

Garrison Blueprint: Barracks, Level 3 Icon Garrison Blueprint: Barracks, Level 3 is a reward from completing the Patrolling Draenor Icon Patrolling Draenor achievement, which requires you to reach complete 50 patrol missions. This achievement is account-wide.

Once you complete the achievement, the blueprint is not directly handed over to you. You still need to buy it from Sparz Boltwist (Alliance) or Rezlak (Horde) for 1,000 Gold.


Patrol Missions

There is not much to say about Patrol missions. They simply give more experience than other types of missions.

Patrol Mission Specialist Icon Patrol Mission Specialist and Patrolling Draenor Icon Patrolling Draenor are achievements you can earn by completing Patrol missions.



At Level 2, you can assign one of your followers with the Bodyguard Icon Bodyguard trait to your Barracks. You can then walk up to them in the building and ask them to accompany you in Draenor, but they will disappear when you enter raids and dungeons.

Bodyguards have their own 3-level reputation system. You need to earn 10,000 reputation to go from Level 1 to Level 2 and another 10,000 reputation to go from Level 2 to Level 3. Currently, you gain 10 reputation for every kill that earns experience made while your Bodyguard is accompanying you.

When you reach Level 2 reputation with your follower, it gains a new damaging ability.

When you reach Level 3 reputation with your follower, it gains a useful ability. We list the Level 3 ability for all Bodyguard followers in the table below.

Follower Level 3 Ability
Aeda Brightdawn (Horde-only) Aeda Perk: Ritual of Summoning Icon Aeda Perk: Ritual of Summoning
Defender Illona (Alliance-only) Illona Perk: Guiding Light Icon Illona Perk: Guiding Light
Delvar Ironfist (Alliance-only) Delvar Perk: Death Gate Icon Delvar Perk: Death Gate
Leorajh Leorajh Perk: Windspeaker Icon Leorajh Perk: Windspeaker
Talonpriest Ishaal Ishaal Perk: Courier Raven Icon Ishaal Perk: Courier Raven
Tormmok Tormmok Perk: Master of Arms Icon Tormmok Perk: Master of Arms
Viviane (Horde-only) Vivianne Perk: Portal: Garrison Icon Vivianne Perk: Portal: Garrison

Reaching Level 3 with one of your Bodyguard followers grants you the Wingman Icon Wingman achievement. Reaching Level 3 with all of them grants you Wingmen Icon Wingmen.


Changing the Guards and Banners of your Garrison

The default guards and banners of your Garrison are those of Stormwind (Alliance) or Orgrimmar (Horde). After upgrading your Barracks to Level 3 you can change this. Simply talk to the NPC in charge in your Barracks. They will give you the choice between the following factions, provided that you are exalted with them:

  • Alliance: Ironforge, Darnassus, Gnomeregan Exiles, Exodar, Gilneas, Tushui, and Knights of the Ebon Blade;
  • Horde: Undercity, Thunder Bluff, Darkspear Trolls, Silvermoon City, Bilgewater Port, Huojin, and Knights of the Ebon Blade.


  • 14 Nov. 2014: Clarified requirements for Level 2.
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