Azerothian Archives Guide

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Azerothian Archives is a new public event in Patch 10.2.5 that is purely cosmetic and not tied to player power. The following guide provides you with more details about the event and its rewards.



Azerothian Archives group activities have not been tested on the PTR, so we do not know anything about them. We will update the guide as soon as Patch 10.2.5 hits live servers with more details.



Azerothian Archives is a public event taking place in the Azure Span that takes around 9 minutes to complete and has a 5-minute cooldown. It offers various cosmetics, but no gear/player power.


Intro Quest

Head to the Roasted Ram Inn in Valdrakken to collect the introductory quest called To the Archives and make your way to Algeth'ar Academy in Thaldraszus, where you will be directed to meet Lead Archivist, Eadweard Dalyngrigge and his team of archaeologists and archivists at Traitor's Rest (Azure Span)



During the event, you will complete various single and group activities in Traitor's Rest located in the Azure Span and other sites.

The exact location will be highlighted with the horn icon on the map of Azure Span.

At Traitor's Rest, talk to Eadweard, who has a quest for you. When you complete a dig, you will receive 5,000 Mysterious Fragment Icon Mysterious Fragments and 3,000 reputation with Azerothian Archives.


What Happens During the Event?

When the event starts, you will see a progress bar appear in the middle of the screen, similar to the Superbloom bar. The goal is to complete various objectives in the area to collect pages. For every 1,000 pages collected, you will receive a random tome. You can receive an epic tome (Immaculate Tome Icon Immaculate Tome) first, then a green one, and so forth. You will have 9 minutes to collect as many pages as you can.

When the timer expires, a shadowflame dragon will spawn that you must defeat for the event to end. The dragon drops 50 reputation with the Azerothian Archives, and around 100 Mysterious Fragment Icon Mysterious Fragments along with Dragon Isles Supplies.


Solo Buff

If there are not enough players around you participating in the event, you will receive a buff that significantly increases your pages gained, similar to the Superblooms buff.



You can visit Geo-Archaeologist Roska Rocktooth to receive an elemental assistant specific to each site to help you discover Finds to excavate. Once you locate a Find, you will plant a shaman totem and instruct your elemental to excavate the spore to reveal interesting Finds, from relics to enemies that you need to defeat.



Every site contains items that must be sought to reveal scenes from the distant past. Talk to Techno-Archaeologist Zenata to receive a set of goggles that help you locate specific items with directional pigs and alerts leading you to their location. When you find an item, Zenata calibrates your goggles and you will witness a scene from the past that will provide context to the items or provide a small story.



Codicological Archaeologist Nirobin uses his own mix of magic, along with a Relic, to construct arcane familiars to assist in collecting related information from the site that the Relic is from.

Each site has its own type of familiars that spawns copies of itself. The copies seek out sources of related information. Players can accompany the original familiar and absorb the information once found. Weekly Quest completion helps to fill out Nirobin's tome with more and more information on each site's story.


Reputation Ranks

Azerothian Archives have 5 reputation ranks. You start at Junior rank and must grind 42,000 reputation to reach Tenured. The Darkmoon Faire buff will increase the reputation gains by 10%, so do not forget to grab it when it is available.

  • Junior — Starting rank;
  • Capable — Requires 10,500 reputation;
  • Learned — Requires 21,000 reputation;
  • Resident — Requires 32,500 reputation;
  • Tenured — Requires 42,000 reputation.


The tomes you get by gathering pages reward cosmetics and Mysterious Fragment Icon Mysterious Fragments.

Provisioner Aristra, the event's quartermaster, is located at Algeth'ar Academy. You can buy the following items from her for Mysterious Fragment Icon Mysterious Fragments:

  • Clayscale Hornstrider Icon Clayscale Hornstrider;
  • Explorer's Stonehide Packbeast Icon Explorer's Stonehide Packbeast;
  • Historian's Hefty Habersack Icon Historian's Hefty Habersack;
  • Historian's Utility Belt Icon Historian's Utility Belt;
  • Historian's Fingerless Gloves Icon Historian's Fingerless Gloves;
  • Historian's Dapper Cap Icon Historian's Dapper Cap;
  • Historian's Trousers Icon Historian's Trousers;
  • Historian's Fitted Vest Icon Historian's Fitted Vest;
  • Historian's Striders Icon Historian's Striders;
  • Historian's Sash;
  • Excavator's Dusky Fedora Icon Excavator's Dusky Fedora;
  • Excavator's Glovelettes Icon Excavator's Glovelettes;
  • Excavator's Boots Icon Excavator's Boots;
  • Excavator's Pack of Findings Icon Excavator's Pack of Findings;
  • Excavator's Work Shirt Icon Excavator's Work Shirt;
  • Excavator's Trusty Satchel Icon Excavator's Trusty Satchel;
  • Excavator's Rugged Pants Icon Excavator's Rugged Pants;
  • Archivist's Reading Spectacles Icon Archivist's Reading Spectacles;
  • Archivist's Rose-Tinted Glasses Icon Archivist's Rose-Tinted Glasses;
  • Archivist's Elegant Bag Icon Archivist's Elegant Bag;
  • Archivist's Magnifying Mace Icon Archivist's Magnifying Mace;
  • Archivist's Rockpuller Icon Archivist's Rockpuller;
  • Archivist's Pathfinder Icon Archivist's Pathfinder;
  • Archivist's Light Touch Icon Archivist's Light Touch:
  • Archivist's Stone Chisel Icon Archivist's Stone Chisel;
  • Archivist's Improvised Cudgel Icon Archivist's Improvised Cudgel;
  • Archivist's Extravagant Lantern Icon Archivist's Extravagant Lantern;
  • Archivist's Spelunking Torch Icon Archivist's Spelunking Torch;
  • Archivist's Sturdy Hook Icon Archivist's Sturdy Hook;
  • Archivist's Mining Pick Icon Archivist's Mining Pick;
  • Archivist's Super Scooper Icon Archivist's Super Scooper.


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