Class Changes for Dragonflight 10.0.2 Launch (10.0.2)

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The following page contains a comprehensive list of all class changes added in Dragonflight Pre-Patch and the Dragonflight expansion.


Short Summary of Class Changes in Dragonflight Pre-Patch Phase 2

We maintain a list of class changes for every single class from the Dragonflight Pre-Patch up to now. You can find them by visiting the individual pages linked below.


Short Summary of Class Changes in the Dragonflight Pre-Patch

  • All classes have access to two separate talent trees.
  • Many abilities that were previously baseline have been implemented into the new Class Trees.
  • Many Covenant Abilities, Legendary Powers, and Conduits, from Shadowlands have returned as talents.
  • A good chunk of PvP talents that were previously limited to a single specialization are now available for all specializations.
  • Each class received new talents while old outdated ones were removed.
  • Additional class tuning was applied via regular hotfixes in Phase 1.

Talent System Revamp in the Dragonflight Pre-Patch

The main goal of the class and talent revamps is to increase player agency over your character's progression and build, provide meaningful rewards while leveling, and reinforce your character's connection to both their class and specialization. As a result, all classes will have two talent trees in the Dragonflight Pre-Patch — a Class Tree and a Specialization Tree.

Visually, trees are still an intuitive way to represent the different paths one could follow while making choices about a character. Trees also communicate dependencies and magnitude intuitively, without a lot of added rules. Talents higher in the tree will be more commonly chosen whereas talents lower in the tree are more optional and geared towards shaping max-level builds.

You will learn more about the talent tree overhaul in our dedicated guide.



  • 26 Nov. 2022: Updated for Dragonflight launch.
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