Best Hammer Control Talent Build Guide for Blacksmithing in Dragonflight

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This page goes into detail on the Hammer Control specialization of Dragonflight Blacksmithing, and will guide you through the various aspects of the tree and profession.


Best Hammer Control Talent Builds in Dragonflight

The Hammer Control tree should generally be your first tree to max out as a Blacksmith, as it gives significant bonuses to all of your crafts.

It has a very simplified layout that requires only 90 points to max out, and thus we only have one build to recommend:


Best Starting Blacksmithing Talents

  • 10 points into Hammer Control for pathing;
  • Spec Safety Smithing for more cost savings with Resourcefulness while leveling;
  • 10 points into Hammer Control for pathing;
  • Spec Poignant Plans for added Inspiration;
  • 10 points into Hammer Control to finish the tree and gain as much general bonuses and skill as possible with Blacksmithing;
  • 30 points into Safety Smithing for maximum Resourcefulness cost saving unless you need maximum rank self-crafts immediately in which case you can go into Poignant Plans first. Regardless, maximize both nodes at your leisure.

These are the recommended starting talents for Blacksmithing, as the skill and secondary stats gained apply to all of your crafts and allow you to be somewhat proficient at everything else without huge point investment requirements. Maximizing these general trees will also help you get the best results on quality crafts without needing to maximize all related trees of that specific craft.



  • 18 Apr. 2024: Reviewed for Season 4.
  • 19 Mar. 2024: Reviewed for Patch 10.2.6.
  • 13 Jun. 2023: Revamped for Season 2.
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