Brawler's Guild: Razorgrin (Rank 5) (Legion 7.1.5)

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Razorgrin is your second Brawler's Guild Rank 5 opponent. The fight is extremely simple for ranged classes, but melee classes can run into problems.

This encounter is not currently part of the Battle for Azeroth season of the Brawler's Guild.


Abilities and Strategy

Razorgrin only has a passive ability which is that he will essentially flop around the arena trying to reach you. He deals massive damage in front of his head, which will kill you almost instantly.

If you are not in front of him, he will flop and try to turn so that his head faces you, which would kill you.

For melee classes, the fight is simple: all you have to do is strafe around him while doing your rotation so that his head never reaches you.

Ranged classes will have to be more creative. If your rotation is easy to do on the move, you can make use of the same strategy as melee players. Otherwise, if you need to stand still in order to deal damage, you will have to use your movement abilities to get far away from Razorgrin, stand still and nuke him before he reaches you, and then move away from him again, and so on until he dies.


Generic Advice


Sharing your Class-specific Tips on the Forums

For class-specific advice, please refer to this thread on our forums. Do not hesitate to share your own tips!



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