Horrific Vision of Orgrimmar Guide (BfA 8.3)

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The Horrific Vision of Orgrimmar is one of two weekly rotating Horrific Visions (along with Stormwind). Players are required to battle their way through varying difficulties of zones to earn rewards such as Corrupted Mementos Icon Corrupted Mementos to upgrade their Legendary Cloak or purchase cosmetic rewards with.


Areas of the Horrific Vision of Orgrimmar

Just as with the Horrific Vision of Stormwind, the Horrific Vision of Orgrimmar has 5 objectives players can complete in 5 areas of varying difficulty: 1 Tainted area, 2 Corrupted areas, and 2 Lost areas.


Tier 1 — Tainted Areas

There is only 1 Tainted area in Orgrimmar, which is the Valley of Strength. This is by far the easiest zone of the vision when you first start out doing runs. The Sanity drain is only 6 per second at the base level and there is no objective there beyond killing Thrall.

The following Madness effects can be present in Tier 1 areas:

  • Madness: Bloodthirsty Icon Madness: Bloodthirsty — deal damage to nearby targets (friendly and hostile) and heal yourself for 1% per target hit.
  • Madness: Desynchronized Icon Madness: Desynchronized — your casts will cause you to shift between time speeds periodically, making anything affected by time (movement, timers, attack speed) to move either 30% faster or slower.
  • Madness: Promised Power Icon Madness: Promised Power — summons zones of power near you which, when you stand inside them, will increase your damage dealt by 25%. If you do not stand inside them, you will have your damage dealt decreased by 10%.

Valley of Strength Trash

In order to approach Thrall, you will need to kill the Voidbound Honor Guards that are standing guard outside his building. It is worth noting that you will need to either CC or interrupt Horrifying Shout Icon Horrifying Shout, otherwise you will get feared into their other ability, Break Spirit Icon Break Spirit, which cleaves in front of them.


Valley of Strength Bosses

Despite the ease of this area when first starting out with Horrific Visions, Thrall becomes more and more challenging as you progress through. For each objective you complete, he gains 10% maximum health, as well as an additional ability that corresponds to the objectives completed.

Zone Completed Ability Gained
The Drag Cries of the Void Icon Cries of the Void
Valley of Honor Void Boar
Valley of Spirits Hopelessness Icon Hopelessness
Valley of Wisdom Defiled Ground Icon Defiled Ground

The strategy for defeating Thrall will vary depending on which abilities he has access to, but generally, you should prioritise the abilities in the following order:

  1. Void Boar
  2. Defiled Ground Icon Defiled Ground
  3. Hopelessness Icon Hopelessness
  4. Cries of the Void Icon Cries of the Void

The boars that Thrall spawns from the Rexxar fight deal extremely high amounts of damage and you should focus on burning them down as soon as possible to make the fight drastically easier. Ideally, you should have killed them both before Thrall reaches 80% HP, as this is when he will first cast Hopelessness Icon Hopelessness, which will silence you and force you to move to find the spawned orbs.

Defiled Ground Icon Defiled Ground simply replaces Seismic Slam Icon Seismic Slam and is essentially a more dangerous version of it. Dodge out of it as soon as possible to avoid the stun and Sanity drain.

Cries of the Void Icon Cries of the Void is the simplest to handle, but requires a fair amount of DPS to beat if you do not want to take the Sanity drain. If you cannot take the 90 Sanity loss, then you will need to break the shield that Thrall creates. When he hits 55% HP, he will gain a shield of 25% of his HP. You then have 6 seconds to break the shield to interrupt his cast.


Tier 2 — Corrupted Areas

There are 2 Corrupted areas in Orgrimmar, the Drag and the Valley of Spirits. These are slightly more challenging than the Tier 1 area, with the base Sanity drain sitting at 8 per second.

The following Madness effects can be present in Tier 2 areas:

  • Madness: Dark Delusions Icon Madness: Dark Delusions — occasionally summons a shadowy copy of you that will pursue you. If it reaches you, it will deal damage to you and stun you.
  • Madness: Entomophobia Icon Madness: Entomophobia — while you are in combat, your screen will show glowing bugs that are crawling on your character. You have to jump to remove them or you will lose control of your character as it runs forwards at 5 stacks.
  • Madness: Scorched Feet Icon Madness: Scorched Feet — you will occasionally leap forward over "imaginary" fire pools, which will then stay on the ground and cause damage and Sanity drain when touched.
  • Madness: Shortsighted Icon Madness: Shortsighted — when in combat, your vision and combat radius will be restricted to 20 yards.

The Drag

The Drag is an extremely simple Tier 2 area and can be completed very easily by most players, especially in earlier runs. If you have lower DPS output, you may find it more challenging in full runs due to the Sanity drain from the boss (assuming you cannot break the shield).

The objectives are as follows:

  1. Defeat Annihilator Lak'hal
  2. Speak with Garona
  3. Check each of the buildings for survivors
  4. Defeat Inquisitor Gnshal

This area should be fairly easy for you to clear, as long as you manage your Sanity well. The first elite, Annihilator Lak'hal, uses Orb of Annihilation Icon Orb of Annihilation, which drains 60 Sanity if it hits you, while the boss, Inquisitor Gnshal, drains Sanity with both of his abilities.

If you are fighting Lak'hal, make sure you are not facing towards the rest of trash, as his beam will push you backwards and cause you to pull more, potentially causing you to fail the Vision due to not being able to use an Orb in time. Make sure to dodge his attacks on the ground and you will kill him easily.

Gnshal is equally simple, with very little to do other than dodge/kite his Void Torrent Icon Void Torrent and break his Cries of the Void Icon Cries of the Void shield by DPSing it down before he finishes his cast.


