Sanity Overview for Horrific Visions (BfA 8.3)

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Sanity acts as a timer for players in Horrific Visions that controls the maximum amount of time they can spend in the Vision, in relation to the rank of their legendary cloak and progression through the Titan Research Archive.


The Basics of Sanity

When you enter a Vision of N'Zoth, you will receive a bar of Sanity that, with no talents affecting it, will start at 1,000 Sanity.

Sanity Bar

Your level of Sanity will then fall at a rate that depends on the current level of reduction that your legendary cloak has, as well as the tier of zone you are in. At the base level, Tier 1 zones, the Tainted zones, will drain your Sanity at 6 Sanity per second. Corrupted zones, which are the Tier 2 zones, will drain your Sanity at 8 per second. Lost zones, which are Tier 3, will drain it at 10 Sanity per second.

Your Sanity can also be decreased by certain abilities that enemies can cast, such as Darkened Sky Icon Darkened Sky from Alleria in the Stormwind Vision.


Refilling your Sanity Bar

As your Sanity nears 0, you will need to regain it to prevent the Vision from ending prematurely. The most reliable way to do so is to summon a Sanity Restoration Orb, which is the first trait in the Titan Research Archive.

These orbs will restore 10% of your Sanity per second, along with 10% of your health, for 10 seconds. If you are playing in a group, they can also revive allies. You can only use these orbs 3 times per Vision and, even when playng in a party, this cannot be changed. You will always have 3 uses, regardless of your party size, and using a charge will use it for all players.

While the orbs are the most frequently used and most reliable way of restoring Sanity when you need to, there are 2 traits in the Archive that also allow you to restore Sanity:

  • Emergency Cranial Defibrillation Icon Emergency Cranial Defibrillation — when you lose all of your health or Sanity in a Vision, you will instantly gain 500 Sanity and be healed to full HP;
  • Elite Extermination Icon Elite Extermination — each time you kill an elite in a Horrific Vision, you gain 200 Sanity.

K'Bab Food

If you manage to find a Tome of Unspeakable Delicacies Icon Tome of Unspeakable Delicacies, which drops from any of N'Zoth's cultist followers, you can make a K'Bab Icon K'Bab, which instantly restores 100 Sanity if you eat it for longer than 10 seconds (see the Patch 8.3 Cooking Changes for more information).

This food has a 3-minute cooldown, so you cannot use it to extend your runs by much. With high enough ranks of the legendary cloak, this could potentially add 70 Sanity, if eaten while in a Tier 1 zone.

To make this recipe, you will need:

  • 3 Aberrant Voidfin Icon Aberrant Voidfin
  • 3 Aromatic Fish Oil Icon Aromatic Fish Oil
  • 5 Malformed Gnasher Icon Malformed Gnasher
  • 8 Questionable Meat Icon Questionable Meat

You can find more about the K'Bab food, as well as the other food options for Visions in our dedicated guide below.



Both the Horrific Vision of Stormwind and the Horrific Vision of Orgrimmar feature potions that have can restore Sanity, as well as provide a myriad of beneficial buffs.

The colour of potion that restores Sanity changes each run and there is always 1 colour that will drain your Sanity when used. You can find out more about the possible combinations below, in our dedicated guide to the potions.


Expanding your Sanity Bar

While the cap for new players will be 1,000 Sanity, you are able to expand your Sanity bar by 150 in total with the trait Expansive Mind Icon Expansive Mind.

For each point (with a maximum of 3), you and all of your party members will have their maximum Sanity increased by 50.

There is more information on this, as well as a full priority for the Titan Research Archive in our dedicated guide below.


Reducing Sanity Loss

Beyond the passive reduction from your legendary cloak, you can also further reduce the rate at which you lose Sanity through the final trait in the Archive, Gift of the Titans Icon Gift of the Titans. This makes each kill have a chance to reduce all Sanity loss by 100% for 20 seconds.



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