Brawler's Guild: Phillip Carter Tracey (Rank 2) Battle for Azeroth (BfA )

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Phillip Carter Tracey is your second Brawler's Guild Rank 2 opponent. The fight against him is very simple, but needs to be properly executed.


Abilities and Strategy

Phillip Carter Tracey has two phases.

During his time above 50% Health, he is a Worgen. He will frequently teleport behind you and use Murderous Swipes Icon Murderous Swipes. This is a simple frontal cleave that will deal moderate damage if you do not move out of it.

During his time below 50% Health, he becomes a Human. If you move more than 10 yards away from him during this phase he will stun and chain you back to him. As a Human, he casts the following spells.

  • Blazing Bullet Icon Blazing Bullet deals moderate damage and silences you, if he finishes the cast. It can and should be interrupted.
  • Civilized Slap Icon Civilized Slap deals moderate damage and knocks you back. The knockback is enough to trigger his stun and chain, but the ability can be dodged.

The strategy to defeat Phillip Carter Tracey is fairly simple.


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