Mythrax the Unraveler Abilities

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General Information

On this page, we list all the abilities from the Mythrax the Unraveler encounter in Uldir. The idea is to give you a solid understanding of the encounter before you read the strategy.

If you are already familiar with the encounter, then you can skip to the strategy and tactics page or access any other page of the guide by using the table of contents on the right.



Mythrax the Unraveler is a two-phase encounter that centers around a Health reduction debuff, and mechanics that strip away stacks of said debuff.

The two phases alternate twice. Phase Two is triggered by Mythrax reaching 75% and 50% Health respectively, and each Phase Two lasts 1 minute.



Most sources of damage in this encounter will apply stacks of Annihilation Icon Annihilation, which will reduce your maximum Health by 1%, and ticks for a small amount of Shadow damage every 3 seconds. This debuff persists until the end of the fight.

Each time a player gains stacks of Annihilation Icon Annihilation, they will also spawn Existence Fragment Icon Existence Fragments (small stationary green orbs). When a player comes in contact with an Existence Fragment, it will be consumed and will remove a stack of Annihilation from that player.

Following repeated changes on the Beta, it is currently not clear exactly how many Annihilation stacks players receive, nor how many Existence Fragments are spawned from each ability. We will update this section when we know more, but for now the rest of the guide will simply reference Annihilation stacks and Existence Fragments without giving precise numbers.


Phase One: Oblivion's Call

The first Phase One lasts until the boss reaches 75% Health, and the second Phase One lasts until he reaches 50% Health. The final Phase One will last until the end of the fight.


Essence Shear

Essence Shear Icon Essence Shear is the tank swap mechanic. This ability affects a 15-yard cone in front of Mythrax, dealing heavy Shadow damage, applying stacks of Annihilation Icon Annihilation, and placing a debuff on the affected players. The debuff makes them unable to generate Existence Fragment Icon Existence Fragments for 25 seconds. The target of Essence Shear (the tank) cannot avoid being hit by it.


Obliteration Blast

Mythrax will target a random player, turn towards them, and cast Obliteration Blast Icon Obliteration Blast in their direction after a short cast. More specifically, Obliteration Blast is targeted at the location of the target when the cast starts. This means that the blast can be avoided by everyone, including the targeted player, by moving out of the path of the blast. Obliteration Blast is a sort of projectile that deals high Shadow damage and applies stacks of Annihilation Icon Annihilation to any players hit by the blast.


Oblivion Sphere

Periodically, Mythrax will summon an Oblivion Sphere Icon Oblivion Sphere around a random player (it cannot target tanks). This will charm the target and any other players located within the sphere (which has a 5-yard radius). While charmed, players will become hostile to other raid members and will gain a stack of Annihilation Icon Annihilation every 2 seconds.

Damaging players that are in the Oblivion Sphere Icon Oblivion Sphere will cause them to be knocked back a short distance. This knockback has a short internal cooldown, so abilities that hit in rapid succession are not more effective than any other ability. Alternatively, players can be gripped, or knocked out of the sphere with spells like Ring of Peace Icon Ring of Peace or Death Grip Icon Death Grip.

When the charmed player is knocked out of the sphere, the charm effect ends, but this also triggers Crashing Oblivion Icon Crashing Oblivion, dealing a low amount of raid-wide Shadow damage.

The Oblivion Sphere Icon Oblivion Spheres persist until the start of the following Phase One (so throughout all of Phase One and until the end of Phase Two). If any player enters an Oblivion Sphere at any time, they become charmed.


Imminent Ruin

Throughout the phase, Mythrax will select two targets and afflict them with Imminent Ruin Icon Imminent Ruin. This will tick for a small amount of Shadow damage every 2 seconds for 12 seconds. When Imminent Ruin expires it will explode, applying stacks of Annihilation Icon Annihilation to everyone within 12 yards, and dealing moderate Shadow damage to everyone in the raid. This damage is reduced by your distance from the blast, up to a maximum reduction at 45 yards.


Phase Two: Ancient Awakening

Mythrax will enter Phase Two at 75% and 50% Health. This phase lasts for 1 minute and during this time, Mythrax cannot be damaged and does not need to be tanked.


Xalzaix's Awakening

When Mythrax enters Phase Two, he will run to the center of the room and cast Xalzaix's Awakening Icon Xalzaix's Awakening. This will spawn two Oblivion Sphere Icon Oblivion Spheres, and then inflict moderate raid-wide Shadow damage, as well as applying stacks of Annihilation Icon Annihilation to the raid. These Oblivion Spheres work exactly like the ones from Phase One, and also end at the start of the next Phase One.


Obliteration Beam

Throughout the phase, Mythrax will turn to an area and cast Obliteration Beam Icon Obliteration Beam. This deals light Shadow damage and applies a stack of Annihilation Icon Annihilation every 0.3 seconds to players that are caught in it.


Visions of Madness

Visions of Madness Icon Visions of Madness will select 5 players and spawn clones of them. These Shadowy clones will channel Mind Flay Icon Mind Flay into random targets, dealing light Shadow damage every second, and slowing the target by 50%. The Visions can be interrupted.


N'raqi Destroyer

After Mythrax completes his cast of Xalzaix's Awakening Icon Xalzaix's Awakening, he will summon two N'raqi Destroyers. They use the same Essence Shear Icon Essence Shear Mythrax uses in Phase One.

These adds need to be tanked.


Critical Mass

If the two N'raqi Destroyers are within 40 yards of one another, they will gain Critical Mass Icon Critical Mass, increasing the damage they deal and decreasing the damage they take by 80%.


Void Volley

N'raqi Destroyers will cast Void Volley Icon Void Volley periodically. This deals moderate Shadow damage to the entire raid and can be interrupted.



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