Fetid Devourer Strategy/Tactics for Normal/Heroic

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General Information

On this page, you will find a working strategy to defeat Fetid Devourer in Uldir for both Normal and Heroic modes, which usually only differ by the tuning of the boss.

Here, we assume that you have read our descriptions of the abilities for this encounter.

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Positioning and Strategy

Fetid Devourer should be tanked near the center of the room, with the ranged loosely spread around, staying relatively close to the boss in order to make Rotting Regurgitation Icon Rotting Regurgitation easier to dodge. Healers and low mobility classes should position themselves so that Shockwave Stomp Icon Shockwave Stomp knocks them into favorable areas. Healers should focus the tanks, while keeping an eye on players afflicted with Malodorous Miasma Icon Malodorous Miasma, and be ready to keep them alive when it rolls over into Putrid Paroxysm Icon Putrid Paroxysm. By that same token, players afflicted with Putrid Paroxysm need to be ready to pop defensive cooldowns, as the DoT combined with a Shockwave Stomp can be lethal.

When Corruption Corpuscle spawn, make sure to swap to them and kill them quickly. If your raid is feeling brave, it is possible to keep them close to death, then kill them after Fetid Devourer runs over to them and begins his cast to eat. This can net you a little extra time where the boss is standing still doing nothing. However, this can be risky, because if the Corpuscles finish their cast, they begin healing for 1% of their Health every 2 seconds.

Once the boss reaches 50% Health, he will cast Fetid Frenzy Icon Fetid Frenzy, increasing the damage he takes by 50% and the damage he deals by 25%. Your raid should pop cooldowns, potions, and Bloodlust Icon Bloodlust/Heroism Icon Heroism during this phase in order to kill him as quickly as possible. The tanks will be taking heavy damage, so healers need to be vigilant and ready to use external cooldowns.


Tank Concerns

The tanks need to make sure they stay stacked on top of each other so that Terrible Thrash Icon Terrible Thrash hits the off-tank. Make sure you have all your cooldowns available for the 50% Health mark, as the damage buff the boss gains can make it difficult to stay alive.


Healing Concerns

Certain healers should be assigned to keep the tanks healthy. This boss has heavy melee attacks that only get worse later in the fight. Mistweavers and Paladins will help in this regard. Outside of the tank damage, the only real threat to the raid's Health is Putrid Paroxysm Icon Putrid Paroxysm. Be sure to keep those players topped off and out of danger of dying from Shockwave Stomp Icon Shockwave Stomp.


Bloodlust/Heroism/Time Warp

We advise you to use Bloodlust Icon Bloodlust/Heroism Icon Heroism/Time Warp Icon Time Warp after the boss has reached 50% Health and has cast Fetid Frenzy Icon Fetid Frenzy. Not only will the DPS be able to capitalize on the burst window, but he tanks will be taking tremendous damage at this point, and giving healers a buffer to help keep them alive is an extra bonus. Ensure all Corruption Corpuscles are dead before Bloodlusting to ensure that the increased damage debuff on the boss is being utilized.