Brawler's Guild: GG Engineering (Rank 4) (Legion 7.1.5)

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GG Engineering is your second Brawler's Guild Rank 4 opponent. The fight is against two enemies, a Goblin called Max Megablast, and a Gnome called Bo Bobble. The fight consists mainly of avoiding void zones and having a sustained amount of DPS to kill the bosses before they enrage. Before we delve further into explanations, we advise you to first watch this very short video, which shows how the fight with GG Engineering goes.

This encounter is not currently part of the Battle for Azeroth season of the Brawler's Guild.


Abilities and Strategy

Max Megablast and Bo Bobble have a shared health pool. There are two important mechanics in the fight.

  • Max Megablast will constantly spam Goblin Rocket Barrage Icon Goblin Rocket Barrage. This fires rockets at your location (although they sometimes seem to target random locations), and a graphical effect appears on the ground a few seconds before the rocket lands, indicating where it will hit. Getting hit by a rocket deals a very high amount of damage, and also knocks you back a bit. Very importantly, however, the rockets also damage the bosses if they hit them.
  • Bo Bobble will sometimes retreat to a corner of the arena, where he will put up a shield that protects anyone under it (including you) from any damage. The shield is sustained by a generator (an NPC, the sole purpose of which is to sustain the shield). Any rockets that hit the shield will damage it, and three rocket hits are enough to break it completely.

The strategy of the fight is to always stand next to Bo Bobble, so that rockets fired at you will hit him instead, damaging the bosses. Make sure to avoid getting hit by these rockets yourself (by moving out of the graphical effects on the ground).

When Bo activates a shield, you should move under it to attract the rockets there, so that it gets broken. While you are inside the shield, you are protected from damage, but we do not advise you to get too comfortable, since we encountered many instances of the shield bugging and causing you to take damage. You should not bother DPSing Bo, since he is immune. You can take this time to heal or bandage yourself, or you can DPS Max instead (if you are a ranged class).

Finally, Bo constantly spams Gnomish Death Ray Icon Gnomish Death Ray, an uninterruptible nuke. There is nothing you can do about this except to try to mitigate the damage and heal yourself.


Generic Advice

  • Do not panic. It does not matter if you mess up your rotation, but you need to stick to the strategy.
  • If you are in for a long Brawler's Guild session, you may want to use a flask.
  • Prepot! Use a Brawler's Battle Potion of Agility Icon Brawler's Battle Potion of Agility, a Brawler's Battle Potion of Intellect Icon Brawler's Battle Potion of Intellect, or a Brawler's Battle Potion of Strength Icon Brawler's Battle Potion of Strength.
  • When the 60-second cooldown on your potion is over, you can use the same potion again or you can use a Brawler's Coastal Healing Potion Icon Brawler's Coastal Healing Potion if you need healing.
  • Group up with other players so that you benefit from each other's buffs.

Sharing your Class-specific Tips on the Forums

For class-specific advice, please refer to this thread on our forums. Do not hesitate to share your own tips!



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