Brawler's Guild: Ahoo'ru (Rank 3) Battle for Azeroth (BfA )

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Ahoo'ru is your fourth and last Brawler's Guild Rank 3 opponent. The fight is fairly complicated and unforgiving, it may take multiple attempts to get it down.


Abilities and Strategy

During Phase One, Ahoo'ru will be in a divine shield, preventing him from taking damage. There will be many floating bright lights around the room, being hit by one will deal heavy damage and should be avoided if possible. Occasionally a much brighter light will spawn and will not follow the pattern. If you run in to the brighter light it will spawn an Avenging Angel, which you need to DPS down. When the Angel reaches 50% Health it will use Charge and you need 4 Angels to his Ahoo'ru with Charge in order to break the Divine Shield.

We recommend taking this phase slowly. Use self healing as much as possible. The Angels will charge you (and not Ahoo'ru), so you need have Ahoo'ru between you and the Angel. Finally, be careful when near Ahoo'ru, as the lights will occasionally converge on him.

During Phase Two, the lights disappear and Ahoo'ru can be attacked. You will occasionally be stunned and surrounded with Divine Circle Icon Divine Circle. The circles slowly move towards you and apply a damage over time effect for each one that hits you. We recommend you run out as quickly as possible in order to only get hit by a single cicle. Additionally, Ahoo'ru will occasionally cast Complete Heal Icon Complete Heal, which must be interrupted to prevent him from healing to full Health.

Overall this encounter is very mechanically challenging, but the boss does not have much health. We highly recommend taking it slowly and focusing on surviving. If you can break the shield and survive the process, you should be able to take him down.


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