Valley of Spirits

Valley of Spirits is just as simple as The Drag, if not even easier, and should pose no issues to players going into it.

The objectives are as follows:

  1. Zekhan assisted
  2. Enter Valley of Spirits
  3. Zor Lonetree freed
  4. Witch Doctor Umbu freed
  5. Terga Earthbreaker freed
  6. Sian'tsu freed

To head into this area, you will need to help Zekhan with killing the enemies blocking the path, including Decimator Shiq'voth, who has the ability Decimator. This can deal a huge amount of damage if you do not dodge it. Shiq'voth will send a bolt out, which will then return and deal far more damage on the way back, as well as draining Sanity. Make sure you keep an eye on this and move out of the way ASAP.

Once you are in the Valley, things are fairly simple: destroy the 4 totems and rescue the NPCs held by them, then kill the final boss, Oblivion Elemental.

The Elemental is very simple to kill — dodge the shadow waves and, when he casts Hopelessness Icon Hopelessness, simply run into one of the golden orbs to remove the silence debuff.


Tier 3 — Lost Areas

There are 2 Lost areas in Orgrimmar, the Valley of Honor and Valley of Wisdom. The base Sanity drain in these areas is much higher, at 12 per second, meaning you should avoid these zones unless you have a lot of time and Sanity to spare or your cloak is a higher rank.

The following Madness effects are present in Lost areas:

  • Madness: Haunting Shadows Icon Madness: Haunting Shadows — an image of you will spawn periodically and explode, fearing all players nearby.
  • Madness: Leaden Foot Icon Madness: Leaden Foot — as you move your character, you will tire, losing movement speed until you are unable to move. You will need to stand still to regain energy to move.
  • Madness: Split Personality Icon Madness: Split Personality — you will periodically be surrounded by images of yourself, with a gap for you to run through. If you touch one of the images of yourself, you will be disoriented for 4 seconds.
  • Madness: Volatile Intent Icon Madness: Volatile Intent — when fighting, there is a chance that dealing damage will cause a percentage of the damage dealt to yourself.

Valley of Honor

The Valley of Honor is arguably the most difficult area in either of the Horrific Visions, due to the extreme amount of damage and Sanity-drain that can potentially occur.

The only objective here is to kill Rexxar, but in order to do so, you will need to kill Misha on the way (unless you can skip her with your class abilities).

Misha should be burst down ASAP to avoid having to deal with her abilities. She casts Desperate Retching Icon Desperate Retching, which infects you and makes you spawn pools on the ground, and Maddening Roar Icon Maddening Roar, which deals damage and drains Sanity in a radius around her, as well as making players hostile to allies.

If you are playing solo, you just need to move out of the pools on the ground and move away from Misha when she casts Maddening Roar. If you are playing in a group and one of you gets hit by the roar, you will need to be careful not to passive-cleave your allies that are affecting by it.

Once Misha is dead, you just need to get to Rexxar and kill him. There is a skip over the water to the left of where Misha is, but you will take a huge amount of damage and, if it is your first time attempting it, you will most likely die due to pathing issues.

Rexxar is the biggest problem in this zone, due to each of his abilities being very dangerous.

The Mind Trap Icon Mind Traps that are spawned upon engaging him must be avoided at all costs, as they will drain a huge amount of Sanity, deal damage, and also stun you.

For the boars that he spawns, you will need to either interrupt them as frequently as possible, AoE CC them to interrupt their Void Quills Icon Void Quills casts, or burst them down ASAP. Having the Gift of the Titans Icon Gift of the Titans buff can greatly help with this, as it makes you immune to their Sanity drain while active.

Other than this, at 40%, Rexxar will cast Stampeding Corruption Icon Stampeding Corruption, which will cause lines of minions to move across the room where you are fighting Rexxar. Dodge these at all costs to avoid the Sanity drain and damage.


Valley of Wisdom

The Valley of Wisdom is definitely the easier Tier 3 zone for Orgrimmar, with a very simple set of objectives.

Players will just need to kill enemies until the progress bar is full, which will then cause the boss, Vez'okk the Lightless to spawn.

It is worth noting that you will have to kill at least one, if not both of the elite NPCs in this area to fill your progress bar, Voidcrazed Hulk and Coagulated Horror.

The Coagulated Horror is a fairly simple elite to kill, you just need to make sure that you move out of the frontal cone attack Visceral Fluid Icon Visceral Fluid and the pools on the ground from Sanguine Residue Icon Sanguine Residue. Note that, if you do not move out of the Residue pools, the Horror will heal for the damage dealt.

The Voidcrazed Hulk poses no threat whatsoever, as long as you move out of the Explosive Leap Icon Explosive Leap, which will cause guaranteed Sanity drain on the first attack. Make sure to move out of the second attack, where the Hulk leaps towards you, to avoid further Sanity drain. For melee players, the second ability Howling in Pain Icon Howling in Pain does nothing, but for casters, you should stop casting when he uses this to avoid being spell-locked.

The boss, Vez'okk, is somewhat more challenging, but is still much easier than Rexxar.

  • Defiled Ground Icon Defiled Ground — this attack launches a beam in a straight line in front of the boss, so just move out of it to avoid the stun and Sanity drain.
  • Ring of Chaos Icon Ring of Chaos — this summons a ring of void around the boss, which will then spread out from the centre. Dodge these to avoid the stun and Sanity drain.
  • Unleash Corruption Icon Unleash Corruption — this is cast 3 times during the fight, at 80%, 50%, and 30%. Move out of it and kill the adds that it spawns ASAP.


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